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welcome back to chapter 11.There will be 1 chapter left of terra's legacy(that chapter will be long):(and then it is time for Aries legacy! fourms on ts3.com is here
Terra and Thomas was so happy of there new born child,especially Thomas because this is his first and probably his last considering there age!Terra was shattered after the labour and just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for long!Thomas on the other hand spent allot of time with Demetrius,cuddling him,playing with him,feeding him and changing him!

Terra just had enough money to finish decorating Demetrius's room luckily!
 she set him down and went to took a long sleep,she deserved it having to go though that painful labour
kendall's family instincs came flying out to demetruis!he was finally happy to have a brother!
jasmin just stared at demetruis in shock,her mum always told her she wnated five only........... she gently stroked his face and kissed him on the cheack and strolled off to get ready for school!
 while jayla was wiating for jasmin to come out the bath she danced the morning away with some soul music!
everybody was ready for school,jayla was very unconfortable because she smelt her brothers breath it always smelt of hot dogs!jasmin just sat at the back of the bus thinking about demetruis.....
 ahhh candy...........the worst babysitter in all sims! i...........cheated.....um...deleted her.............well don't look at me like that she is a bad babysitter and needs trianing!
 terra discoverd a time machine and traveld to the day areis was born,she never for got that day her first child and her pride and joy
 unfortunetly she had trouble getting out of the time machine.......
 demetrius was the hardest baby to look after,he was always crying for his mummy and daddy and was very dependent!
 his mother came to rescue him,he just wanted a cuddle!
 terra becamr really stressed,looking after six children,doing her job, cleaning the house and cooking so she with a little extra money she hired a maid......which is a women because after i hired this miad in the picture my game crashed so i re-hired a maid and it was a women(just to let you know)
 terra's new abay boy was all over the news,the paparazze were always at her door waiting for any cronwell to walk out of the door and get some news
 terra had to come out of the house to collect some pizza she orderd
pizza man:that will be 25 simelions please.............wait your the famous terra cronwell who had the most children in sunset vally!
terra:yeh i am...............
pizza man: no charge for the pizza it's on me....
tera: thanks pizza man!
areis muched the pizza away,she loved when the sticky cheese sticked to her lips with her lipgloss!

 terra was'nt hungry,so she left the kids downstairs to eat and she took a well deserved nap
 in the attic,one story above,thomas began to grow a passion for sculpying and created a clay masterpiece!
teraa brought a small cheap crib for demetruis and placed it in her room because demetruis always felt lonely,this way terra and thomas would have less sleepless night(they hopes...)
sadly that day was'nt and terra was awoken by the screems of demetruis....
he just needed a mignight feed!
thomas hated sleepless nights,although he loved demetruis with all his heart he just needed sleep!
by the time terra had finished feeding demetruis there was no point to go back to sleep so prepared pancakes for the kids
the triplets woke up at 6:30am and took turns to use thier barthroom,
''i'm going first ''said jasmin
''fine....i will use mummies barthroom'' replied miranda in a confident way.
you see in the house there are three barthrooms,one is for the triplets and aries,the second barhtroom was kendalls and soon to be demetrui's too and finally the thrid barthroom was terra and thomas's barthroom
jayla went downstairs anf fed her golfishes,she lovedthe outdoors and fishes!
it was soon demetruis's birthday!the octopus was from the tripltes money,the massive bear was from the money of aries job(writer) ,the trian was a present from kendall and the rest was from terra and thomas!tera also orders six ballons for him!
she held him tightly away from the flame......
and this is demetruis cronwell!
thansk for reading this chapter,just to let you know the next chapter is going to be the final of generation one!
anywhere there is no point hiding it so i i will tell you.............areis is the heir to generation two!
her legacy will start as soon as i get sims 3 generations! i can't wait for it!!!!!!!!!!
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Ch.10/Gen.1 (unexspected arrivals)

welcome to chapter 10
last chapter terra moved her family to sunset valley and brought a massive house!
things toke a while to get use too in sunset valley!
Kendall started to develope a piano skill,he had always loved music and one day wanted to master all of the instruments!
jasmin on the other hand started to develope a inventing skill!
Miranda followed Aries in to a writing skill and was already earning money at the age of six!

