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Generation 4, Chapter 15, Part 1 of 2 : My life is hanging on a a piece of thread

''Hey there MJ, time for your bottle!'' I said that to her while crawdling her in my arms gently and slowly.

''Sweet dreams.'' I put her in the crib then went downstairs to check my emails and Facebook.

''*Sighs* Evan can you just shut up I'm trying to finish my coursework.''

''Silence peasant, stop your coursework at once and bow down to the great Evan!''

She then mutters under her breath ''In your dreams mate.''

I get what Jade is saying, she does need to finish her work but Evan on the other hand just wants to have fun and be a child.

''I am the great Evan!'' He says then throws his toy stick sort of thing and be accident lands on Jade's head.

''Ugh you idiot.'' She then chucked her pen at Evan and went upstairs.

''At least your not annoying me MJ, once you grow up you'll know what I mean.''

That same night I stumbled into the library to see Dayna playing the guitar and singing quietly to herself.

''Dayna... I didn't know you could sing, how come you didn't tell me?''

''Because I don't sing in public. To be honest I am petrified to sing in public.''

''Talking about singing ,my career has gone nowhere in the past year. I think I should just give up Dayna?''

''Are you crazy Riley, you are an AMAZING singer, you should never give up. You know what next morning I'm going to book you a gig at the park to show you that you WILL NOT give up, OK?''

''Okay then Dayna, Thank you.''

''Hey there MJ, Have a good rest tonight, mummy will check you later on in the night, but for now, Sweet Dreams baby.'' She set her in the crib, kissed her on the cheek and turned on her night light.''

''So how do you feel about the gig tomorrow?''

''Pretty good honey it's just I want to tell you something important, I don't how you are going to take it but hear it goes.''

''I don't want any more kids.''

''Honey it's OK, I hate the pain of birth and besides we have Mary-Jayne and Jade and Evan! Were already blessed with three kids, we don't need any more.''

''I am so glad you took that well ,I thought you would be angry. Maybe now I can get back on track of my Career and earn more money for us.''


~Jade's Point of view~

''How do I look? Will Oliver like what I am going to wear to prom?''

''Evan if he didn't don't care what he thinks sis, you are AMAZING and don't go changing the way you are for any man, ya hear me.''

''Yes Sir!''

''Oh, Evan you are the best brother any one can ask for. Please don't change. I love you the way you are.''

''I will never change Jade. Never.''

I said that because his birthday is just months away and I don't him to become I rebellious teen and just forget me like I was nothing. But I know he would never do that because he is Evan Cronwell. My Brother.''

#My Point of view#

''Morning MJ, have a good night's rest?''

''Riley, you still realise she doesn't know what you are saying, right?''

''Of course but I read a leaflet that said if you  become conversational with your children from birth they will catch on words very easily.''

Hours later as I placed MJ in her crib I felt a buzz from my phone, russlied in my pocket, took it out and answered it.


There was no reply


There was still no reply

''If this is some kind of prank, screw you basted.'' Pranksters really annoy me which cause me to sware.

All of a sudden a deep voice spoke out.

''Watch your back.''


''Let's just say wtach your back and your families.''

He then imdedietly hanged up (I knew it was a man from his deep voice).

 Someone is out to get me... and my family.

~ To be continued~

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Generation 4, Chapter 14 : What shall we name her?

''Mum, Dad your home!!!'' Evan frantically ran to both Dayna and I and lept into our arms in excitement to see us.

''Hey, Honey are you coming to bed?'' She's been acting weird lately, she has been a bit moody and annoyed at most things.

''Yes, just one minuet.'' She then stuffed something in her draw.

I heard her run to the bathroom and vomit her guts out, she probably just caught an infection when we were in France.

Turns out she's pregnant. 

''Riley, do not freak out but... I'm pregnant.''

The first thing I done was freak out. I can't believe we are going to have a baby together. Another little Cronwell crawling around the house.

We replaced the picture of my ex-wife and I with Dayna and I. Since the divorce we haven't heard from Chelsea. Jade says she had a baby with him but I really don't know if that's true. Anyway I don't give a damn I am shutting her out of my life forever.

