Friday, 15 June 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 9 : You don't know how much I miss you.

Night after night I would crawl out of my bed and just stare at the picture of Spencer and I hanging lifelessly on my wall. I would sob and then crawl back into bed  never wanting to get up but on the occasional days I couldn't sleep.

Instead I would throw myself on the sofa and lie in silence with my Moonbrow wrapped in an ball under me until I would slowly fall asleep.

I've been shutting myself out of the outside world. Rejecting calls from my dad, Abi and even Alex. Not answering my door or even going out of the apartment building. Instead I watching the sun rise over the horizon as it illuminates Starlight Shores.

I've received about 39 text messages from Abi, 29 from Alex and over 100 missed calls from my dad. I never even went out to but daily essentials, only once but I brought a whole bunch of stuff so I didn't need to go out again.

That same morning I decided to go out, just for some fresh air and too actually get out of my apartment after being in it for a month. I lunged myself on the swings letting the cool afternoon breeze caress my threw the air. The park was empty which made it better, I had no one confronting me.

''JADE!'' Alex shouted at too me as he ran across the street, panting as he reached in front of me.

''Where the hell have you been. We've all been trying call you, message you even knock on your door but you didn't answer. Your dad was on the verge of calling the police to knock in your door!''

I let out a big sigh before replying to Alex. ''The pain of loosing Spencer made me insane, I just wanted to shut out the outside world from me, all I wanted was my cat and I.''

He sighed and sat next to me. ''Jade you don't need to shut us out, were here to help you, to confort you and too be your friend.''

''Are you serious?'' I said with a hesitant look.

''Yes! Were your friends.''

He got up and pushed me on the swing. ''ALEX!'' I screeched as he swung me back and forth for at least ten minuets until I begged him to stop as I was about to pass out.

I jumped off and pulled him in for a friendly hug. ''Thank you Alex, you are a great friend.''

--- The End --

Thanks for reading another short Chapter of The Cronwell Legacy. I am publishing this today as I am going to be sooo busy on the weekend. You can expect another post this upcoming week :)

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  1. Hiya!! I know I came and said hello then vanished again but in one day I found out I had 8 exams in the next week plus exam week it's self!! So thats my excuse for not being around in a while xx

    I've catched up on the Cronwells!! This chapter was really sweet ^_^ you never disapoint ^_-


    1. Aw Thanks Jojo - It has been soooo nice to hear from you again :D

  2. I thought I already commented.... Weird

    anyways hopefully abi and alex break up so Jade can have him and they can make cute babies :D

    cant wait for the next chapter!


    1. Well it looks like you just gave away the whole story!!!!

      Oh well thanks for Commenting Amiee. :D


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