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Chapter 29 : As Christmas Ends......

As Christmas ends the Cronwell's get used to the new Year, birthdays happens,Babies are born and people Exit the house. So where we left off Christmas ended and Hunter aged up into a Handsome Young adult and was soon moving out into a Beautiful penthouse made by Curtis Paradis..

I am going to miss having my Only brother in the house. I remember when he was born,So tiny and cute and look at him now all grown up in the world.

Three hours before I took a trip to the doctors,my baby was two days overdue.

 It was my little sis Scarlett's Birthday today,Happy Birthday Sis!

I am so proud of my sister Scarlett, She is a carbon copy of her Father and Taylor
 Hunter hugged me goodbye....
    My pregnancy was so terrible, My back was killing me and my body felt like it just wanted to drop and     take a load off.
Before Hunter moved out he Graduated,Following in his Dad's footsteps he then got a job in the Athletic career.
Just as we were celebrating Hunter's achievement's I went into Labour!
Richie Drove me too the Hospital soon afterwards
I was nervous to have this baby. Although I have experienced Labour and parenting with Riley I just think this baby is going to be hard. I was rushed to the Maternity ward were I pushed for the baby to come out.
I heard the Doctor say 'Oh god'.

I didn't know what was wrong,The doctor told me the babies head was wrapped round the umbilical cord and it was not breathing. At that minuet I was scared and panicking,The doctor told me too 'Just stay calm we are cutting and removing the cord.

 About a minuet later I heard my baby cry.
'Mrs Cronwell you have a beautiful baby Girl' The midwife whispered to me.
After a Health check to see if the baby had any Complications I was free to go,I left with Her and Richie.
    We named her Jessie May Cronwell.
    I just knew something would happen like I said.
All of the girls in the house bonded with the Children.
I redecorated the Nursery to fit Jessie's Perspective
    Scarlett and I also went to work to redesign her room. She would soon share this room with Jessie
I chuckled as I slipped the Camera to take this picture of Riley digging for Gold! 
Richie and I put the kids to bed.

Riley quickly got used to his new bedroom and sharing his new bedroom with his little Sister.
 Richie suggested we spend some more time together as we spend more time with our children tending to        them, he thought we just should make time for each other.
The kids were asleep so this was the perfect time to spend time with my Beloved Richie
Richie lightly kissed my on the lips.
I just love this picture of us, Richie seems distressed in this picture.

The Next Morning
[From here the Writing will be under the pictures]

The next morning was Manic.
Plates were almost found everywhere in the kitchen, The counter was full of food, Homework and Junk!
Riley and Jessie both needed a Bath, feed and Changed nappies. Also to top that off I had a splitting headache!

Bottles, Plates and junk

Counter full of junk too

My poor Baby in Distress 
And my Headache
Richie really annoyed me this morning. He knows I have a headache yet he doesn't feed the children or tidy up just stands there like an othe.

'Richie feed the kids, Jessie is Bawling her eyes out, Riley is throwing a Tantrum do something there your Kids too!'

'Sorry I will feed them but can you just stop moaning!'

You have a Headache, Don't you think I've got a Headache your mum must have Headache it's not always just about you!'

Outside I was appalled but inside I felt that was true, Ever since I had Jessie I've been grumpy and angry allot.

'Richie I'm sorry so sorry I am just being grumpy,Jessie's birth was painful.'

'Who's my little girl you are you are' !

Mum helped around the house and even Fixed the broken tap on the Bath.

[Thanks to Debbidoo's gift Sophie brought a new Pinball machine]

                                                  As time passed Jessie's birthday approached.
 My father was Amazed of hid little granddaughter having her birthday
 Aunt Scarlett was overjoyed to see her little Niece age up too
Riley and I celebrated together!
My mother too was excited!

 Happy birthday my little girl.
   Jessie is so Beautiful as a Toddler.....
 Richie was surprised when he noticed his baby Developed his eye colour,he almost looked Embarrassed...

Richie and I put the kids to bed, My mother and father went to bed.
Talking about my mother and Father they are thinking to move into a Little cottage near the beach t settle down and live in peace, I don't want them to go but it is there decision too.

 Later that night Richie and I was lying in bed talking.

Richie mumbled ' Sophie can I ask you something? '
'Of course honey anything! '
'Well umm I want another baby.....'
I chocked on some spit when he said that....

'Honey don't get my wrong I love children but I'm just not ready for another one, Not right now after Jessie maybe when Riley grows up but not now ' 

 'It's okay honey let's wait for the write time'

 Saturday afternoon, It was Riley's birthday.
His dad aged him up this time instead of his Grandmother.
 Celebrations !
 Happy Birthday my Little boy!
 As he aged up I felt a pain in my belly, Like a griping pain.
 Riley's final picture of his Toddler's days
    Richie was so proud of his pride and joy, Although I was happy for Riley I felt sad for Jessie because Richie often favourite him.

Riley is such a beautiful child!

When the celebrations and party died down I taught my baby how to walk and talk.
Just like her big brother she was a fast learner!


I was surprised to see my Grandma and her new outfit, she looked VERY stylish for a grandmother!


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