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Generation 5, Chapter 30 : Love can be possessed by the youngest of people.

''Mum, my friend, Josh, is here to study with me. We'll be upstairs.'' The fact that Cassidy brought a boy home startled me. At least I know my Cassidy is not having sex, there just studying.

''Okay dear, have fun?''

''We will.'' Then they went upstairs to her room.

With Kieran still so vulnerable I still checked up upon him. Like Cassidy, Kieran brought a friend home from school. She looked oddly familiar. Suddenly it clicked who she was, the girl Kieran kissed when he was just two at the park. It was nice seeing them play together as friends.

''Hey May, want to make a pyramid together?'' Kieran said to her before destroying his small tower.

''Sure!'' She replied and they then began making it.

I had never seen Kieran so happy with a friend before. He constantly grinned when they were playing together.

Two hours later I peeked in on them to see them fast asleep. I guess they used all there energy at school, since they went bed so early.

                                                ~ ^^ Cassidy's point of view ^^~

Our coursework was getting real hard that week. Josh and I had to constantly meet up to do it together. I didn't complain because it was fun working with him. I also had a small crush on him.

''God this is so damn hard.'' I said trying to break the silence.

''I know right, say why don't we have some fun now.'' He replied, my face lit up with joy as he said that.

Our 'Small' session of fun lasted for three hours. We didn't fully complete the coursework but having fun with him was totally worth it.

The best part was when he started to flirt with me.

''You know Cassidy your really pretty.'' I began to blush.

''Oh... thank you!'' I replied back with a high voice.

I went with my instincts and carried on flirting with him. Each time we talked I moved closer and closer to him.



''I know were just friends but urm.... I really like you. Do you want to go prom with me?'' I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The question I wanted to hear for a month finally cameo out.

I swept my hand across his side. ''Yes Josh, I do.'' I replied back. He began to sweat with and awkward look on his face.

''I have to go now, Bye.'' He said to me before kissing me. One the lips. I know I had kissed him before as a child but this kiss felt better.

I heard a tiny snigger from the door. I turned around to see my little brother spying on me as usual. As soon as he knew I was looking at him he bolted back to his room.

Minuets later Josh left, before giving me another kiss.

~ ** **~

''So Cas, how was your study 'session' with Josh?'' My mother asked me with an awkward smile.

''Good but mum..... he asked me to prom.''

''And did you say yes.''

''Yes. And we urm.... kissed.''

''Cassidy you don't know how happy I am for you, all I am saying is not to rush into anything because you never know when it could go wrong.''

I was so grateful that my mum was understanding. I was so grateful that I got up and hugged her, something I hadn't done in ages.

''Mum you understand me so well.''

''Oh yes I do, I was once your age.''

''I know.'' I said with an sarcastic tone.

~ The End ~

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Generation 5, Chapter 29 : I though you would want another baby.

I hadn't seen Evan in five years. With everything hectic going on in our life I never had a single chance to go see him or my dad. As for Mary - Jayne, I don't really communicate with her, she is too busy being all lovey dovey with her girlfriend, Anna-Marie.

One day I saw him strolling with his wife, Lilly Wells, down my street. 

''HEY EVAN!'' I shouted across the neighbourhood to see them both jump but then notice me. Once they came over we exchanged hugs and as I hugged Lilly I noticed how heavily pregnant she was. 

''Your pregnant!''

''Yeah Jade, eight and a half months now. She's due in just two weeks.''

''Aw Congratulations guys, you'll make great parents! So Lilly, how has the pregnancy been been treating you?''

''Oh it's been real hard, the baby had been breached for months until it finally turned around in my sleep. I was so re-'' Just as she was finishing her sentence she clenched her belly in pain. Although her water never broke, I instantly knew she was in labour as I had experienced it twice.

''Honey, what's wrong!'' Evan said to her with a confused face I had never seen before.

''EVAN! She's having your baby go and take her to the freaking hospital and I'll meet you there in ten.'' 

Within three minuet they were both in the car, both bolting down the road. I could still hear Lilly screaming in pain.

Once I got to the hospital I was directed to the room she was delivering the baby in. I anxiously waited outside to see if the baby was born perfect and healthy. I was really worried because she seemed to be in tremendous pain, much more than I had been in.

