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Generation 4, Chapter 9 : It's over - I'm keeping the kids

[Warning this post contains strong language and violence, read at your own risk]

The house is stunning. I think I prefer this house much more to are beach house because it is more child friendly especially for little Evan crawling through the house!

Living Room

Small dining room



Jade's room

 Chelsea and I's bedroom

Evan's room

Ground floor

1st  floor


I can't believe Evan was born just Two days ago and now his birthday is just under a day away. As I feed him he wraps his tiny hands around the cylinder like bottle chugging down the healthy milk.

Today I was hired to perform a Celebration sing-a-gram to a man across the road from our new house.

I sang...

Congrats on you!

''Thanks for the Sing-a-gram I just a promotion at work and wanted to celebrate. Anyway I'm Zach Lewis and you are?''

''Riley Cronwell and it's a pleasure.''

''So Riley, fancy going down to the pub for a play of pool?''

''Yeah Sure let me just call my wife and tell her.''

This guy seems nice, maybe we can become friends and I won't be the only one who knows nobody!

In the pub I watched him take his shot and was thinking in my head this is gonna be easy all I have to do is it the ball in the hole, what can be easier!. Well he won so I guess it wasn't that easy then.

''Hey Riley, good game!''

''Thanks Zach. Actually Zach do you want to come over to my house tomorrow for dinner with my Wife and kids?''


''Okay, You know where I live just opposite you in the white house with all flowers in front''

''Okay,well I'll see  you tomorrow then1''

Next morning was Evan's birthday. We had it in the garden as the kitchen isn't all that big for a birthday.

There I am waving my hand hand in the air chanting ''Happy birthday Ev!'' I couldn't wait to see my little boy become one step bigger than he is.

There my little boy, a carbon copy of me. In fact so is Jade none of our children look like Chelsea which is weird but oh well. He got my hair,eyes nose but I think he has Chelsea big smile.

''Hello Evan, how's my big boy today eh?''

I looked online for some local gigs I can perform at when the doorbell rang. ''That must be Zach I'll get it''

''Hey Zach!''

''Hi Riley'' Jade just arrived from school and stood in front of us asking me ''Dad who's this man?''

''Oh Jade this is Zach the guy I performed a sing-a-gram too, he's coming over for dinner tonight.''

''Chelsea, this is Zach''

Chelsea suddenly was surprised at Zach as if they have met before or something, to be honest he does look familiar too me to.

While Chelsea was getting to know Zach I crossed the room to to check on Evan who was happily munching on Lego bricks.
Seconds later I heard some whispering behind me which sounded like I missed you so much Chels. I swung around to see...

My supposedly faithful wife sharing and intimate hug with Zach!

Am I imagining this?

''Umm Riley this isn't what it looks like...''

''It isn't you are fucking hugging Zach like you love him the way you loved me, yes I said loved..''

''But Riley I -''

''You love me, it doesn't look like it.So how long has this affair been going on for, huh?''

''On the 3rd day of our honeymoon.When we went to the French supermarket he caught my eye ans began flirting with me. I denied him but when he came back to Starlight Shores for me I couldn't resist him, I didn't meant for this to happen.''

''But we are MARRIED!We have two beautiful and intelligent kids, you said the vows did that mean shit to you!''

Suddenly jade came walking in overhearing every single word that was said. With tears rolling down her eyes she whimpered, ''Mummy why don't you love daddy?''

I softly reply to her ''Jade honey me and your mummy are just having an argument, take your brother upstairs and play in the den, I'll bring you guys some Ice Cream in a minuet, Ok?''

''Ok, daddy, come on Ev let's go to the den!'' She gently lifted him up and carried him upstairs.

Once the kids were safely upstairs, my face full of anger slowly turned to Zach who was staring blankly at the floorboards. ''I thought we were friends, I trusted you for fuck sake!''

''I'm sorry Riley you know men I couldn't resist that sexy body of her's.'' I was boiling with anger like a volcano about to erupt.

''Have you two had sex?''

There was a minuet vof silence, then Chelsea looked a Zach and said, ''Yes, 4 times.''

That was the last straw.I needed to let my anger out.I looked at Zach, lifter my left leg and fly-kicked him in the testis.He went flying into the newly painted wall then dropped to the floor motionless. To be honest I didn't care if he was dead anyway.

Chelsea lept to Zach's side aiding his pains.

''Zach! How could you do this this.''Chelsea replied to me while she checked him for a pulse.

''He's alive!'' she set him on the rug for him to regain conciousness.

''Chelsea how could you do this,to me, to Jade, to the new baby boy!''

''Riley, I am so sorry, I'll end it with Zach, we can be a family again and put this behind us.''

''Hell no Chelsea, Keep your little fucker boy because I'm filing for Divorce - and I'm keeping the kids.''

''You can't do this Riley, you can't!

''Okay, well let's see what the court says then...''

A week Later

Starlight Shores Court room

Judge - I approve the Divorce between Chelsea -Mari Brookes and Riley Alexander Cronwell

Chelsea moved out the following morning into Zach's place and they are apparently having a baby together.
The marriage never worked. Jade hates her now, I never intended for her to hate Chelsea but it's nice to have her on my side rather then hers. I feel sorry most for Evan, he is going to grow up without a mum in his life. Well he's doesn't need a mum, I'll teach him his life skills and race him into a gentleman. I can do it.

And then there were Three

~ The End~

WOW! What allot of writing I just done. I planned this chapter for an hour two days ago so I really hoped you liked it and PLEASE comment on what you think below and I'll respond!




  1. i loved it kurtis! too bad they got divorced :( but great story! whoo!!!!

  2. OMG I new she was a whore -_- - EVAN

    1. Looolz I know I had a sense of that too :)

  3. Oh dear, she was a bad un all along! Poor Riley and poor kids! Some nice girl really needs to give her shoulder to Riley for a good cry on *wink* ;o)

    1. Oh Yes Riley won't stay Single for ever - He won't die alone


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