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Chapter 31 - FOUR is better than One

I was afraid Richie would get hurt of die of Smoke inhalation but he just stood there ...

He quickly went to the rescue and started to put out the flames.
The fire caught almost every objects in the far side of the room we were in (The Study ) .

Just as thought Riley came down and was startled by the Developing flames.

''Riley stay back the flames are way too big for your Father to handle call the Fire brigade! ''

''AHHH Mum help I'm scared!!''

Poor Riley was traumatised by the Fire, he had never seen such fire like this in his life. And to bed honest this wasn't the first first fire we had in this house. My mother told me when she was pregnant with Taylor and I this same fireplace caught on fire too but It wasn't this bad !

Riley still stood there screaming his lungs out with fright.
Lucky, Jessie was downstairs.

Richie put out the last remaining part of the fire.

I comforted Riley after being Traumatised.

''My Hero'' I whispered in Richie's ear

Minuets later the Living nanny and maid arrived.
The reason I hired Claire, The maid, is because I couldn't cope with the kids, the house and my Celebrity life.

She seemed to be a very trained and helpful person.

After the fire and the clean up the next morning I was certain I was Pregnant.

The first thing I did was announce the news to Richie and Riley. I was happy to once be pregnant again but Richie and I planned that this would be are last baby, Three was a good enough blessing for us to Love and care.

''Richie I am sure I am pregnant I don't need a test or nothing I am pregnant! ''

'' WHAT! Were going to have three children, three beautiful Intelligent and Crazy children! ''

''Yes Honey we are.''

Riley at first responded to the news very annoyed but once it got to his head that he was going to have another baby brother or sister he was Surprised!

''Riley your going to have a Baby brother or sister soon ! ''

''Okay that nice ........ Wait WHAT, another baby Jesus help us !''

Richie designed a new look for the Nursery fro the baby to enjoy in our Private study.
I like the way Richie worked form home, he was able to get paid in the comfort of his home and his kids.

I collected some seeds the other day and Planted them in my spare time in the back garden, I enjoyed gardening because it helped me to relax my body while pregnant.

Riley progressed in his Chemistry skill, He was entering his school Science fare and wanted to create a Potion worth an A.

Meanwhile Claire was fixing the Bathtub which had been broken for days and flooded the Bathroom. Because of that we had the floor and walls redone and brought A new bathtub and had a plumber fit it in.

I summoned my mother to our house, I felt special to have powers to do things like Teleport and Enchant things.

My mums belly had grew massive than the last time I saw here, she was due any day now .

I felt her belly, I was surprised yet happy to soon be getting another Brother or Sister..

''Mum I am pregnant .... Again! ''

''I am going to be a grandmother and a mother at the same time !''

''You sure are mum ! ''

She felt my bump too, It was nice to compare baby stuff.

My mother stayed for dinner, I offered her to stay the night because she looked like she was about to collapse  with that belly on her but she told me Dad was picking her up in a hour.

I put Jessie to bed minuets later.

''Goodnight my Precious girl, Soon you will be sharing this room with your Baby sister of brother. ''

''Okay mummy night ''

''Goodnight my Blue eyed Angel''


I found my mum Downstairs drinking Coffee and then all of a sudden she dropped the Cup and it cracked into pieces on the Floor.

She went into labour in our Kitchen !

I drove her too the Hospital within Ten minuets her trousers were socked in Warm liquid.

Some of our relatives were there the man in the blue was my Aunts Husband, Miraj, and the Girl is their daughter and the boy in the background is my other Aunts Son.

As the sun rose my mother was blessed with two baby Girls. My newest sisters were called Zoey and Zafrina Cronwell. I wasn't really surprised that she had another set of Twins, just like my Grandmother, she had six children.

                                                                           ~ :) ~

Months later I found my self 8 Months pregnant, wearing glasses again and waddling out of the supermarket !

I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt like a Whale, this pregnancy felt much heavier than Riley's and Jessie's.

The worst thing that happened was when I slipped on Jessie's Toy and ended on my bum. I felt hurt and in agony when I was on the floor but Richie was quick to help me up and set me on the bed.

Hours later I decided to stay in my Sleeping clothes and just sit and watch Day time TV and just wait for the baby to arrive. I soon got up and put on some clothes and returned to the TV.

Before I could sit down my Water broke, contraptions kicked in and my Jeans were socked with water.

I arrived at the hospital with Richie were I was greeted by a Screaming Doctor, you would think an experienced doctor like Ms. Jolina would be used to delivering babies but it seemed she wasn't.

After 10 hours of Birth and health checks Richie and I returned to home with two Blessed baby Boys.
I was certainty was not expecting to have twins since I had two singular births but I was still delighted to be blessed with Four children.

