Saturday, 12 May 2012

Generation 4, Chapter 18 : Time to Graduate!

This weeks been pretty hectic.
Jade completed her final piece of Coursework and handed it in, then has then turned 19 and now it is time for her to graduate. I begged her to stay with us for just one more year buy she insisted she can handle her own life.

Just two days ago she turned 19. Now today is her graduation ceremony and I am dreading it. I have to hld back the tears and try not to embarrass jade!

Jade's point of view

''Are you 100% sure you don't want to stay just a year longer?''

No, no, no, I'll be fine and besides the apartment is only round the corner.''

"Well, be sure to visit VERY often.''

''Of course daddy!''

''So Jade are you ready?''

''A little nervous but yes.''

''Well let's go then, let's see my little girl graduate.''


I gave one big stare at those enormous doors, took a deep breath and made my way into the hall. One by one my classmates, including oliver, made there speech about there hopes and dreams and how they are going to miss everyone. Many people shared tears and then, it was my turn to accept my diploma and say my speech.

''Well what can I say, I love high school. I love my friends and best friends. I love my boyfriend too. I have achieved so much at this school, I always hear people saying how much they hate school but I don't. I love this school, even you Mr. Harrison. (Mr. Harrison unfairly gave me a detention once.) It's sad to leave here, but it's life. So now I'm off to lie my life, always remembering high school.''Everyone applauded and all of us graduates threw are hats in the air chanting,

''Celebrate this time C'mon!''

I couldn't help but throw my diploma high in the air full of excitement. I've done it... I graduated.

''So Jade what's your plans, please tell me your staying with us!''

''Again dad, No, I have been saving up money since I was six and I now have enough money to rent an apartment down near the beach and I have the car you gave me and I am searching for a job in medicine.''

''Well it looks like you got it all planned out, so I give you permission to live your life.!''

''Now don't go and forget your old daddy here!''

''DAD! Of course not, dad I love you more than anything and I will never forget YOU!, I'll promise to come visit all the time, and besides it not like I'm moving towns!''

''Okay, now go home and get your stuff packed.''

My bags are packed , my bedroom is clean and empty, I've said my goodbyes and now it's time to go.

This is the start of MY tale.

~ The End ~

Thanks for reading the final FINAL chapter of Generation 4, the memory post will be out tomorrow. Anyway please please comment and I'll promise to reply back




  1. Aww, she's all grown up :') Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  2. aww! she's grown up now :') i cannot wait until the next chapter comes out! awesome chapter kurtis :)

  3. She is so pretty! Looking forward to seeing her new life! ;o)

  4. Hi Kurtis! Long time no see ;D
    Loved the chapter and can't wait to see her tale unfold xx


    1. Hi Jojo I haven't talked to you for loooong time :D Great to hear from you and thanks allot for the comment!!


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