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Generation 7, Chapter 5 : Is it really him...?

''Thank god, you're finally awake! It's like five in the afternoon.'' Gemma said to me, looking worried and stroking my leg. I was out all night searching yet again for Declan which interrupted my sleeping schedule.

''Is it?'' I said rubbing my eyes and started to look at Gemma in front of me. With the help of my mum, I finally plucked up the courage to ask Gemma out and she said yes. Ever since then we've got closer and closer by the minute.

''Yes, look outside and see for yourself. I guess we won't be searching for Declan tonight.'' She flicked her beautiful hair behind her shoulder and eyed me as I was still lying down. ''Now are you getting up or what?'' She asked me.

''Only if you promise me something.''

''Promise you what Robin?'' She asked me.

''That the minute I stand up I can come right over to you and give you a kiss.'' I replied back, winking at her.


I jumped out of bed and I gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Whenever we kiss I still remember to the first time we kissed on Christmas Day; There was a sort of burst of excitement when our lips met.

Somehow we continued to kiss in the hallway which wasn't like me because I tend to keep my 'private life' private but I guess once Gemma and I got together it changed.

''I see you two are quite... happy.'' I state after seeing her kiss Tony on the cheek and them both hugging each other.

''She's getting all excited because I have a surprise for her later!'' Tony told me while she jumped in excitement  I had a strong feeling this surprise would be a proposal to her.

''Can't you just tell me now!'' She begged him while he grinned at her. Gemma and I continued to watch them as they expressed there love for each other.

''Do you think were like that...?'' Gemma asked me.

''Of course we are! I love you.'' I said. Gemma's face lit up with joy as I said the word love.


''Love. Do you love me?'' She asked me.

''Of course I do, your my girlfriend.'' I said, bringing her in for a hug.

Later on in the evening we all went out unto the terrace where I made drinks for all of us. Although Christmas was over it continued to snow in Bridgeport for quite a while.

''So.. what would you guys like?'' I asked Tony, Lindsey and Gemma who were sitting in front of me.

''Water.'' Gemma said.

''Orange Juice.'' Tony said.

''Is it aright if I asked you for wine...?'' Lindsey asked as a joke since they both asked for non - alcoholic drinks.

''Water, Orange Juice and a Red wine coming right up.''

''So guys, since Christmas has flew and were settled back in Bridgeport, when are we going to continue to search for Declan?'' I asked, putting the tray of drinks on the table.

''I suggest we start straight away!'' Gemma said enthusiastically.

'' I agree with Gemma, I think we should because I'm beginning to get home sick... I miss Twinbrook.'' Lindsey said with a sad tone. Tony quickly moved over to comfort her.

She sure wasn't the only one, I also was beginning to feel home sick. Tony and Gemma had no worries because they've lived in Bridgeport for years but Lindsey and I are new here and miss being back home.

Being in our own town.

Being Known.

Being comfy.

Being safe.

But mostly, being with our family.

''Excuse me for a minute, I need some air.'' I said.

''But Robin... were outside!'' Tony said laughing.

''Shut up Tony, I'm not in the mood for your crap.'' I said bluntly. Being far from home was beginning to really get to me, so much that I took my anger out on him.

''Well sorry Mr. Grumpy Ass.'' He muttered back under his breath. I was about to say something but refrained myself.

''Are you okay Robin?'' My concerning sister asked me. She could easily see something was eating me inside and wouldn't stop until she got it out.

''Fine. I just need some space... to reflect.'' I replied back.

''Okay, but just know I'm here if you need to talk to anybody, I am your sister and all.''

''Yeah... Thanks.''

My head was going crazy. I couldn't stop thinking about home.




My house

My job

My life.

I continued to look at the bustling streets below and thought about my family, mostly Declan. It's been four years since I last saw him. The day we both went home one summer to spend time together with family, after that he just drifted apart from us.

