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Generation 4, Chapter 10 : ''Daddy every things going to be al right''

Coping without Chelsea in the house is very hard. I have to do most things around the house like household chores, Looking after two kids, paying bills and building up my Career. Although It's hard I do not regret divorcing Chelsea.

Most mornings I wake up with tears in my eyes just thinking to myself Why did she do this ??? I just feel sorry for my Little boy. He barely grew up with a mum beside him.

Evan doesn't need a mum, I'm going to teach him his basic Life skills, race him and shape him into a wonderful young man. Jade hates Chelsea for what she done to us, I've never intended Jade to hate her but at least I have support.

''Daddy everythings going to be al' right.'' We don't need mummy and neither does Evan, ''Everything will be all right.''

Evan is progressing really well now. He can sound out Simple words and is very musical and logical thinker. He can also Crawl very well now, now he just's needs to walk and he'll be good!

As a present I got Jade an HP desktop laptop. She enjoys it allot and I always catch her on it most mornings before school in her Pyjamas.

I forgot to take this picture down. Oh Chelsea why did you have to leave me, I still loved you.

Jade is going down in school. He grades have been very low lately and she completes hardly any homework. She just comes home and goes in her room, slamming the door and locking it not coming out until dinner.

I looked out my window this morning to see a helpless dog seemingly getting on the Post-woman's nerves.

Post lady - ''Oh for god sakes move you stupid dog!

''Sorry about this Darlene this Dog is mine and she's a bit crazy in the head.'' I searched her for a name tag and there wasn't so I guessed it was a stray. I guess I can take it in, Jade will be happy to have a pet since she is a bit shaky right now, I'll surprise her when she comes home. She'll love it.

The newspaper headline read:


Can he cope?

The subheading is true, Can I cope? A single dad with Two children, a career that is going nowhere what so ever and a massive house I have to pay for.

Just to make matters worse Evan has one of those creepy Imaginary friend dolls that one day just appeared next to him. I think I should destroy it or let him keep it and pray it doesn't come to live. Evan seems so happy with it I can't take it away from him.

Later that day I auditioned for a Gig in Central Park today. I got it. It seems my career is going somewhere.

Just as I turned around to thank the owner of the Park is spotted my Ex-wife, with that *****. 

He made the most unimpressed look at me and said ''What is that Low-life doing here?.'' He dares to call me a low life when he messed around with MY wife. Ex-wife.

''What the heel are you guys doing here, you dare to show your face in public!''

''Riley, this is a free country I can go anywhere I want!''

The press got some photos of us arguing like little two years old. We are sure to get on the front page tomorrow morning.

How could she do this. Just a day ago she said let's have another baby for god sake! Why me?

I taught Evan the remaining words he needed to know. He is progressing really well now.

Jade is much much happier than she was previously. She doesn't isolate herself any more and takes good care of Roxy. Yes Jade named her Roxy Blue but we call her Rox.

I was awaken by the sound of a moving truck driving off.

A blonde woman that looks about my age maybe younger just moved in this morning.

I cleaned myself up and went over to meet her. 

As I shook her hand I felt a tingly feeling in my body.

I'm in Love

~The End~

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  1. Aww, she's lovely! Loved the chapter, glad Riley may have some happiness after all? XD

    1. Thanks LJ Hopefully they will be together forever :)
      Thanks for Commenting :)

  2. plz add more chapters soon plz

    1. Yep I'll try and add another chapter out Tomoz


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