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Generation 5, Chapter 8 : Where did I find such a great friend!

I couldn't bear the feeling of not having Spencer, alive and next to me. I missed the way he gave me his warm yet sincere hugs and the amazing sense of humour he had. He was buried just four days after his death, in my arms. His family never contacted back to me, I sent them several messages telling them exactly what had happened and that they needed to come to Starlight shores, and quick... but they never came.

I feel so alone now, Moonbrow just meow's all the time which is no help to me what so ever. Why did it have to be Spencer that died, why him?

Everyday since he was buried I dragged myself out of bed, put on a simple black coat and came to the cemetery to mourn over him. Sometimes I would simply sit next to his grave for hours on end just thinking of the romantic times we had together.

A few moments later Abi turned up in an dark cardigan and dark trousers. She ran over to me, obviously noticing I was in an state and pulled me in for a hug. My thin line of mascara running thought her real blonde hair.

''Abi I'll never find love again, I'm going to die alone - actually I'll probably have dozens of cats roaming my house.''

She pulled out a tissue from her cardigan pocket and wiped my mascara out of her hair then said to me,
''Don't say that Jade, your gorgeous it'll take some time but you'll find love again.''

''Where did I ever find a great friend like you Abigail?''

''Well I'm from the best family so it's predictable!''

''C'mon Jade, I'll cheer you up, let's go to that sitting park across town and talk about ......''

''About what?''

''Just stuff.''

 Just half an hour later we arrived at this kind of lounging area down town.
''So there's something I need to tell you Jade?''

''Yeah what is it?''

''I have a -.''

I felt like there was a presence behind so I quickly turned around to see a handsome man, looked about our age gazing into Abi's eyes.

''Hey Babe.'' The man said in an romantic tone to Abigail. I had no idea what wash happening, a random man came up from behind me and greeted Abi as she was his girlfriend, maybe I've missed something.

The guy had light brown hair, extremely white teeth and the most amazing green eyes. He winked at Abi and I could see either they were going out or they were about too.

''Have I missed something here?''

Abi told him to sit down so we could talk. He released a deep breath then continued to talk from earlier.

'That's what I was going to say before he turned up.''

''And who is he?'' I said still very confused of what was happening.

''Well this is Alex, my boyfriend.''

''BOYFRIEND!'' I was shocked, Abi never told me that she had a boyfriend.

''When did this happen ?''

''Those days when you were visiting Spencer in hospital, I met Alex at work and we fell in love.''

''That's about right.'' Alex said causing me to jump a bit, I forgot he was here.

''So how long have you two been dating?'' I said wiping the dry tears from earlier off of my cheek. I winked at Abi then she finally let out a word.

''3 months.''

Alex decided we should all go out to a bar across the street to try and cheer me up but I doubted it would. The pain of loosing my Spencer is going to take a while to heal.

''Anyone up for a drink?'' I said while holding the machine tight just in case it flew open it covered Abi or Alex in gunk.

Soon after we actually had some fun. I warned Alex not to gone on that wheel with the amount of cocktails he had but he insisted he would. ''Hold on tight Alex you don't want to throw up!'' Abi said while laughing uncontrollably while he flew from side to side like which reminded when Abi and I went on that Bronco bull.

''Somebody get me out of this thing before I -.'' It was too late, he threw up all over the machine and on part of the red floor.

After both Abi and I sat Alex down and cleaned him up. Of course the owner came up and made us pay to get the carpet cleaned, so Abi said to Alex, ''You better have 45 bucks on you because your paying for that carpet.''

Soon afterwards I left Abi to take Alex home, as I went down the stairs sliding my arm through my coat I spotted my dad. I knew he knew what had happened because he had that look on his face. It was probably in the newspapers which I don't read so I would never know. I began to cry again thinking again about Spencer and ran up too my dad and threw myself in his arms.
''I heard Jade, you don't know how sorry I am for you. I would hit rock bottom if you Evan, Mary - Jayne and even Dayna died.'' I sobbed more which made my mascara run once more into my dad's gym kit. ''How about you come home for a while to recuperate?''

I wiped my mascara from my face and said, ''No dad's it's fine, I still have my cat so I won't be alone, actually I'll think I'll stay here with my friends.''

''Okay but if you ever need some company, you know your old dad's here.''

''Of course dad.'' I gave him another hug and went back upstairs.

Back upstairs Abi played dub-step while Alex asked me if I wanted to dance. I doubt he was hitting on me, just wanted to cheer me up.

''Thank you Alex, for cheering me up.'' I said to him. He winked at me and then starting dancing again, ad we were dancing I couldn't stop staring into his amazing Green eyes. I haven't told Abi this, but I think Alex...Likes me.

-- The End --

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  1. Yayyy!!! Jade seems happier now :)
    I hope she finds someone to love
    and abi too of course
    great post
    ~Amiee & Becks ;)

  2. What default eyes do you use?

    1. I use this these eyes currently :

  3. alex looks soo cute! im happy jades all smiley and happy again :]


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