Richie is holding Isaac and I am holding Ezekiel but we call him Zeke.

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New Schedule - Lack of updates

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Chapter 30 - Part 2 of 2 : Fire in the house!

Welcome Back!
This is the concluding part of Chapter 30....
As we left off..........

''I'm pregnant 

Part 2 : 

Sophie -'' I'm sorry mum is some kind of joke''!

Aries -'''No it is not I am a few weeks now''

Sophie -'''But when mum ? How? where?''

Aries -''Well it all happened a few weeks ago, Long story cut short Your dad and I got a little bit too close in the Hot Tub''.....

Sophie -'''But mum there is no space in this house for any more Children! What if you have Twins or Triplets?''

Aries -'That's why your father, Scarlett, Bella and I are going to move out and Give you and Richie some space''

Sophie -'''But mum this is your house you Own it!''

Aries -'''Not any more Hun I went down to City Hall this afternoon and Transformed the house into your Name''

 Sophie -''' But mum - ''

Aries -'''No buts Sophie, this is your house now, and the house is literately two minuets away from here! ''

 Sophie - ''But mum I need you.......''

Aries -No you don't you need your Husband and family, I will always Visit and it will be like I am still here, just not living here''

''I can't believe I am going to be an older sister again!''

''I know honey I know''

The Next morning everything was packed for my Parents and Scarlett to move out. The house they were moving too was fully furnished so there was no problem with furniture.

We said out Goodbyes an hour later.
My mother then called a Taxi to pick them up, I think that was really irrelevant because the house was two minuets away!

They soon moved into a lovely Four Bedroom house.

~ (: ~

 Back at home a gave Lucky a Bath, it seemed he caught flees from those Dirty Stray animals outside our house.
 Meanwhile Richie was teaching Jessie how to walk.

''Hi baby girl, are you going to walk like Daddy.....? Daddy is big and strong like Mr Strong, walk big and strong like Daddy!''

Richie is such a Devoted father too Jessie, now I know why he wants more children....

Later that day we spent some time in the Garden with Jessie, she loved throwing sand in her hair

''Richie I'm ready''

''Ready for what?''

''For another baby''

He gave me a passionate kiss, I guess he was happy then!

''These flowers are as beautiful as you my love''

''Aw Richie!''

Not watching Jessie she wondered off to near the Climbing frame and Played with the Doll my mother gave to her.

Lucky and I spent some time in the Garden playing.

Riley greeted me when he got home with a Warm hug! But I know my Son, even he wanted a new Game or he is just being Generally nice!

He wanted me to help him with his Algebra homework....

Across the hall Jessie was Introducing her doll to Lucky, I was surprised Lucky didn't Chew the head off!

Later that Evening I went over to Visit Taylor

She looked really different since the last time I had seen her.

Little Xavier was not so little any more!
He is just a day older then Riley.

Xavier - Aunt Sophie!
He ran up too me and gave me the most tight hug I ever experienced, I was surprised he remembered me form his childhood because we hardly saw each other.

~ RILEY'S Point Of View ~

It was really a fun time meeting and playing with my Cousin.
I just met him but I can tell that we are going to get along very well!

Later that night I told mum I was sleeping over.
Luckily Xavier had a bunk bed so I slept at the bottom and he slept at the top.
The same night I missed home so when everyone was asleep I snuck out t go back home

I was Terrified

All I wanted was my mum or dad to just find me and take me home.
Sunset Valley is a big town and it was easy to get lost especially in the Deep dark night.

I peddled as fast as I could hoping I would get home quick.
I sighed of relief when I peddled up to out house.
I creped in and silently went to bed.

~ Back to Sophie ~

Jessie was asleep and Riley was at his Aunt's house.

I will not write about it but it was a sensational time !

The next Morning I prepared breakfast for everyone

Later that day Richie called me into the Garden and we snuggled up on the Sea saw.

People think when your a married couple with kids you never have time for each other but Richie and I always make time for each other.

We had a great time together playing with the sprinkler together !

Back inside I cuddled Jessie for a few minuets, treasuring how such a good girl she always was.

I then potty trained her since she was a bit old now for Nappies.

I noticed the nauseous pain in my Stomach .....  

I puked .....
I had an idea that I either had food poising for I am pregnant.

I called my private doctor and late that day went down the hospital to take a test.

The next afternoon I used my powers to summon my mother. I quickly stopped dead silent and just stood there listening to what sounded like flames rising form upstairs ....

I ran a fast as I could and opened the study door to find the fireplace ignited !  

~ :( ~

Will someone die ?

Okay guys thanks for reading the concluding part of Chapter 30.

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