jayla pursued a outdoor hobby, fishing! 
 Terra started to meet locals around the town and met a lovely couple soon to have a baby called Justine and Marty Keaton!
 she became very friendly with justine!
 just as she was about to leave she peered over her shoulder and saw a familiar face.....................xander!
xander eyes widened when he saw Terra approaching him , looking  very angry
 "what  the hell are you doing here!" said Terra
not losing my children,thats what i am doing here!"replied xander
"come near us and trust me you see the light of day again!" said terra
"i'm sorry i just don't want to lose my children!" said xander
"well you should not of cheated" terra said sadly
terra just walked off in a huff
 when terra finished her "chat" with xander thomas called her and asked her too meet him at the school
so she pulled the keys out of her left side pocket and drove to sunset valley school
 "hi honey"thomas said romantically
h..........h............h....hi replied terra very scared
"whats wrong honey!"thomas replied very concerned
"xander has followed us to sunset valley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she said
thomas :.......................................lets go home................
terra: ok:) i love you
 xander was still standing there in shock of what terra said when he saw a fimiliar face,a face he would spot anywhere................it was his daughter areis!
" areis................it that you?"xander said nervously
dad! dad!
yes it's me areis! areis said escaticly
xander :i've been always thinking of you!
areis:me too!
xander:we need to talk about things!
areis:yes............i agree.............but not know
aries hugged her dad and made herslf to her car.As she got in to her car a single tear appered from xander face.................he regreted everything single bad thing he had done to terra and the kids,even his kids that the nexer propley met!
 when areis got home she walked to the house she stared to cry,even as a teenager she wanted her daddy back to love and be with her,to scare away mean boys,to help her with her math homework and just to be her dad!she empted her heart out and prepared a wonderful meal for the family
 on the other hand jayla enjoyed life and was full of exicitment all of the time!
even though she knew thomas was not her das , she still loved him and thought of him as a dad just like all of the children....................accept areis
 everybody ate a the new dinig table except thomas................he had some bussiness to do upstairs...........
 once everybody finished areis autum salad she cleanup and wnet to bed ,dreaming about the new house!
 Kendall just snored away the whole night , dreamnig about nothing more than food and girls!!!!!!!
 the triplets were a qiuet bunch at night and had no problems!
 this was the planned buisness of thomas!
they went for some evening romance!!!!!!!!!!
 areis was a big help around the house and did most of the chours!

 terra prepared waffles for the family
 but sadly the children did not have enought time for breakfast!
areis was so exicited about her first day of school in sunset valley,while kendall just wanted to stay home and eat pizza!jayla hid behind the seats wanting no one to know she was realated to kendall(the fat pig)!!!!!!!!!!!
 terra started a new garden in order to make some money!
she drove to the local super market but stopped and felt some morning sickness and incidently trhew up on the pavement!Instantly she knew what this meant ubt waited for a while make sure of it................
 because of her sickness her belly was very empty so she brought a apple and ate it............
 when thomas got back from work,he took a long bubble bath!
 Jayla brang a snotty rich kid home called malcom landgrabb,the son of nancy and geoffry landgrabb!

 malcom : what thillfy hands you have......
jayla: i am a celebrity and i can get you publicly discraced so shut your trap!
malcom :ummmmmmmmmm......................sorry.............

 miranda and jasmin brought home some random boy too!
they decided top group up and do there homeowrk together,all helping each other!
 terra brought a new dress and white boots for the summer season!
 terra took a long soaking bath because her back was killing her................
 with her acking back she crawled into bed fearing she would pull a muscle
 she woke up feeeling very sick and ran to her barthroom,
 and threw up like there won't no tommorow!!!!!
 she was feeling hungry agian but she was also tired so she went back to bed..............
 she was disturbed agianpregant...............but how was she going to tell thomas
 she did not want to waste time and told thomas the news.................
"thomas there is something i need to tell you" terra said nervously
"what honey?" said thomas
"well.......um............i'm pregant!" she said
 that same minuet he mouth widend open in shock!
"I AM HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " thomas said in excitment
"yeh with me your wife" terra said
 they hugged in joy and happiness terra was so excited,she always wanted five children but she guessed six was just better for her.............
 on the other hand thomas was exsatic.he will finally have a kid of his own,that he can love!
 aries made breakfast for the family agian,she loved cooking
 terra and thomas decided to break the news to the kids at breakfast
"kidsc your step farther and i need to tell you something" terra said
"what mum" jasmin said
"i'm preganat" said terra
miranda and areis choked at the same time in shock!
"i though you only wanted five children mum" kendall said while throwing his breakfast down his throat!
"yes but i think six is better for me"she said
"ok i can't for the baby mummy" jayla siad exicitingly!
 terra took a trip to the hospital for medical advice
 the family's fanance was going quite good,thomas just got a promotion and aries writing carrer was good!
everything was in place for the arrival of the bundle of joy!
 terra read her preganacy book agian even though she is a mother of five and is a good parent!
 thomas felt his son/daughter kick for the first time!he was so exicited for his first baby!

 terra and thomas went to bed,dreaming about their upcoming baby
 time flew and terra was now eight and a half months preganat!
 her back was acking her so she took a long bubble bath
 she decided to find out the gender of her baby so she could decorate it's room!
she was due to have a boy in 14 days
 when she came home she tended her plants,in history of the legacy she loved to do this!
 not long after,the triplets came home from school just strolling throw the door happily!
 areis came across a unexspected call from her dad to say hi!
 terra took a rest on the couch when her phone started ringing
 while upsstairs thomas was finishing the babies room
 an hour later contraptions kicked in a terra woke up thomas in her scream!
 thomas was frightend , he had never had a child before and only had saw his mum go into labour with his brother!
" thomas................i need to go to the hospital.............now"terra said in pain and disconfort
"ok come on honey....lets go have a baby" thomas said happily
 they drove to the hospital,terra was in real pian but somehow drove to the hospital!
 she arrived and walked in,in pain holding her belly hard!
 after five hours of labour she gave birth to demetruis daniel cronwell at 2:07am
he developed a light sleeper triat and a loner triat
thanks for reading part 10!
next chapter out soon (i think demetrius's trait was either loner or absent-minded!)