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Generation 5, Chapter 23 : Please be twins.

It had been almost five months since I found out about my mothers death. It was a very very hard five months, just exactly how I was when Spencer died but it wasn't as worst. Maybe because we never had a absoluteness great relationship that it didn't take a massive toll on my life.

Just after those five months I suddenly discovered I was pregnant again. I wasn't as overjoyed as when I found out I was pregnant with Cassidy because this pregnancy wasn't exactly planned. Alex was very optimistic that this time we would have twins but I wasn't too sure about it.

''That's my little musician!'' I said to Cassidy cheering her on while she slowly played note after note on her little xylophone.

''Mummy looks I'm playing music!'' I said back with a huge grin on her miniature face.

Alex wrapped his hand over my eyes causing me to jump slightly.
''Guess who?''

''Urm.. let my guess, Evan?''

''No you fish cake it's me, Alex!''

''I knew it was you!''

Little silly games like this went on for the next five months. Cassidy grew more and more and so did my developing baby.
~ ''*''~

''Wow this baby is just getting bigger and bigger.'' Abi said while placing her head firmly on my belly.

Abigail had her baby a year ago now. Little Apollo turned one that same day and I took Cassidy over there to have a small play date with her. Cassidy took a great liking to Apollo as soon as they met.

''Hello there Apollo here comes the tickle monster!'' I squealed at her before tickling her so much I was pretty sure she weed in her nappy. Apollo's such a cute little girl, she took her looks straight form her mother.

For most of the remaining afternoon, we spent our time entertaining the tots. Abigail took Cassidy and I took Apollo.

Abigail took this picture of the two which made me laugh uncontrollably at the way Cassidy chomped on the stick. She sure looked hungry.

The next three months were hard. And the worst bit of it was that I was the size of a whale.


''Morning whale!'' Cassidy screamed as I slowly got out of the covers on a Saturday morning.

''No Cassidy, don't be rude to mummy. She's only big because she's carrying your baby brothers, I hope.''

''Oh Cassidy, you hurt mummy's feelings.'' I said to her before swinging her off of the bed and into my arms.

''This is why I love you guys!'' Alex said before wrapping his arms around my stomach.

My baby was due in a month and I couldn't do anything productive around the house so most of time I would just lounge in the garden watching Alex use up all of his energy on Cassidy, our very active child.

I was so large that I couldn't even fit in my maternity clothes so I would just wear a basic T-shirt and leggings around the house.

''Mummy look I'm on a horsie!'' Cassidy shouted from across the garden making me laugh at the way Alex was cheering her n but she was paying no attention to him.

Just as I got up too hug Cassidy a sudden sharp pain shot through my back to the bottom of my spine. I felt warm liquid, and blood escape from my vaginal area which made me clutch in pain. ''A-Alex.''

''Yes ho-. HONEY! What's wrong!?''

''I think I'm in labour.'' I said still clutching my body in pain.

''But your not due for another month!''

''I know I-.'' And right there I dropped to the floor in excruciating pain.

''MUMMY! What's wrong.'' I heard from my little girl worried as hell.

It felt like the whole world was spinning. The sand beneath my bottom was drowned in blood and warm liquid.

''Don't worry honey, you or this baby are NOT going to die.'' Those were the last words I heard before I blacked out.


I woke up too find myself in a long blue gown and in the hospital, on a stretcher. Soon after I peered to my left to see the same nurse which delivered Cassidy talking to Alex.

''Alex, I'm afraid your wife's placenta ruptured causing her to suddenly have contractions and go into labour. She lost allot of blood so she is extremely weak right now. It would be a pure miracle if she pushed this baby out.''

It wasn't much longer before I was forced to try and push my baby out. I used is single inch of energy stored in every corner and cranny of my body. Once I heard that baby cry, I slumped into the pillow behind me. Boy I was overjoyed I never had twins.

I opened my right just a bit to see Alex feeding our new baby. Nurse lane placed a small pillow under my head, making me then open both eyes.

''Hey there Jade, look here's a our baby boy. You done great.'' Those were the last words I heard before I dropped back asleep in the stretcher.

Four days later we decided on a name for our little newborn.

Kieran, Kieran Cronwell

~''* The End *''~

And there's another post from me. I really hoped you liked this chapter because I had fun writing it today.
Anyway, Kieran does have a middle name but my short term memory forgot it. 

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  1. Oh god! i thought Jade was having a miscariage! x_x Yay kieran! :D At least they got a boy that Alex always wanted! ;) Great chapter! :D

    1. I know! & Yes, it was about time they had a baby boy!
      Thanks for commenting Kuba :D

  2. Great chapter:) I hope Cassidy and Apollo grow up to be goof friends, and I love the name Kieran. You get the best names, Kurtis! Can't wait for the next chapter:)

    1. Thanks a bunch Lizz, oh they will be great friends & I know, I have this book of names so I get my names from there and the internet.
      & Thanks for commenting!! :)

  3. aww! i love the name Kieran! amazing chapter kurtis! WHOOP! cant wait for the next one!


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