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Generation 5, Chapter 22 : I should have for given you. Years ago.

Time seemed to speed up lately. Everything in our life is pretty good. Our little Angel is so independent and smart. And as for Alex he always has a bouquet of flowers somewhere up his sleeve.

‘’For you my darling.’’ Alex and I have been talking about having another child. We’ve been debating it for months and we still haven’t decided if were ready to take on another.


‘’Say cheese darling!’’ Cassidy’s hair grew much longer and she is just an angel. We take allot of pictures to treasure her moments of childhood.

As my phone buzzed on the table I dropped the camera and answered the phone.


‘’Is this Mrs. Cronwell?’’

‘’Yes this is.’’

‘’This is Nurse Lane from Benadict road hospital, we have some bad news concerning your mother.’’  

My facial expression immediately turned negative. I bit my finger nail and said;

‘’What bad news?’
‘’Your mother, Chelsea Brookes, was killed today in a violent burglary.’’ I dropped the phone and froze dead in my tracks; my mum who I despised for the majority of my life so far has been killed.

I was able to retrieve the phone and started talking to the nurse.

‘’How, when, why?’’

‘’Well yesterday at about noon your mother’s house was burgled by a couple of bandits and she tried to threaten them with an ornament but then things went wrong, they took it out of her hand and hit her over her head. She was then found dead 2 hours later by a doctor who she had been in a relationship with. I am really sorry Mrs. Cronwell. If you would like, you can come down to the morgue and see the body?’’

I hated her so much but I began to cry, I wanted to block out her from my life but I couldn’t, she was constantly on my mind. 

I slid against Cassidy’s drawers and fell onto the ground in a tuck shape. My mascara ran all about the place and there I was in tears. I should had forgiven her, all those years I hated her guts and now she’s gone. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

I watched Cassidy casually looking at her colourful posters on the wall. I should let my mum meet her granddaughter. Cassidy had my mum’s puffy cheeks. All I could hear was someone or something whispering down my ear, ‘’She’s dead Jade, she’s dead.’’

Alex entered the room, his facial expression changed as soon he saw in shock on the floor. He ran towards me and bent down checking if I was okay.

‘’What’s wrong Honey?’’

The words came out one by one, ‘’my...mum...she’s...dead.’’

I pulled myself together I dragged myself to the morgue with Alex. ‘’Excuse me, are you nurse lane?’’

‘’Yes and you must be Mrs. Cronwell, I am so sorry for your loss.’’

She slowly pulled herself from her chair and guided us to the room which she was in.

‘’Are you ready Jade?’’

‘’No but I have to see her, I need to say goodbye.’’

‘’Okay Mrs. Cronwell but there was one more thing. The Police found this note in her house addressed to you. Nurse Lane passed it to me and I read it in my head.

Dear Jade,
I was an idiotic fool. To be honest I just married your farther for money. But then when I found out I was pregnant with you I was scared. But when you appeared in my life something changed me. I had a daughter. Then I actually fell in love with your father and my life changed. I never wanted his money anymore, I wanted both of you. Then when Evan came along my life became even better. I said before and I’ll say it again, I regretted cheating on your father, he was the best thing that happened to me and he truly did love me.

Anyway I just left you this note to tell you that I am going to stay out of your life now. I’m moving to France to start a new life. Your wish is going to come true. I just want to tell you that I love you, your father and your brother and I will never ever forget you.

I love you Jade, remember that.

Mummy xx

She slowly opened the door and there she was, in a chilled room on a hospital stretcher just lying there, dead.  She was incredibly pale like a ghost. Her eyes weren not completly closed but her lips were tightly shut.  She was dressed in a plain purple gown.

I placed my arms on her empty stomach and began to pour out tears. Drop after drop mascara fell on to her gown. It felt like she was still alive, it felt her lungs were inhaling and exhaling normally and she was just sleeping.

‘’Hi mum, it’s me Jade. How have you been, you know you have a granddaughter called Cassidy, she has your puffy cheeks. I gave her a smile but obviously she didn’t respond. I began to cry much more heavily this time.

‘’Mum I’m so sorry, I should of forgave you, I wished for you to die but I didn’t mean that at all. I love you mum. I need to tell you something. I’m sorry.’’

I spent hours sitting in that same seat trying to remember all the good times we had together as I was a child or even younger.

The nurse came in and covered her with a cover.
’I’m sorry Jade it’s time to leave.’’

I flew out of my seat trying to pull the covers off of her once more. ‘’NO NURSE LANE I’M NOT READY, SHE CAN’T GO NOT NOW Please!

Alex grabbed onto me trying to restrain me, ‘’Honey she’s gone, I’m sorry.’’

I collapsed to the ground in tears, my mum’s gone and I just need to face it.

~ ..Some days later..~

 ‘’Mum I am sorry, I hated you but I regret it.’’

‘’Goodbye mum , Goodbye.’’

~** The END **~

It took some real time and thinking to write this chapter. Yes, Chelsea Brookes-Cronwell is now dead. I never intended for her to die until I suddenly remembered her and I thought of this idea to bring her back.

On a happier note, I'm getting The Sims 3 Diesel today!

Thanks for taking your time to read such a sad chapter and I hope you have the time to leave a nice comment for me.                                             
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  1. Wow I am actually tearing up!! Amazing chapter, very well written!! I know some one who lost their mum... It was awful... and she was only 12! You did a really good job with the chapter xx ツ

    ... Have fun with Diesel!!! ツ ツ ツ

  2. Very well written chapter. Quite a shocker! Makes you think how much we take family for granted. Great job! Can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. Oh Thanks so much & are you a new reader by any chance?

  3. awww, poor Jade. im glad that her mom actually loved her :D how could she not? its her baby!


    1. I know, I had to give Chelsea some credit, she was a good mum.
      Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Aw! his was such a great chapter, Kurtis. I cried, Im such a softie >.< I cant wiat for the next chapter Kurtis.

    1. Aw Thanks Lizz, it was sad to write it too :(
      Thanks for commenting :)


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