Dayna is getting used to what she has to do with babies. Although she used to work in a nursery she still wanted some extra information on what to do to keep and healthy and happy baby healthy and happy.

''HEY Riley! Not to fast you'll make the baby fly out of me soon!''

''Hey there little one inside, strap yourself in tight, your going on the ride of your life!'' We play like were six year old's for at least an hour until I stop Jade flirting with a guy. She never told me she had a Boyfriend, he seems nice but I haven't really met him yet.

~Jade Point of view~

''Hey baby how is my best girl on the earth?''  His name is Oliver Stanley, I met him in Science class two weeks ago and now we go out, he even asked me out to the prom. He is so sweet and charming, I just hope my dad likes him because I don't want to lose him. 

# Evan's Point of view #

I am getting a bit plump lately from all the junk food, so doing a cardio workout is helping me get some muscles, and impress my crush....

~Dayna's Point of view

I found this... lamp in the attic. I know there is this genie myth that says if you rub a lamp a genie will magically appear in a puff of smoke but I don't really believe that.

Should I rub the lamp?

Of ocurse my curiosity got the best of me and I rubbed it, suddenly a purple huddle of smoke surrounded the lamp and a few sparkles could also been seen.

And too my eyes a genie appeared, and people said Genie's were a myth!

''Hello Dayna Cronwell, I am your master, you have three wishes of your choice that I will command then I will disappear.''

''And how do you know my name?''

''I know allot about you, you are the daughter of Mark and Mary - Jayna Thompson. You have three sisters called Theresa, Teddy and Tanya and you also have a brother called Terry.''

''Well...... I guess you do know ALLOT about me. So what kind of wishes can I choose from?''


''Ok..... Ummm.... Well... I know! I wish that my baby is born healthy and normal.''

''Your wish is my command Mrs. Cronwell.''

Suddenly she rose in the air glowing with an indigo colour, her eyes began to glow indigo too and an indigo light ball rose from her mouth and plunged to my stomach where my baby lay growing.

Suddenly I too rose in the air and then I glowed the same indigo colour as her, but only in my abdominal area. I then felt a tingly feeling in my stomach and then she told me ''Your baby is now healthy as can be.''

I couldn't believe this was happening, my own Genie granted my baby full health. I really have my own Genie.

The Genie also did tell me I was having a baby girl. Once I told Riley all of this he took the liberty of decorating her new room so we didn't have any fuss once she was born.

''How's my little girl?''

''Well, Riley I doubt she can talk to you but she is fine, thanks to my Genie.''

I spent of the final,l days of the pregnancy just lounging around the house. Doing occasional work but most of the time I just watched daytime TV.

Riley told me not to strain myself as it could harm the baby but I needed to loose some weight. I mean seriously I looked a flipping whale.

Later that afternoon I was trodding my feet across the floor to the computer when a warm thick liquid trickled down my Pants. I suddenly knew I was in labour.

I never experienced such pain in my whole life. I never had a baby so I never had the pain of birth but trust me it is the hardest thing to do in life.

After three long hours of pain I gave birth to our baby girl. I cradled her supporting her fragile head.

''So honey what should we name her, I was thinking Valerie or Izi.''

''I was think of naming her Mary - Jayne, after my mother?''

''That's perfect Dayna, Hello there,

Mary - Jayne Cronwell''

~Happy Endings~

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Generation 4, Chapter 13 : A wedding + Honeymoon

When we got back we found Jade fast asleep on the couch from all of her revision as her exams are coming out. Evan, on the other hand was upstairs yet again on his laptop.
I called both of them down to tell them the big news.

''Jade and Evan, I have big news!''

''What dad?'' Said Jade with a sarcastic voice as if there were no big news.

''In a weeks time Dayna and I will be getting married!''

''YAY! Dad I'm so happy for you, and Dayna going to be my mummy! YAY!'' Evan was ecstatic about the news, he really likes Dayna and he can't wait for her to be his mum.

Evan ran to Dayna and catapulted into her arms whereas Jade and I shared a congratulations hug. Everyone seemed to be happy with the news.

This is where we are going to get married. Nothing too big, we don't want a big wedding just Jade, Evan, Dayna and I. It is based in a small park where I proposed to Dayna a week ago.