Another thought entered my head, what if Declan is...dead? I never even thought to myself that there is a small chance that my twin brother may be...dead. I began to shed a few tears but quickly wiped them off and continued to look down at Bridgeport.

Suddenly, a young man caught my eye down below on the street as he got out of a Cab. I couldn't see him properly but from what I could see, he looked oddly familiar.

''Quickly... Tony go get me some binoculars from the kitchen cupboard.'' I turned right back round after talking to Tony to make sure that man below didn't go any more any time soon.

''Why?'' He asked.

''Just get the fucking binoculars!'' I urged him by using swear words, funnily enough it got my point across.

He quickly rushed back with the set of binoculars and passed them to me.

''Thanks, I'll explain in a minute.''

I looked through the lenses to see the man.

It was our brother. My twin brother. He was still alive.

''L-Lindsey?'' I turned around and called out her name.

''Yeah Rob?''

''I-I...'' I couldn't seem to get the words out of my mouth, I was truly speechless.

''I-I... I what Robin?'' She asked me, jumping up from her chair and approaching me.

''I found him. Declan. I found him.'' As I said that they all jumped up in complete shock and rushed over to me.

''Is it really him...?'' Lindsey asked.

''Yes! It's our brother. My twin brother. We've finally found him.''


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Generation 7, Chapter 4 : ☃The Cronwell Christmas Special. ☃

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful,And since we've no place to go,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Lindsey, Gemma and I put our search for Declan on hold as the Holidays began. I already knew that my mum would of been sad because she was expecting Declan to be with us, coming back to Twinbrook, but he wasn't.

Lindsey decided to go ahead and invite her new boyfriend, Tony to have Christmas with us. I then asked Gemma so she wouldn't feel left out and because she's my... friend.

We walked through the thick snow up to my parents' path to their house.  It looked exactly the same since I while ago, except of course the snow covering it all.

But, before we came back down to Twinbrook the four of us all went shopping at the High Street for presents.

''Is it right for me to be nervous?'' Gemma asked worrying, flicking the snowflakes out of her... beautiful hair.

Once we all placed our presents on the mantle piece and I called out for my mum.

''Mum?; Dad?''

''I'm in here.'' My mum said, it seemed she was in the Living Room.

''Mum? Hi mum.''

She didn't reply, instead she continued to sit and gaze into the fireplace. I told Lindsey to try and find dad while I try and see what was wrong with mum.

I slowly sat down next to her, but on a chair, and looked also at the fireplace.

''I bet your warm down there mum...'' I said, trying to start a conversation.

She never replied.

''Fireplaces are perfect for this season, don't you think mum...?''

She never replied.

''Is Declan with you?'' She asked sadly, yet angry at the same time.

''No. We haven't found him yet but I brought friends, and helpers...'' I said getting up from my seat before she went mad.

All she done was get up and out the fireplace out.

''You haven't found him yet?'' She questioned my with teary eyes.

''No mum, I'm sorry. It's just that these things take time. We've been searching for him for 6 months now.''

''So your saying you're giving up?''

''No! Were not giving up, it's just that it' taking a lot longer than Lindsey and I anticipated.''

''Thank you Robin, you and Lindsey are beyond the best children I could of asked for!''

''Aww mum, stop! But yes, you are right.'' Lindsey said.

''Hello there young man, you might you be?'' My mum asked Tony. Lindsey quickly jumped on his back and he smiled back at her.

''I'm Tony, Nice to meet you Mrs. Cronwell. You raised a beautiful and amazing girl you know!'' He said smiling at Lindsey, then back at my mum.

''Well thank you Tony, from what it seems your treating my daughter well.'' She said hugging him. On thing which is so great about my other; She is so friendly... to everyone.

''Mum! How are you? How's dad? Where is dad actually?'' Lindsey asked so much question to my mum while she kissed her on the cheek.

