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Generation 5, Chapter 7 : Goodbye

NOTE: As I said before, this post is really sensitive and heartbreaking so if you do not want to read it, you don't have too :

He began breathing again but he was still extremely pale. I held his cold yet heavy body into the hospital reception causing everybody to stare.

''Somebody help me.'' I called out searching the vast room for a nurse or doctor. A nurse peered out from above the computer noticing me carrying Spencer.  She called an A and E team which then took Spencer of too some kind of operating room.

''Ms. Cronwell we are running multiple tests to diagnose your partner's illness.'' No one said nothing about him having an illness we just made me cry even more.

The doctor said I needed to wait outside for a few minuets so he could just take one more test on Spencer.
As I wiped my wet hands onto my dress I thought of the day I met Spencer, I thought he never like me but he did, and he was an genuine guy, not one that just wanted Sex.

''Ms. Cronwell we have the results of the tests back.''

''And what does he have?''

''Perhaps you would like to come into are Family & Friends room so I can tell you in privacy.''He led me to the room which was on the other said of the hospital.

''DR. Johnson please I don't want a long speech can you just tell me, what's wrong with Spencer?''

His facial expression suddenly turned negative, he rested his palm on mine and sadly said, ''I am very sorry to say that your partner's test came back positive.... For Cancer.''

My heart shattered. It felt like the mighty Greek god, Zeus came down and stabbed me with his powerful Thunderbolt. Tears just kept on pouring and pouring out of my eyes. I didn't know what to say next, actually I couldn't say anything next because all the energy I had, had gone.

I stuttered out a few words to the doctor, ''...What..... Kind?''

''Well he predominately has Lung cancer but it has spread to the left and part of the right kidney. He has an advanced case so I wouldn't recommend Radiotherapy, because the cancer is terminal.''

I took out all my anger on Dr. Johnson, ''WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WOULDN'T RECOMMEND Radiotherapy!''  He sat me down again to explain into more depth.

''Radiotherapy will  make Spencer deteriorate faster, causing his vital organs to shut down and stop working, he then would have multiple fits and he will find it very hard to respire normally.''

''So your telling there is no way to save him, he is going to die?''

''I am very sorry Ms. Cronwell, I would recommend you browse for Hospices which will work for him.''
It's too late, he's going to die, the doctor said they could try Radiotherapy but they doubt it will treat his severe case.


Day after day, month after month I visited Spencer, hoping that the therapy will treat him, but it didn't, instead it made his hair fall out and on most days he would just go in a daze for hours. A cancer specialist told me that he has about a week or 2 left then he's going to die. That is exactly what she said, ''He is going to die.'' She never implied the word maybe or possibly just going which indicated there's no hope for Spencer. I tried to contact his parents but they never responded. Neither did his siblings which I looked up, they live in Hidden springs far away from here and they have families of there own.

''Jade, I love you, I know I'm going to die but I will never forget you. Move on from me, don't spend your life mourning over me because I know one day in the foreseeable future I'll meet you again up-top. I will.''

Those words made me tear up once more. ''I will never forge you Spencer Von Strunkle.''

He went pale once again like he did on the beach, he coughed up a heap of blood onto my back and they floor then sent out a loud cry, ''It's time to go Jade, goodbye.'' Those were his final words and then he fell into my arms, lifeless.

I pulled him tight trying to preserve his body but it was too late, he was gone.

''Spencer Von Strunkle, I will never forget you, I love you.''

-- The End --

-- For the people affected by Cancer, I am so sorry. --

Thank you for reading this chapter, I know it was incredibly sad but thank you sticking to it and reading it. Please comment on what you think and I will definitely reply back.

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