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Generation 5, Chapter 19 : Oh my family. So, so weird.

NOTE : This post is really short, which is why I am posting it so quickly.

''Alex can you feed Cassidy please, I'm trying to cook lunch.''

''Yes, just give me a sec, I need to clean up her blanket.''

 Caring for a baby was very tough. I am actually relieved I never had twins because Cassidy is hard enough. Alex and I only got about three hours of sleep due to her sleepless nights. The one thing that she wanted all the time was for us to feed her. She constantly would be sucking away on her bottle with the support of Alex and I.  A year went by within a blink of an eye and it was finally Cassidy's first birthday. I invited my brother and father over to celebrate her birthday and meet her for the first time. I just hoped she would be calm once she grew older.

''Please don't cry Cas, mummy will get your bottle once she cleans herself up.'' That didn't work at all because she just kept on crying and crying.

Just a few seconds later after plunking myself on the couch next to Alex, the doorbell rang.

''Oh Alex, please get that. It's my dad and brother.'' He didn't reply and when I looked at him, he was fats asleep with the TV still on.

Once I saw Evan my mouth dropped open. I hadn't seen him for three years and he was grown so much. His spots he had from his teenage days have all cleared up and he has a clear and smooth face. On the other hand. my dad had aged rapidly within the year I saw him. His wrinkled which he has are clearly visible but I didn't mention that because I knew it would offend him, him being a singer and all.

''Sis, you gotta toilet?''

''Oh not even a hi Jade my wonderful sister, how are you?'' I chuckled and stepped across the crowed room to hug my dad.

''Daddy!'' I yelled in his ear before plunging in his arms. ''How are you? How's Dayna? How's Mary-Jayne? How are you!?''

''Well were all fine, Dayna and I are old little farts and Mary - Jayne just turned twenty years old.''

''Where are they?''

''Oh Dayna had a business meeting to go to and MJ is out of town.''

''Oh that's a bummer.''

''Anyway, it's nice to see you again Alex.'' Couched out my dad causing Alex to sharply wake up and turn to him.

''Yes Sir, I am good.''

Evan came running down the hall and back into the living room shouting and holding his groin in pain. ''JADE! I can't find your toilet.''

''Upstairs, first door on the right.''

''GOD BLESS YOU.'' He shouted out before dashing up the stairs. I'm sure he tripped on the way up.

''Anyway, so this is my little granddaughter, Cassidy Rae?''

''Yes, there she is.''

''Oh you two make beautiful babies. You don't know how much I am proud of you for giving birth to a healthy baby.''

''So Jade, are you planning to have more kids.'' Alex coughed slightly and I bit my lip in awkwardness.
Another baby. Once Cassidy was born the idea of having more babies totally flew out of my mind. I didn't even know if I could cope with another baby in this house.

Just hours later everyone was cheering on Cassidy as she helplessly blew out her candle, with the help of her dad. Her huge smile on those little lips of hers made me smile too. My baby girl was just one step closer to becoming a child.

Cassidy grew to have very little strands of hair tied together with a cute little pink bow. She inherited her bright green eyes from her father and even her hair colour.Sadly, she got my ugly curved nose which I hated because it came from my mother. Maybe once she is an adult she'll get a nose job.

Once everyone had left an the house was clean I settled down Cassidy in her crib. I kissed her lightly on her forehead and stroked my hands threw her short soft hair.

''Goodnight sweetie, sleep well.''

~''The End''~

Thanks for reading another short Chapter of The Cronwell legacy. 
Oh yes and by the way, the reason I am posting chapters so quick is that I have allot of free time on my hand and I can't wait to write as Cassidy too.

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    1. I know, I love them too! But when it's her turn for the legacy I want one of her kids to have Blue eyes.

  2. Aw! Cassidy is so cute! I can never make that hair-do work for my toddlers :/ but I can't wait to see the reason why Jades mother kept coming back. You said you would explain once her first child was born! Oooo I just can't wait for the next chapter! Great job Kurtis! :)

    1. Yes, all will be explained in the chapter after next. & Thanks for the lovely comment Lizz :)

  3. Aww, I loved it! Cassie is so cute! And Alex and Jade? You better have more babies! XD

    1. LO Lof course they will Kuba, just not right now!


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