''Aw my darling Lindsey, I am fine thank you; Your dad's fine too, he's in his office finishing up some final paperwork before taking his holiday leave.''

''That's good! I'm just happy everyone's well and happy!'' Lindsey said hugging my mum before jumping back unto Tony's back.

''And who might you be young lady?'' My mum asked curiously to Gemma, standing in the background.

''Uh... his Mrs. Cronwell, I'm Gemma, Robin's... friend.''

''Nice to meet you Gemma, are you by any chance more than friends with my son?'' She asked, before grinning at Lindsey.

''Mum! Gemma and I are just... friends, okay?'' I said rubbing my head in awkwardness.

''Okay Robin.'' My mum answered back, before grinning again at Lindsey. I could tell they were both planning something.

''Cassidy my back is kill-...'' My dad pushed open the office doors and rubbed his neck in great pain, until he realized we were all here. ''....Oh hello guys, how are you...?'' ''And who are your friends?''

''Were fine thanks dad, but I'm sorry we still haven't found Declan yet... but were working on it.'' I pointed at   Tony. ''That's Tony... Lindsey's boyfriend.'' I pointed at Gemma. ''And that's Gemma, my... friend.'' I replied.

''Don't worry Rob, I'm sure you and your sister will find Declan soon. So Lindsey, you have a boyfriend I see.'' My father said inspecting Tony.

''Yes Dad. Before you go all protective on me, Tony is a nice guy. He's sweet, smart and mostly, he loves and cares for me.'' She said kissing him.

''She's right dad, Tony really does love her, trust me you have nothing to worry about.'' I said, trying to help Lindsey and Tony to be less nervous. My father always became protective when he heard 'Boyfriend' and 'Lindsey' in the same sentence.


''Uh... Mr. Cronwell? You wanted me.''

''Yes. Yes I did.''

Tony was sweating with all fear, his heart was pounding and he was generally scared of Lindsey's father.

''Have a seat Tony.'' Harrison said gesturing Tony to his seat.

''So Tony, do you have a last name?'' Harrison asked him.

''Yes, Robbins. Tony Oscar Robbins.''

''Nice name. What' your background like?'' He then asked him.

''Well my mother is white and she is from Wales; My dad is black and he is from Jamaica so I'm half Welsh and Jamaican..'' Tony stuttered back, clicking his knuckles together.

''Interesting, I should meet your father one day, if you and my daughter are planning on having a future together.''

''Y-Yeah... that would be great.'' He said back, wiping the sweat off of his forehead.

''Loosen up boy, I'm not going to kill you! I just need to ask you the important question.'' Harrison said back, staring straight into Tony's eyes.

''And that is sir?''

''Do you honestly love my daughter?''

''Sir. As you, your wife and Robin probably knows, I do with all my heart. Lindsey is just amazing. She's smart, funny, realistic and charming. Were perfect for each other and with your blessing, I would like to propose marriage to her.''

''That's all I wanted to hear. Of course you can Tony! I finally realize and love and care for my daughter and that's all I could ask for. I give you my blessing.''


''I have a surprise for you when we go back to Bridgeport Lindsey.''

''Oh do you now!'' Lindsey replied, leaving on his shoulder.

''Indeed I do, and I'm pretty sure your going to love it better than anything else!''

''Anything?'' She replied back, looking up at him.

''Anything Lindsey.''

I wiped the fog off the window and noticed Tony and Lindsey on the balcony looking up at the clear sky.

For some odd reason... right there and then I knew their relationship will last forever.


Later that day Gemma helped me to set the table for Christmas Dinner. Mum was making a huge turkey so we could take some leftovers back with us to Bridgeport  Dad was making his famous Pasta Salad which was always lovely to eat!


''Yes honey?'' She said peering up at me for a second, then back to her chopped onions.

''Can I tell you something... in confidence?''

''Of course honey, what am I for!''

