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Generation 5, Chapter 18 : Pregnancy isn't that all hard.

I sat on the edge of the bath in a daze for about an hour. What if I have twins? Can I handle twins?
''Jade!'' Yeld Alex making me zone back in and look straight in his direction.

''Alex, prepare for 9 months of me being fat and hormonal.'' You knew that 6 months would fly by.

~ ... ~

Six months went passed and my baby bump was very noticeable. I had experienced hardly any nausea but loadsof headache's and cramps.  Luckily my doctor gave me some pills to stop the pains.

''How's my wonderful wife and our unborn child.'' Alex whispered in my ear before feeling are baby, which had seemed to be very active inside me.

''Well it looks like the child is fine, but I'm not my back is freaking killing me.''

''Oh no, I can take the day off of work and get you some pills if you like?''

''No no , I'll go pick some up later.''

''Have a nice day at work honey.'' The one thing I hated about being pregnant was that I was confined to staying inside. I didn't want to harm the baby at all so I took many precautions to keep it as safe as I can.

Just as I was about to leave for a ultrasound at the hospital. I heard splashed from the kitchen. Of course by my luck the sink broke. I forgot the number to the repair man's number so I had to fix it myself.

Two hours later after having to deal with that crap sink, I wobbled into the hospital. My midwife informed me that I was having a baby girl. As she said that I knew Alex would be disappointed. Of course he was overjoyed at the fact that we were having a baby but all of his life he had wanted twin boys. It was going to be hard breaking the news to him.

Back at home there I was slumped on the couch with the most boring of books almost dropping to sleep then I heard keys rattling to the door. It had to be Alex.

''Hey babe.''

''Oh, hi Alex.'' I said quietly pretending that I was interested in the book I was reading.

''How's our little babies in there.''

''That's what I need to talk to you about, I have good... and bad news. I went for my first ultrasound today and I relieved something. First of all the baby is okay. Yes, I said baby because were only having one baby. A baby girl. I'm sorry Alex I know-''

''Jade, I don't care if were no having twins, what I am happy about is that our little girl in there is safe and healthy.''

''I'm so glad that your happy about having a girl.''

''We need to think of names.'' I said as Alex pulled me in for a romantic kiss. His cold lips from the chilled air pressed lightly on mine.

''What about Rae ?''

''Oh Alex, I love that. What about Cassidy Rae?''

''That's perfect. But now I have a surprise for you. Come upstairs with me.''

''TADA!'' Alex shouted as I gasped for air. Cassidy's room, it's amazing. The patterns, the colours, the whole atmosphere.

''ALEX! This room is perfect, how did you get the time to put this together?''

''Well, every Tuesday for the last three months I would leave for work but secretly come through the back door and work on the room.''

''OH ALEX!'' These next three months are going to be really fun. I can just imagine our little girl (Cassidy) running around like a crazy animal in this room.

~.. :) ..~

The joys of being pregnant came my way as I felt my developing baby kick the inner layer of my womb. I'm about 8 and a half months now and the due date is coming up real fast. Alex has took a few months off work so he can spend time with me and our baby girl. Sometimes I like to go into her room which is newly decorated and just feel her kick my womb. Oh the joys of Pregnancy.

The doctor also said because of how active the baby is, I could give birth any moment now but it would be fine because it is grown enough to comer into the real world.

''Hey there, Cassidy can you kick for daddy?'' It made me laugh way Alex thought Cassidy could hear him. I could just see Alex was going to be a great father to our little girl.

''Um.. Alex you do realise she can't hear you.''

It was Saturday afternoon and we decided to stay in for the day. Abigail was supposed to come round but I told her to come tomorrow because I just really really needed to sleep. Just as I was on the edge of falling asleep I felt a sharp pain down my back. I tapped my hands on the chair to see if my water broke, and it did.

With all the remaining strength I had I got off of my seat and held my back in pain. Soon after Alex jumped up to help me. ''Honey, are you in real pain.''

''Of course I am, Alex, get me to the hospital. M-my waters broke.''

Instantly, Alex swept me to my feet and like a cheater, ran to the car placing me in and driving off in a instant.

At the hospital Alex placed me on the waiting chairs in pain. He called over a nurse to get me a wheelchair and then I was taken upstairs to the maternity ward.

''Alex, this is all becoming real. In a few hours we are going to be parents.''

''I know Jade, I'm literately sweating everywhere.''

Two hours later...

''PUSH JADE PUSH.'' My midnight shouted at me.

''I-I'm trying.'' I said quietly saving all my breath to get Cassidy out of me.

''Just a few more pushed Honey, just a few more.''

''I....2...3.'' After that all of my energy flew out of me and I slumped back into the pillow behind me. Soon after I heard screams from a baby and the nurse cutting of her umbilical cord.

''Congratulations Jade, you have a beautiful baby girl.''

A few hours later I woke up to see Alex holding our newborn baby girl in his excitement. ''A-Alex.'' I said to him making him instantly look at me and help me up to cuddle our baby.

As I fed Cassidy the midwife came in telling us it was time to do a quick health check on her. I gently passed her over to the midwife and she placed her on a plastic table.

''Please, be careful.'' I said to the nurse in my paranoia. I just gave birth of a wonderful baby and I didn't want to loose it.

We took pictures of her but they didn't come out so well. Oh well, all I need is my Alex and our beautiful baby girl, Cassidy.

~'' The End ''~

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  1. Hi Kurtis! I commented once on one of the chapters, and please don't think that I didn't comment on the rest because I don't like them or something! It's just blogger only rarely lets me comment, so I couldn't. Just in case if it happens again, do you have a facebook or something like that based on the Crownwells? I think you have one but never update it. If you do could you send me a link? And I can comment there :) Great chapter! :D

    1. Thanks a bunch Kuba, here is my Tumblr and Facebook :

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      There you go :)

  2. Aw, man, it's a bummer she didn't have twins. Ah well, they can always try again.

    And just a FYI, pregnancy is a LOT harder than you'd think. You have no idea what women have to go through. Not just cramps and shiz like that. My mom can't stop talking about how we wrecked her from the inside. >.<

    1. I know, I guess I don't really think about Pregnancy being a struggle because I'm a boy. And Thank you for commenting :D

  3. Aww, Cassidy is precious :) I can't wait to read the next chapter.

    1. Aw Thanks Chloe - Just wait to you see her as a toddler!

  4. LOL dessie, my mom goes on about how me and my brother wrecked her figure and her bladder and her uterus LOL

    cassidy is such a sweet name :D im sure she will be super adorable

    MAN i really thought it was going to be twins!!!

    oh well!!

    1. I know, Thanks for commenting Amiee :D

  5. Loved the wedding, honeymoon, and now a wee baby girl! Great name, can't wait to see what she looks like as a toddler! ;oD

    1. Oh she is a cutie LJ & Thanks for commenting!


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