Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 1 : Your dumping me for a Man!

Life on my own in my own apartment is pretty lonely yet is feels so nice to have my own space and do what I want. I brought most of the furniture in it and the rent is a fair amount of money.

A typical Saturday morning.
Lazing around the house watching the cooking channel but then I thought of Oliver.

I picked my phone off of the table and pinged him.

Hey bbz wanna come ova?

Yes I'll be right there. - He replied

''Hey baby how are you?''

''I ain't in the mood for any hugs - I came here to tell you something, that's all.'' I can see how this is ending.

''Hun what's wrong?''

''Well I'm not the same Oliver from High school.''

''What do you mean.'' - I'm not getting what he means y he's not the same, he doesn't look any different just that his voice is much deeper.

''I don't know how to put it.... well I'm in love with a Man.'' Those very words shattered my heart into a million pieces.

Tears ran down my face, I was sad yet furious.  ''So what you are trying to tell me is that you are gay?!''

''Yes, once we graduated I started talking to that boy in our French class called Jason and we fell in love. He wants me and him to move to Twinbrook to live there.''

''After everything we had - You are dumping me on the stop for some basted of a boy. I fucking love you!''

''Jade I'm sorry, I loved you once but not any more.''

My fists were raising high in the air just wanting to punch him but instead I screamed at the top of my voice, ''Get the hell out of my Apartment. Go run to your precious Jason and live happily ever fucking after.''

''Jade I am sorry - I will never forget about you.'' He started sobbing then darted out of my apartment leaving tears dripping on my rug.

My boyfriend just dumped me - For a Man.

~ The End ~


  1. plz add the next chapter soon plz

  2. Hi, your story is beautiful and sad at the same time.


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