Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 4 : Surprises

As I slept dreaming about Spencer I heard a soft purr from the other side of the bed. I opened my eyes to see the most peculiar coloured cat helping itself to me bed!

''EEEEEEK!'' I yelled out causing the neighbours to bang on the opposite side wall. It woke up in shock and lept into my hands. He fur stuck up straight which indicated it was frightened, by my scream.

''Aww don't be scared little guy it's okay, I won't bite.'' Let's just say he grew onto me so I decided to keep him, after checking that he was now owned of course. He has very delicate paws which suggests he's quite young.

Hours later I strolled into the park waiting for Abi to arrive. I looked to the right to see her walking towards the trampoline.

''Hey girl, how did the date go?'' She asked me in a casual tone.

''Good.'' I didn't want to mention that I kissed him so quickly on the first date.

''Oh is that all good.''

''Well..... we kissed.''  Her jaw drop open long enough for her to dribble a bit.

''You kissed, already wow you two must love each other. This called for a celebration, how about we go to that rodeo place down-town and have a go on the great bronco?''

''Are you sure about this Abi, it's looks a bit rough.'' I was hesitant to ride it because I knew, just knew I would instantly fall off within seconds.

''Oh shut up Jade, you'll be fine!''

''YEEEEHAA! Surprisingly I remained my balance on it for at least three minuets until I let go of the string which was supporting me and I flew back clinging to the bronco's horn. ''Make it stop Abi, STOP!''

Just seconds after I went flying off of the horn and landed head first on the insulated surface. Once I got up I felt terribly dizzy and it felt like my bones had been thrown around like a football.

''Go.... Abi.'' I paused after saying go as I felt dizzy once more. I felt like I needed to be sick but I didn't in the end.

Minuets later I heard an loud sound, I whizzed around to see Abi crossed eyed on the ground. I frantically ran to her checking if she hurt herself and that she was concious. ''Come on Abi get up and have a sip of water.''

I dragged her out of the bar still feeling dizzy. ''C'mon Abz I think you should stay at mine so you don't go crazy at home.''

She didn't reply, she was probably still dizzy..

I dragged her out of the elevator and too my door. But someone was stood there, at first I didn't have a clue who it was but then I looked closely into those big brown eyes to see...

- My Mother.

~ To be continued ~

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 3 : An actual ''Dream Date''

''Um... Hi, I was put up to this by my annoying friend over there so if you don't like me just say it now please.''
My palm of my hand began to sweat, he seemed very attractive and also very friendly too.

''Well Jade who say's I don't find you attractive.'' Abi's winked at me which obviously meant 'Go for it Girl!'.

''I'll give you too some space.'' She winked at me again and then strolled off the road and I could meerly hear her saying 'Puppy Love.'

''Sorry about my friend Spencer, she has.... 'Issues.'' We both busted out with laughter and he gave me a slight wink.

''Why don't we go out, say tomorrow at noon?'' He asked me out. I was surprised because I thought I had to be the one to pop the question but I guess not.

''Sure, it's a date.'' I wrote my number on a torn piece of paper and slipped it inn his pocket and gave him  sexy wink.

Half an hour later I got a text from Abi telling me to meet her out the salon.

''So Jade how did it go?''

''Well I don't mean to brag.. but were going on a date tomorrow!!''

''I told you, now referee to me as, Abigail Best - Match maker of the year.''

''Did he give you the wink, you know the 'Hey sexy' wink?''

''Yes he did and I gave him a wink too.''

''Jade you know what this calls for.''

''Oh I know, SHOPPING TIME!''

Abi convinced me too let her makeover me for tomorrow. I just went ahead with it because she has a good sense of fashion.

To be honest I though she was going to dress me in a strapless dress with high heels but she didn't. She picked out an vibrant dress and a cotton based cardigan and plated me hair down to one side.

''Abi you know your the best right?''

''Of course that's why my name is Abigail best.'' I never actually thought of that, she is my best friend and her last name is best!''

I called Spencer just to see if our date was still on, I sounded clingy but I really liked him so I didn't want to loose him straight away.

''C'mon Jade, I can do this, I'm Jade Cronwell.'' I reassured myself he wasn't going to play me and that he would be a generally nice guy.

Couple of hours later we met up at a local bar. ''Hey Jade, you look... stunning.''