''Okay....'' I said facing my head to the ground. ''....At first Gemma and I were just friends but now I'm developing feelings for her.'' ''What should I do?''

''Aw I knew you liked that girl, I could just see how you two attract each other. One word of advice honey  follow your feelings because feelings are always right.''

''Thanks mum.''

''Why didn't you go your father about this 'situation' might I ask?''

''Let's just say dad had a little 'talk' with Tony about his feelings for Lindz.''

''Oh for goodness sake! He's probably gone and scared him off now, I swear your father is really something else...''

''No no, don't worry mum. I was listening in and he admitted his love for her and dad went all family - orientated on him and their on good terms.''

''Great. Now listen to me Robin Cronwell, I can see your perfect for that girl next door so go with your feelings and get your girl.''


''Dear Lord, we thank you for this amazing year you've blessed upon my family, friends and everyone else. We thank you that we are fortunate enough to have this food in front of us and we cherish it and more importantly, you.

Thank you Lord. Amen.''

I could honestly say my parents are the best cooks in history. The food was simply tongue tingling due to it's lushes and vibrant taste put into it.

''Mum this is amazing!'' I looked up opposite and told her, making her smile.

''I agree Mrs. Cronwell with Robin's statement, you really do have a talent for cooking!'' Gemma said to my mum, I smiled at her and she smiled back.

Once we finished dinner Tony offered to clean up for everyone.

''Don't worry yourself Mrs. Cronwell, you've done enough. I'll clean the plates up.'' Tony said collecting everyone's decorative plate.

''Oh thank you very much, your a darling.'' My mum said to him, stroking his cheek.

After we had dessert we went straight to the living room to exchange gifts.

''Merry Christmas Dad! I hope you like it!''

''A stationary set! Thank you so much Lindsey, It's just what I need for work and even at home!''

''Merry Christmas Gemma, I hope you like it...'' Tony said, hesitantly giving her the present.

''A board game. Are you serious Tony?'' She questioned his present.

''I did tell you before we left for Twinbrook, I'm not the best at shopping...''

''I can see... but thank you anyway.'' She said, hugging him and putting on a fake smile.''

''Merry Christmas mum, I love you.'' Robin handed his thoughtful gift to his mother.

''A locket?'' She asked.

''Not just a locket mum, a locket with a picture of Lindsey, Declan and I in it. I realize you miss Declan and even us but with this, it's like were with you everyday, of every minute. Merry Christmas.''

''Oh Robin....'' She said, beginning to tear up. ''....This is amazing thank you so much, you're the perfect son.'' She said hugging me tight.


''Hey there Gemma....'' I said to Gemma, who was standing in front of the Christmas tree, admiring it,

''Oh... Hi Robin, where have you been?'' She asked.

''Oh I was just giving my mum her present.''

''So she liked the locket I picked out?'' She asked, grinning at me.

''Yes she did, thank you so much for finding that for me.''

''No problem; What are friends for!'' She said, reaching out to hug me. I hugged her for quite a while until it got awkward.

Out of pure coincidence I looked up at the ceiling and noticed a Mistletoe: My only chance to get Gemma.

''Hey look.... a mistletoe...''

''Oh yeah, I never noticed that up there....'' She said.

''You know what we must do since were both directly under it.''

''I do...'' She said, smiling at me. ''...So should we.. kiss?''

''I wouldn't say no.''

That very moment our lips met each other it was like another world was created. A new beginning. An new relationship.

''Well... your a great kisser.'' I said to Gemma.

''Oh just kiss me!'' She said before pulling me in for a longer, more romantic kiss.

I never wanted it to stop.

''You realize that kiss totally ruined our friendship.''

''Maybe we can more than friends... one day.''

''Why don't that one day be now?'' I asked her out. That was my chance and as my mum said, go with your feelings, that's what I did.

''Sure were boyfriend an girlfriend?'' She asked me, almost confused.

''I guess we are.'' I said to her, then I kissed her.

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