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Generation 5, Chapter 14 : Your getting married!

''So what is your ideal wedding Ms. Cronwell?''

''Well, there will be about 10 guests, so nothing seriously big and fancy, what do you think Alex.''

''I don't mind honey, as long as I'm married to you everything will be perfect.'' What Alex said was perfect but I thought he should of suggested something.

I have the perfect lot for you, it has a cliff side view of the horizon. Also if you decide to get married at Sunset, it looks completely tranquil. From what my wedding planner told me about this lot, it seemed ideal for Alex and I to marry here.

The place was unbelievably peaceful. All kinds of bird flew in and out of the two trees behind the archway where we would join hands.

''Janice this place is great, thank you so much and be sure to come to the wedding, the more the merrier!''

''No problem Jade, that's what wedding planner's are for. Just be sure to come to my office later on to pay the deposit for the venue.'' After a bit more chatting about the price of the lot, Janice left us here to admire the exceptional view.

''Oh Alex, this is all becoming so true to us now, in just two weeks were gonig to be married.''

''Oh we sure are.'' I couldn't control my excitement, and on that note, I flew into his arms. ''I love you.''

~ <3 ~

Two Days Later....

I haven't even told Abigail about the news. I just haven;t had time to see her with all the wedding plans. ''Abi, I have a surprise meet me at the Salon in 10 minuets.''

''So Jade, what's the big surprise?''


 ... I'm getting Married!!''

''Y-Your getting married! To who?''

''You do you think Abgail. Alex proposed a month ago and I agreed and in two weeks were going to be married.'' I wasn't sure how she thought until her eyes grew smaller and her widen mouth began smaller.

''Jade you don't know how happy I am for you! And I am a bridesmaid right ?!''

''Of course, your my best friend.''

''Okay so now that your getting married, we must find the 'Perfect' dress for you.''

After allot of trying on different dresses with different accessories and the sizes, I finally found this dress. I fitted my personality and my style. It was perfect.

''Jade come here, I really like this dress, it's perfect.''

''Abigail, thank you.'' I hugged Abi almost crying with all of my mixed emotions string around my head.

''Your Welcome.''

~ <3 ~

A week and a half later was my bachelorette party. Three of my closest friends were invited to this great place across the town.

We spent hours acting like fools in the bar/arcade. We danced, played and of course drank. While Abigail was gulping down the I was in a daze just thinking that these are the last few days I am going to be a single woman. In two days I am going to marry the man who I will be spending the rest of my life with. The man I will be having kids with. The man I will grow old together with.

Abigail drunk a bit to much and ended up vomiting just outside the arcade. I just hope it was the drink and nothing else.

Wee took multiple photos to remember this great night we had.

And an hour later, we all dropped asleep on the cold ground of the arcade.

''Abs?'' I snorted.


''Sweet dreams.''

~ The End ~

Thanks for reading another chapter of The Cronwell Legacy. I really hoped you liked it because I tried my best to add comedy in it. Please leave a comment on what you thought of this chapter.




  1. i liked it also if it`s not to much can you add my new club called lava club into your story or something thanks...Gmile1223

    1. Um. I might Gmile and thanks for commenting.

    2. ok thanks i would appercite that alot

    3. Okay :) I will use it in Generation 6.

    4. ok cool have you checked it out yet though?

  2. Aw, her wedding dress looks really pretty. :D

    And that venue... It looks so much like Destiny's wedding venue from my generation 1. The cherry blossoms, the cliff... Ah, the sweet memories.

    1. Aww Thanks, I actually made that Venue myself it's called KJ'S Club.
      Thanks for commenting Destiny!!

    2. That's cool. I myself also made my venue. ^_^

  3. LOL
    that was cute when they all fell asleep on the floor :D

    Awesome post!!

    ~Amiee and Becks

    1. I know! & Thanks for commenting Amiee :D

  4. amazing chapter kurtis :) i cant wait to see the wedding! ahhhhhH!

  5. Looking forward to the wedding! What a sweet hen do lol! ;o)

  6. YAY! The place they're getting married is gorgeous! I cant wait for the next chapter!


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