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Generation 4, Chapter 16 : I'm lucky to be alive.

Dayna's Point of view

He's in an induced comber. The doctor was telling how lucky you were to find him otherwise he would of bled to death. 

I was in tears but happy and thankful he is alive and breathing.

Evan and Jade are in pieces too, they already lost there mum who is god knows where, they don't want to lose there dad too.

''Hey guys look he's waking up, look MJ there daddy!'' Everyone smiled with a relief as Riley became awake.


''Don't talk Riley the doctor said you need to talk slowly because you have been in a comber for a while and it could of resulted in something worse.''

''Oh i'm fine.'' To my amazement he easily stood up and walk over to everyone and gave them a warm hug.

''Jade my daughter, I've missed you so much.''

''Hows my little girl doing.'' She then drifted to sleep in his arms so he put her on the bed to rest.

''Evan how you doing mad man!?''

''God Dayna you don't know how much I've missed you so much.'' He then pulled me in for a romantic kiss.

''The police was in here earlier, they wanted enquiries on the person who attacked you, do you know who it was?''

''Oh I know exactly who it was, Zach Lewis.''

''The guy who cheated with your ex - wife!?''


''But why?''

''Because the night I found out about them I couldn't control my anger and fly - kicked him to the wall, I guess he came back for revenge.''

''I guess! No, no man like that is going to hurt my Riley, as soon as your discharged were going staright to the police station to get him behind bars!''

My Point of View

Three hours later I washed up and the nurse discharged me from the hospital.

We all then left. We still haven't taught Mary J how to walk but she like to balance while holding my hand.

The doctor said I must get some rest as I still need to fully recover from the attack.

Dayna called out from the patio, ''Riley come out here for a minuet were roasting marshmallows!''
I couldn't help but join them, I love them!!

Days and nights went by and also I healed from my injuries.

In the end I did go to the police station and after the trial Zach was jailed for assault with a minimum of 7 years in Prison.

Eventually with both Dayna and I we were able to teach Mary J how to walk on her own two feet with out our help.

I haven't mentioned Roxy for a looong time, she is doing good, she smells abit but other than that she is healthy and happy.

Mary J's hair grew even longer the next month.

''Ello Mary J have a good sleep?''

''Yes daddy!''

Today is Evan's birthday. My only son who is outnumbered by the amount of girls in this house is becoming a teen. I just hope he isn't rebellious.

Before he aged up we took a fmaily photo to keep on our wall reminding us when everyone was so little.

Evan decided he wanted to have his birthday at the pier. On the outside I was cheering loudly but on the inside I was thinking and hoping, Please please please don't become rebelious.

And this is my Evan,
All grown up.

~ The End ~

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P.S. Today while I was in game I noticed both Evan and Jade have Chelsea's nose, I don't like it but I won't change it because I like to keep the genetics the same.

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  1. Loved it! Evan and Jade are lovely the way they are so you're right to keep their genetics! Great chapter! ;o)

    1. Thanks LJ Nest one will be out Sunday or Monday

  2. Great chapter ! :) Kids aged up wonderfully and phew! Riley's alright :)

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    1. I know and you have a Girlfriend ;)

  4. Aw, it's good to know Riley is all right and healthy. To be honest, Evan and Jade look really great with Chelsea's nose.

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting :D You guys made mah day!


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