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Generation 5, Chapter 16 : Honeymoon in Springs.

NOTE : There is some sexual content in this post.

The trip to Hidden springs weren't really long, we only had to fly through Riverview then we arrived. The town is really serene and enclosed which people can tell by the thick fog surrounding the town.

''Keep your eyes closed Jade, wait until we get there!'' Alex kept where we were going to stay a big secret. I hope it is worth wild me not knowing where or what we are staying in.


''This.... house.... it's amazing. How could you afford this?''

''I like to save.''

''Oh Alex you fool, we could of stayed in a hotel I would be fine with that!''

''I thought of that but your Jade, and you need the best of everything.'' Just like at the wedding I blushed once more.

''Oh Alex.''

For most of that day we lounged on the terrace of our Vacation home. The whole atmosphere of this quite town appealed to me. The cool air. The sounds of animals roaming the streets. The smell of fresh daises just bloomed. And the sight of the leave - filled tree right in front of us.

''Imagine us living here Alex, with our little family.''

''Family?'' He chocked up with a surprised look on his pale face.

''Yes, what do you think about having kids?'' I gave him a worried look and than he smiled at me.

''I've always wanted twin boys to teach them how to play football.'' When he said that I went into a daze. I never pictures having boys, let alone twin boys. I always wanted two children but I seriously never thought of twins.

''Hmm Twins?''

A few hours later we went horseback riding all the way to the river. There we roasted some marshmallows.
''Oh this marshmallow is so nice.'' Alex said while chomping on soft sweet so hard I think he ate a bit of the stick.

''So about what you said earlier about twins, I never thought of having twins but now you said, I can feel us having two adorable boys running around out house... once we find one.''

He smiled and pulled me up from my seat, down the hill and then next thing we were kissing.

''We could try fertility treatment just to make sure we have twins.''

As the moon rose from out the mountains, I wrapped my arms around Alex's stomach soft and put my head on his left arm. ''How did I ever get lucky?'' I whispered into his ear.

''You weren't the one that got lucky Jade, I am.''

~~ ... ~~

Back at our vacation home Alex pulled me in for a kiss which led to making out.

In a hurry we ripped off each other's clothes. Alex picked me up and leaned me against the wall. We kissed and kissed and kissed some more. I wrapped my legs around his thick trousers and then he whispered in my ear.


''Oh I'm ready.''

He flew me up in the air, gave me one more kiss then picked me up and headed towards the bedroom.
''This way, Ma'm.'' I let out a small chuckle.

''Okay, why don't you lead me in.''

Once we were in the bedroom we headed straight for the bed. That night was special. I felt treasured, this wasn't my first time but this time I felt whole. I felt like a part of me was satisfied or relaxed.

''Morning honey, I made you breakfast, you favourite Bacon and egg.''

I jumped out of bed, grabbing a peace of bacon and threw myself into Alex's arms.
''Oh Alex I just love you so much.''

~ Two weeks later...~

The two weeks we've been in hidden springs went by quickly. Sadly, we had to leave this serene town.

''God, I'm going to miss this town Alex.''

''Maybe we can visit here again.''

''Yeah, with our twins...''

~~.. The End ..~~

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