Four longs hours later I was allowed to come into the room to  meet my new niece. I first saw her sleeping on the bed, holding the baby girl in her arms. Then I glanced at Evan to see his face lit up like a Christmas tree.

''Her name is Vanessa Sophia Wells. The doctor said she was born perfectly healthy.'' Evan said to me quietly trying to avoid any possible outbursts of noise to keep the baby asleep.

I was allowed to hold her. Holding her made me want to have another baby again.

''I'll leave you two to get familiar with your girl.'' I said before leaving to home.

''Sis, I'll see you soon.''


The thought  of another baby was still circling around my head. I was thirty nine and in perfect condition to have a baby. The only problem was Alex, he doesn't want any more children. I had to tell him the idea of having another child, he could always change his mind.

''You all right honey?'' I said before placing my keys on the table behind the couch.

''Yeah, just had a hard day at work.''

I walked over to him and pulled him in for a cuddle.

''Aw sorry honey, well I had an interesting day. I found out my brother was having a baby and had it today. That's where I was all day, at the hospital with them. They had a beautiful baby girl called Vanessa.''

''That's so nice, it's always great to have another Cronwell in the family!'' He said before nudging me.

''Yeah. But seeing little Vanessa got me thinking....''I had to tell him that I wanted another child.

''......I think we should have another child.'' He suddenly leaped of the chair with an uncomfortable look on his face.

I had a strong feeling that we were not going to have another child.

And boy was I right.

                                                       ~**^**~ The End ~**^**~

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Generation 5, Chapter 28 : Birthday's are supposed to turn out well.

Three years went by and Cassidy and Kieran just grew older and older. For a six year old Kieran knew allot about the world. Cassidy was a interesting pre-teen, being 12, she had a massive interest in science yet she was a real gamer at times.

I hadn't yet explained to Kieran about the fact he was kidnapped  as a baby but I knew I had to do it very soon.

I just loved there facial expressions when they were facing each other on there Nintendo Wii. They were quite similar yet completely different.

As the kids grew much older Alex and I had more time for each other. We went on date, trips and had a bit more fun in the bedroom.

''Hey Cas, Josh and Stacy are outside waiting for you.''

''Coming mum, I just need to finish this potion for Science tomorrow.'' I noticed she had a great influence in Science.

I had been dreading this moment for three years but it had to be done. I had too tell him he was kidnapped by that bastard.

''Kieran there is no way I can put what I am going to tell you in a good way so you have to stay strong with me, Okay?''

''...Okay mum I will.''

Here it goes. ''Kieran, when you was two...... you were kidnapped by a horrible man.''

''Y-You mean someone took me from you?''

''Yes honey.'' His face seemed confused with nearly everything I said.

''Who took me?''

''Have I ever told you about a horrible man called Zachary Lewis?''

''Yes, the man who almost killed granddad.''

''Yes him. Well he wanted to get more revenge on our family; he knew I cared about you so much that he took you away form me, your dad and your big sister.''


''Because he was a horrible man but he ain't going to take you again, okay?''

''Are you sure mummy?''

''Of course Kieran.''

''I love you mummy.''

I love you too.'' I kissed his innocent little forehead and hugged him.

''Now let's go celebrate you sisters birthday.''


Things took a real wrong turn.
Just 10 minuets later Cassidy blew out her candles, but just a little bit too much and it caught fire to the hedges behind it. It then spread across the wall to the garden door. Myself, Cassidy and Kieran was in complete panic mode. Alex then bolted down the stairs, around the garden into the second garden door. He grabbed the fire extinguisher and bolted back.

He constantly tried to put it out but the roaring flames just grew more.

''ALEX! COME BACK!'' I shouted at him, I didn't want my husband to die in such a big fire.

I looked down to see his left leg on fire. By the time I looked up again he was screaming in pain.

''RUN TO THE SHOWER!'' I shouted back at him.

He did exactly what I told him, he bolted down the long hallway to the bathroom.

Once he came out I pulled him in for a hug.

''Talonto, you fool. I would never forgive myself if you died.''

''The main fact is that I'm alive and well, and love you guys.''