Evan cannot wait for us to get married, I am not joking he CANNOT wait. This morning he came up too me while I was fitting my suite and said ''Dad can you hurry up I want Dayna to officially be my mum!'' I haven't seen Dayna's dress but Jade tells me it's stunning.

Three hours later we found ourselves in a quite garden getting hitched by an audience of two. I told you it wasn't going to be big.

Dayna first said her traditional vows then the prepared ones:

I take, Riley Alexander Cronwell to be my lawfully wedded husband.
To love and to cherish,For better, for worse, In sickness
and in health, to death do us part.

Dayna's Vows:

Riley, when we used to joke around in 8th grade I thought of you as a "pal". I never had no clue in my head I would be here right now marrying you and having two WONDERFUL step children. As soon as I saw you that day on your porch I was surprised too see you as it has been so many years yet I had a feeling inside me something was going to happen between us. Riley Cronwell, I love you.

Then it was my turn :

I take, Riley Alexander Cronwell to be my lawfully wedded husband.
To love and to cherish,For better, for worse, In sickness
and in health, to death do us part.

My Vows:
After my divorce I thought I would never find love again. I thought it would just be Jade, Evan and I until they both grow up and move out. When I found you again I felt like there was some kind of physical connection between us. Love. I love you Dayna. And I always will, to ''Death do us part.''

Evan - ''Awww there are new mummy Jade!''

Jade - ''I know Evan, she sure is much better than our real mum who is a stinking cheater.''

I present to you, Mr and Mrs Cronwell - Thompson

We took a family photo shortly after treasuring this day as we have it right now. My second wedding.


''Yes Honey?''

''I love.''

~A week later~

As the plane reached French borders I looked out the window to see the beautiful scenery and the vibrant colour of the buildings and houses.

''Smile for the camera hun.'' Once we got to our hotel, Ch√Ęteau le Paris we took some photos to remember our honeymoon. 

''Riley.... this room it's stunning, so highly decorated and colourful.'' 

''I know Dayna, I got it especially decorated to your standards, I want our honeymoon to be PERFECT.''

Dayna pulls me into a draining kiss, most times when we stopped for breath she and I would say, ''I love you.'' but the words will be quickly swallowed by another kiss.

As we still were still embrace each other we stop quickly only to undress each other and go back to our romantic embrace/kiss.

One thing leads to another and we end up in the bed, exploring each others bodies. I am  NOT going into any moire detail but that night was definitely a night to remember.

''You seriously don't know how much I love you Dayna.''

My french wasn't really good but I tried my best. '' Bonjour madam, J'maapple Riley, can I have two plates of  Cobbler?''

''Oh, It's fine I speak English and you may.''

''Enjoying the food Dayna?''

''Not really the pastry bit is a bit too flaky for me.''

When then walked across the square to the General store and brought some camping stuff as we planned to go exploring. We brought general stuff like a tent, food, water and other things needed.

''Ready Dayna?''

''Oh yes, I don't even need to change honey, I'm ready!''

We passed many obstacles such as hidden doors, heaps of rock needed to break and other things. Dayna did help too although she tended to just collect the loot in a rucksack we brought with us.

I almost dropped dead in my tracks as I saw a human set of bones on the floor as it had just literately droped dead and never been moved for years and the bones are slowly decomposing.

''According to the map Riley were going the write away you just have to move that big statue onto that panel over there.''

''Were almost done Riley, just down those stairs and threw the maze and that's were the hidden necter is.''

Yet again my heart skipped a beat as a whole lot of insects crawled up my arm as if I my arm was there bed. It really scared me.

''Okay Riley, just through that door now and we have it.''

''There it is, the forgotten nectar stored here for over 250 years leaving it to ripe to it's core, and we have it!''
As I grabbed it Dayna checked for any other treasures hidden.

Instead of leaving straight away we camped inside there for a night and decided we would set off back for Starlight Shores tomorrow afternoon.

When the morning came we traveld back to the square and Dayna farewelled the locals giving them a warm and sincere hug.

These were the last pictures we took. Then we left for Starlight Shore. Just me and my Wife Dayna.

~The End~

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