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Generation 5, Chapter 26 : There is hope somewhere.

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''He's dead.'' Those words retained in my head for the three months Kieran had been missing. I couldn't sleep because those words kept on coming into my head. I didn't bother with life any more and sunk into deep depression. I didn't even bother enough to crawl out of my own bed . For a month I was lunged under my covers, curtains closed tight and the door locked shut. I was that depressed that I didn't even want to see my own family and friends. Abigail constantly came to see me but I just pushed her away.

Alex eventually dragged me out of my depression by constantly reassuring me that ''there is hope somewhere''.

Although I gave up Alex wouldn't stop looking for him. With him and the help of three officers who were on the case of finding Kieran, we were able to search nearly every house in Starlight Shores.

But there was one house we didn't search. One house that stood out for some reason I had no idea of. The curtains were shut and the doors were boarded up. This was an real obvious place to kid-nap a two and a half year old.

One of the officers decided to kick the door straight down instead of using the usual precautions they took. It only took to thuds of the officer's feet to kick the door of of it's hinges.

Once we entered we were startled to see just four pieces of furniture. Two old couches, at TV that looked like it was made back when my great great great grandmother was alive and posters which were oddly up to date.

The curtains were contaminated to thick dust like it hadn't been opened for years and the flooring was beer and cold.

''He cant be here, it's is a freaking wast dump!'' Alex said quietly.

Suddenly we heard a faint giggle/cry from a room next to the 'antique' living room. My heart started racing as hope slowly came back into my heart.

What if that was Kieran?

What if he ins't dead?

What if he his happy and healthy!

The door was unlocked. One of the officers told us to stay outside while they checked the room out. Once they came back out the officer with short black hair gave me a smile of relive and said,

''Guys, we've found him. He's in there.''  I began to cry. My baby was actually alive, giggling at what was just a pair of dirty sheet he was sitting on. He lifted his small fragile head up to see us smiling at him.

He was bold. His kid-napped must of shaved his blonde hair off. He was also is a white romper which had turned a filthy brown colour. Although his surrounding were vile, he was still happy and full of life.

I ran over to him in tears. Grabbed him from his crib and pulled him for a firm hug. Alex soon after came behind and cuddled us two.

''See I told you Jade, there was still hope.''

''I know, you Alex are the smartest man I have ever met.''

Shortly after our reunion, I heard footsteps running from another room in the house. I peered out the door and my heart skipped a beat. The man I could see was oddly familiar. Someone who had previously scared my family before.

Zachary Lewis. The bastard that almost killed my father and seduced my mother, making her cheat on my father.

The same officer that found Kieran chased after Zach. Just as he was about to escape, the officer pulled his black/grey hair making him scream like a little girl.

The officer revealed his face. Not to surprise, he looked much older with is grey hairs and a black suite.

The officer smashed him to the ground and he fell unconscious. The police told me that he got released from prison the day Kieran was born. With me being a celebrity the announcement of his birth was in the news papers and Zach saw it. He wrecked my dad's life and he wanted to wreck mine. He knew the one thing I cared about the most of my precious children so he too the most innocent of them from me.

~ ....~

Two weeks later the verdict of Zach's trial came back. The judged stated in court,

 '' Zachary Brad Lewis, I sentence you too a minimum of 15 years in prison for the kidnap of Kieran Taylor Cronwell.''

Finally, the man who wrecked The Cronwell family for two generation is locked away, hopefully for the rest of his life. I hope he rots to death in his own jail cell. Goodbye, Zachary.

~ The End ~

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  1. I'm super-duper glad that they found Kieran! Great chapter! ;D

    1. Thanks kuba, I couldn't let him be gone for sooo long!

  2. haha it looked like the cop was scratching his head :)

    1. Oh crap. I should of made it more realistic, thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Yay! They found Kieran!

    I do not like Zach at all -___- if he comes back *loads shotgun*

    Loved it!! :D


    1. Oh no he won't be coming back any time soon.... Thanks for commenting!

  4. YAY! :D Keiran ish found! *dances around*

  5. Little Kieran back safe and sound! Ohhhh that Zachary, why I oughta...loved the chapter! XD

    1. Lol LJ Do what you must, thanks for commenting!!

  6. Yay! I'm glad Zach's in jail and that Kieran is safe and back with his family ^_^ great chapter kurtis!


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