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Chapter 25 (Final of Gen.2): My tale comes to a end

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Chapter 24 :
As my tale comes to a end my Daughter,Sophie ,Will just begin.I remember when it was my mother's tale,She is the founder of this legacy,From the day I was a child I hoped to take over the legacy and my wish came true.
Now it is Sophie's Turn.....
My last chapter:
 Tia was now an Expert in hunting,she had a key sense on smell!
 I smiled when Scarlett played with her Toy,She loved this toy since she got it as a present.
Scarlett's Pov:
My Toy came to life,My life changed I had a IF,He told me only I could see him,His name is Titas Cronwell
I had my own Imaginary friends.....wow!
 He Thanked me for treating him good as a toddler.
Did I make him come alive?
Was it me?
We had a pillow fight in the Spear bedroom,It was really fun and he hit directly in the face,it hurt but it was fun.
Aries Point of View:
I noticed Taylor was getting really impressive playing the guitar,She was an natural at it!
By time she was done playing the school bus arrived and all the kids rushed outside with there backpacks and waved goodbye.
When the kids left Hope came walking in,She was out all night and I sighed of relief when she returned,But something was wrong,she looked sick....
I checked her tummy,it felt quite large too me....
Carter called me upstairs,I opened the door and her was lying on the bed saying ''We haven't had allot of fun lately,the kids are gone and the pets are occupied,now we can have so well deserved fun!''
I jumped into our Bed and we cuddled and Kissed.
Which led to abit of ''Ahem'' if you know what I mean...
We then kissed more,I felt so relaxed and Intimate with carter, he told me ''I will never stop loving you'' and that made me smile with joy.
Later that day I felt 'Ugly' carter always told me I was beautiful but I thought to my self while we were Kissing 'I need a makeover' so I took a trip to the salon downtown.
I stepped onto the makeover stand and the stylist ,Greg, gave me the ultimate makeover..
                                                                   *** Before** 
                                                                    *** After***
The stylist done such a good job on me,I flet so mature and Beautiful at the same time.
One the way out I bumped into my Brother-in-law, Malcolm Cronwell (Jayla's Husband)
He hugged me,it was nice to see some family today
The car ride felt so long (It was only 30 minuets though) I approached the door..
As I turned my key I noticed the house was Unusually quite,The kids must of been doing there homework
I was happy to hear the kids doing there homework.
I went into the Kitchen to make dinner and I saw Hunter and Taylor doing there homework,talking about homework and school,all the kids made it onto the honor roll today!
I was so proud of my babies being so good and smart.
I decided while I had some spear cash I would finally Renovates the unused room in the house into a Kids/family Den.The kids loved it especially Scarlett, she loved all the toys and books.
here are some pictures I took of the new room:
 Carter was so Beautiful with his shadow,It was so soft.
Carter with a beard

 I prepared a nice meal for the family,I actually enjoyed coking,It was another great hobby of mine.

 The children was quick to use the Den, even the pets loved the room!
After dinner and baths we all went to bed,I dreamed of carter.
Cater and I sleeping

 Scarlett sleeping
 Taylor sleeping
                                                                                                                   Hunter Sleeping
 Sophie sleeping
 The next morning I was the first to wake up,I heard barking from the downstairs den...
 Poor hope was startled by something,I was really worried about her, for the past month she has been acting different and she had been laying down allot..
 I couldn't leave Tia out so I cuddled her too,her fur was so soft and silky.

Talking about Tia, Taylor wants to change her name to Tinker-bell , although I like the name I am just used to tia but as it is mostly taylor's cat I decided to let her change it to Tinker-bell.
 I went to the second floor bathroom to bath and I noticed Scarlett and hunter was awake and brushing there teeth.
 Hunter was such a help around the house he fixed and cleaned most things and had no problem doing it.
Today I noticed there is a new family in town , the Goths.
I was keen to meet them but Carter told me to be careful,they are vampires.I do not have a problem with Vampire Sims and I never would it is just a would not like too become one,I want to enjoy the Warm summer sun and not have to be locked up all day inside bored to death.
I quickly met the new residents.
Gunner Goth,Son of Mortimer and scarlett
 Mortimer Goth,Father to two
 Graham Goth,Son of Scarlett and Patches
 Coralline Goth, only Daughter of Scarlett and Mortimer
 Patches Gothique,Father to one
 And Scarlett Cronwell 
Scarlett's Daughter, Coralline, let me inside the house.
 I started to talk to her mother,She seemed very friendly and really nice.
 I looked down and noticed we had the same shoes on.
Hers is better than mine.
 We started socializing,we gossiped and talked and gossiped more!
 I invited her too Taylor and Sophie's Party tonight, She actually said yes and said she would bring her children too.
 Her house is so massive, even bigger than the house I lived in as a child.
 On my home I thought about my brother Kendall, I don't know why he just came to my head!
 I got home about 6:30pm, I was latee for the party so I had to hurry up and prepare for the Party.
 As I was about to go in the house I received a text from my Mum saying:

To my Beautiful Aries,
I know Taylor and Sophie's birthday is coming up so I want you to wish them a happy birthday to them. I am sorry we cannot make it,we are out of town right now, actually we are in Bridgeport visiting someone so I am so sorry we can't make it so wish them a happy birthday and give my love to all of my grandchildren.

            Terra,Thomas and Demetrius

 When i got inside I noticed Tinker bell playing with a ball from the Basket, Tinkerbell was really playful.
 I played tug of war with Hope today,She was bit later but she was still acting weird.
 It was 7:00pm and time for The twins birthday!
 Happy Birthday my Beautiful Taylor!