''We love you too daddy!'' Cas and Kieran said peering in from the burnt garden door.

Three hours later, in the middle of the night Cassidy decided to have her birthday inside from now.

''Happy birthday!'' I shouted out before blowing into a birthday horn. I never wanted Cassidy to grow up, my precious first baby girl was just growing way too fast. I held back the tears as she said it was embarrassing.

Cassidy. My little girl isn't so little any more, she had just mature a little bit more with a whole new world to explore.

                                                        ~*^*^*~ The End  ~*^*^*~

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Generation 5, Chapter 27 : Back on track.

It had been six long months since Kieran was kid napped and found. At first when we took him back home he was confused by his surroundings. He had forgotten his surrounding where he grew up in. It took allot of time and work but we eventually got him back.

We never explained the whole concept of Kieran's kidnap to Cassidy, what was important was that she was trilled to have him back. After that very day we got home, I watched him like a hawk. There was no way in hell I was going to let him get kidnapped again

He became a very confident walker. He wasn't fully balanced on the flat ground but he had enough balance to walk freely around what was to him our'big house'.

To my surprise, Zach didn't take Kieran's teddy, it wash hidden under my desk in the office. As soon as I gave it to Kieran his face lit up with so much joy.

''Kieran are you happy that you got back Sir. Teddytotts?''

''Mum! It's Mr. Teddytots.''

Just as I was preparing lunch Cassidy came and sat at the table with a smile on her face.

''Yes Cas?''

''Nothing mum...'' I knew that face. She wanted something.

''Girl, I know that face.., what do you want?''

''God, you know me so well! Anyway mum can we go to the park today?''

''Of course, just after we eat our lunch.''

We also had to wait until Alex came home. Once we had lunch, Alex changed and I changed Kieran's nappy, we set off for the park.

Once we got there I noticed a woman, and two kids which were probably hers. Cassidy went over to play with the boy who was about her age, and Alex took Kieran over to the little girl playing with a similar toy too Kieran's.

''Hi, are those two kids yours?'' I asked the woman sitting on the bench causally.

''Yes they are, Josh and May.''

''Oh there cute kids, how old are they.'' I asked her to see if they had similar ages to Cas and Kieran.

''Josh is 9 and May is 3 and a half.'' She replied back.

''My girl over there is 9 too and my boy is just two months younger than May.''

''How wonderful.''

As I got more closer to there kids mother, who is called Tamera, the four kids played together in the sand pit. Cassidy threw sand up in the air and landed into her light brown hair and Kieran was giggling with May.

We noticed Kieran going off with May behind the slide so we secretly followed them to see what they were up too.

To my surprise, just as we peeked from round the slide we found Kieran shyly kissing May on her cheek!

They heard us whisper and suddenly turned around to see us staring at them with big smiles on our faces.

''Mummy, me and may are  bwest frwiends.'' He said to me before pulling May in for a hug. We all broke out in laughter and happiness.

''Awww.'' We all said at the same time like we were watching a romantic film.''

''Young love!'' Alex said.

''It sure is.'' Tamera replied.

~ **Cassidy's point of view** ~

Playing with Josh was real fun. We had many similarities as a child and we both were the same age. He told me he had moved to Starlight shores from Lucky Palms just a week ago so that's why I had never met him yet in class.

''Gotch ya!'' He shouted out before he made a gunshot noise pretending to hit me with his fake gun.

''Aw man!!'' I replied.

''I had a really fun day today.'' Josh said to me before shaking my hand, making me blush.

''M-Me too.'' He was about to hug me but then his mum called him.

''JOSH! Time to go home now, you have school tomorrow.''

''Okay mum!'' He shouted out before running back to her.

Just as I was about to go on the slide he came running back to me.

''I forgot to give you this.'' He said.

''What!?'' I said with a confused face.

He kissed me. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He lips were so soft and tasted like bubblegum.
I didn't complain about the kiss because.... it was nice.

Then he ran back to his mum and went home. I had my first kiss that day.

~*^^*~ Jade's Point of view ~*^^*~ 

''Alex, are babies are in love.''

''They sure are.''

~*^^*~  The End ~*^^*~ 

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