Saturday, 19 May 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 2 : Someone call for a best friend?

I tried to dance away the pain but it was still there, still shadowing my heart. How could he dump me like that - and for the worst it was for a Man not even another woman. I need someone now, I hate being alone. As I thought that the buzzer rang.

''Somebody call for a best friend?'' I knew that voice anywhere, it had to be Abz. I turned around to find out that it was here, but she had matured allot since high school.

''I knew when I needed you, you would show up.''

''That's what a best friend is for right?''

''Right.'' I hadn't told her yet about the breakup so I didn't have a single clue on how she would react.

''Well Jadez what's up?''

''Well nothing good, Oliver left me, and not for a woman - A man.''

''Don't piss me off Jade are you joking me?''

''No I am serious, he came round earlier to tell me then I screamed at him and he ran out crying.''

She seemed almost frozen, I think she was shocked because she would have never guessed in a million years that Oliver was gay.

''You know what we need to get your mind off of Oliver and less have fun as Single Sisters.'' We changed into are jammies and watch ''Scary Movie.''

The screeches of the chainsaws made me jump straight out of seat and made the popcorn fly across the room. ''WOW Jade why so jumpy, it's hardly scary.''

''Says the one who's hiding behind a pillow.''

5:00am in the morning I found Abz and I snoring ourselves away on the couch. I guess we fell asleep during the Movie.

As I took a picture of Abz I said quietly making sure she won't wake up, ''Abigail best - Worlds heaviest sleeper. This is going straight to Tumblr.''

''Once she woke up she saw the camera which a stupidly didn't put away and she felt a bit embarrassed. ''Hey Jade invasion of PRIVACY.''

''So your back on the market little miss Cronwell - Let's go find you a hunk of a man downtown.''

''Oh stop trying to get me to date again - I'll date when I'm ready.''

''I clearly heard her mutter, ''If that ever happens.''

''Hey! You know what let's find me a Hunk, I'll show you I can date quickly.''

''Jade there's a man go talk to him and just be casual nothing to clingy or weird.''  Now that's a typical Abigail best, always forcing people to do stuff and giving them advise which she have never experience. I can't see this going well.

She shoved me over and forced me yet again to talk to him. ''Hi - I'm Jade, and you are?''

''Nice to meet such a fine woman - I''m Spencer Von Strunkle.

~ The End ~

Sorry about the crappy ending, not one of my best posts but I am happy I released one.

A big thanks to LJFoxie for letting me use Spencer Von Strunkle from her own legacy right here

Anyway thanks so much for reading chapter 2 and please please comment on what you think and I will reply as soon as.




  1. Cool chapter kurtis ^__^ spencer looks cute :] I want him and her to get together xD

  2. Aww my Spency, second fave of his gen! I hope he isn't a bad boy to her or I'll have to sell all his paintings! XD Loved the chapter!

  3. lol at the part when they are still asleep in the morning it looked like smoke was coming out of abbeys elbow xD

    1. Oh yeah that was the incense tray Riley got from France :) He gave it to her as a present

  4. Hey Kurtis ^_^ I haven't commented before, but I just caught up. Anyway, I was wondering if you knew Destiny? She has a legacy. I was just reading this and I thought the apartment kind of looks like Kaylin's (Destiny's current heir) apartment.
    Idk if it's a coincidence, but I think it does.

    Anyway, great chapter!!


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