 I was happy for twins, finally becoming adults,free adults.
Taylor told me she is going to move out,I was sad when I heard that but she's growing up and I can't keep her forever.
 In all the screams and cheering I turned around after hearing Hope howl and Curl onto the floor.
Wait it's all coming to me ,The lying down,the Laziness and the Howling she was pregnant all this tine she has been pregnant and I didn't even know and now she is in labour.
 Soon after she gave birth to a litter of puppies!
I named them Todd and Tiddles. They are such cute Puppies they looked nothing like there mum,I just wonder who there dad is...
 So after the birth it was Sophies turn to age up!
Happy birthday my little smart child Sophie!
 Taylor aged up so Beautifully.
Wow she is so beautiful!
 Sophie was also so Beautiful and she looked so mature.
I cried after they both aged up, I remember when I gave birth to them.I was so happy to have to babies instead of one, I don't know how my life would be without them. 
They were so Cute and gentle and look at them now all older and mature.
As they aged up I remembered my Misscarige,I thought how it would be if I didn't lose that baby,Would I only that baby and not my littler Scarlett?

I wondered if Unicorns and horses could breed?

The next morning  I looked out the window to see Crystal's pen empty.I worried wondering where she was.
Where is my unicorn?
Just as was about to phone the police I noticed a noted tagged to the pen,it read:

Dear Aries,
Thank you for taking so much care of crystal,she really misses you but we needed her,I needed here.I know you where getting so close to her,I watched you, watched you how you brushed her and cuddled her and rode her and showed affection for her and I am thankful for that.
In return I attached a gift to this note. I am warning to you this gift is is not a toy,use it wisely as it can be used for good and bad and only the keeper can destroy it.
One more thing,pass it on to only whom you trust most of all.

I looked down to see a Spell book!

 I was cautious to use the spell book but I finally  built up the courage to open the book.Sparkles were circling the book and a voice said, Welcome Aries Cronwell,daughter of Terra Cronwell and Soon to be passed on to Sophie Cronwell. I was amazed what was happening to me lately, visions as a YA,unicorns and now magic!
I missed Crystal, this was the last Picture I had of her:
I choose the power to Enchant as my first spell,When I recited the spell I felt a tingling felling in my body.I couldn't believe this was going to be Sophie's power soon too,I read the last page of the book and it said, Only the heir to the tale and carry on the magic tale.The cornwell's have magic powers!
The puppies sleeping was so cute,I love puppies!

Today was graduation day,My babies were getting there diplomas today!
The Ceremony lasted three hours,Scarlett kept moaning to me ''Is it done yet!''
Taylor was voted 'Most Likely to marry first' and Sophie was voted 'Most likely to gave a big family',Hmm grandchildren!  I was so happy for my babies, they were finally mature enough to go and live free in sunset valley.

 When we arrived home after the Ceremony Sophie's boyfriend was on the porch,I think he was waiting to tell her something.
 I noticed her big blue eyes,I have never seen someone with such Beauty in there eyes.
 Sophie ran to Richie and Hugged him and flirted with him.
 I was so shocked when Sophie proposed to Richie,I was so happy to see my Daughter getting engaged to such a Happy and Beautiful boy.
 As December came upon us Hunter and I set up the Christmas tree for the family.
Our green Christmas tree
 Sophie Practised her writing skill more often,With her talent I could see her being and Author
 I used my new Spell 'Summon' but it did not turn out so well,I summoned the wrong Taylor!
The Taylor below is Taylor - Shaye.
    Soon Tinker-Bell and Tod will be the only pets in the house, I agreed to let Taylor take Hope and Tiddles     when she moves out.
 Sophie Decorated her new bedroom with all of her achievements and Childhood memories.
 I had tow more spells to complete until I was the Spell master and able to keep all my powers!
 I heard Taylor and Sophie talking about some stuff:
'Hey Taylor are you going to propose to Leighton?'
'Well I was planning to take him on a date to the Beach and then yes Propose to him'
'Okay that will be good and what about children?'
'Well lets see how it goes first!'
 There was someone I particully wanted to summon, My father ,Xander Cronwell.
 'Dad hi I need to talk to you now'
'Wait how did I get here,How when why!'
 'Dad listen where have you been all this time,I haven't seen you in Ten years!'
 'You have FOUR grandchildren that you haven't even sent a Birthday card or letter or anything,The last time I saw you was when I was pregnant with the twins!'
'Aries my darling please Let me explain!'
 'No let me explain I used to love you, Back in Bridgeport when the Divorced happened I missed you ,Hated my step-father for you,Every night I cried my self to sleep missing you,Do you even know the triplets!'
'You know what don't even apologize,I don't have a father any more, actually I do ,Thomas not you so don't you dare even try to call me or communicate with me,Your DEAD to me!'
 'Please Aries please'
(Crying) 'Please don't just go'
 After my Emotional rowel I concentrated on finishing 
 Scarlett found a baby Hedgehog today just outside the house and she nursed it in her new Rodent cage in her newly furnished room.
 Taylor flirted allot with Sam, I was sure they would marry one day!
                          It my prediction came true,Taylor proposed on the Beach behind our house
'Sam Seketemo will you marry me?' 
'Yes yes yes!!!'
  The next morning Taylor got a job in the Medical Career,I was not surprised because she was so good in the Logic skill!
This is me the end of my legacy:
From baby
To toddler
Then to child
Then to teen
And now and adult with four kids.
Goodbye My readers
Aries Cronwell Gen.2

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