''Oh are yoi sure because I thought it was a bit to much, is it?''

''Of course not, as I said you look stunning.''

''Why thank you.'' I was pretty sure I blushed there.

We spent an hour playing Alien invaders. It was very entertaining to see Spencer's face widen as I won the last round. ''Ha in your face Spence I won!''

''No fair, want a round two?''

''Nah, why don't we do something else.''

Of course we went to the Karaoke machine and staring singing 'I just haven't met you yet.''

''And I just haven't met you yet.'' 

''Hmm what do we have here my sister with a man!'' I  could recognise that voice anywhere.

''Be right back Spence.'' I stepped off the stage a pulled Evan on for a warm hug. ''Evan! How are you?''

''Oh I'm fine sis, what about who and who's that man... is it your boyfriend.'' I whispered in his ear,
''Well he probably will be soon.''

''Cool, well I'm here just waiting for Lilly.''

''Have a good time Ev and no drinking.!''

I gave Evan another hug and he went outside to wait for lilly. I peered back over at Spencer who was smiling at me.  ''Jade how about we go to the peer and watch the stars?''

''Sure thing.''

We placed ourselves on the cold sand and looked at the stars. This could be my only chance to get him I gently placed my hand on his.

His face lit up and he slowly turned his head to me. ''Listen Spencer I have to admit it, I like you.''

''Jade, I like you too.'' Those words made my face light up like a Christmas tree, he actually likes me.

Until about 10pm we watched shooting stars glide across the vast sky. This feeling I had felt magical, not the feeling I had with Oliver but more stronger.

''You know Jade I pictured this night and it was exactly like this, the stars shining in the sky, the chill of the cold sand on our bottoms and you and I liking each other.''

We kissed. I felt like the whole entire town had gone silent all it was just Spencer and I having this magical moment.

''Thank you for a great night Spencer, Goodnight.''

~ The End ~

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And for song that Spencer and Jade sang is called ''Haven't met you yet'' 
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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 2 : Someone call for a best friend?

I tried to dance away the pain but it was still there, still shadowing my heart. How could he dump me like that - and for the worst it was for a Man not even another woman. I need someone now, I hate being alone. As I thought that the buzzer rang.

''Somebody call for a best friend?'' I knew that voice anywhere, it had to be Abz. I turned around to find out that it was here, but she had matured allot since high school.

''I knew when I needed you, you would show up.''

''That's what a best friend is for right?''

''Right.'' I hadn't told her yet about the breakup so I didn't have a single clue on how she would react.

''Well Jadez what's up?''

''Well nothing good, Oliver left me, and not for a woman - A man.''

''Don't piss me off Jade are you joking me?''

''No I am serious, he came round earlier to tell me then I screamed at him and he ran out crying.''

She seemed almost frozen, I think she was shocked because she would have never guessed in a million years that Oliver was gay.

''You know what we need to get your mind off of Oliver and less have fun as Single Sisters.'' We changed into are jammies and watch ''Scary Movie.''

The screeches of the chainsaws made me jump straight out of seat and made the popcorn fly across the room. ''WOW Jade why so jumpy, it's hardly scary.''

''Says the one who's hiding behind a pillow.''

5:00am in the morning I found Abz and I snoring ourselves away on the couch. I guess we fell asleep during the Movie.

As I took a picture of Abz I said quietly making sure she won't wake up, ''Abigail best - Worlds heaviest sleeper. This is going straight to Tumblr.''

''Once she woke up she saw the camera which a stupidly didn't put away and she felt a bit embarrassed. ''Hey Jade invasion of PRIVACY.''

''So your back on the market little miss Cronwell - Let's go find you a hunk of a man downtown.''

''Oh stop trying to get me to date again - I'll date when I'm ready.''

''I clearly heard her mutter, ''If that ever happens.''

''Hey! You know what let's find me a Hunk, I'll show you I can date quickly.''

''Jade there's a man go talk to him and just be casual nothing to clingy or weird.''  Now that's a typical Abigail best, always forcing people to do stuff and giving them advise which she have never experience. I can't see this going well.

She shoved me over and forced me yet again to talk to him. ''Hi - I'm Jade, and you are?''

''Nice to meet such a fine woman - I''m Spencer Von Strunkle.

~ The End ~

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