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Generation 5, Chapter 27 : Back on track.

It had been six long months since Kieran was kid napped and found. At first when we took him back home he was confused by his surroundings. He had forgotten his surrounding where he grew up in. It took allot of time and work but we eventually got him back.

We never explained the whole concept of Kieran's kidnap to Cassidy, what was important was that she was trilled to have him back. After that very day we got home, I watched him like a hawk. There was no way in hell I was going to let him get kidnapped again

He became a very confident walker. He wasn't fully balanced on the flat ground but he had enough balance to walk freely around what was to him our'big house'.

To my surprise, Zach didn't take Kieran's teddy, it wash hidden under my desk in the office. As soon as I gave it to Kieran his face lit up with so much joy.

''Kieran are you happy that you got back Sir. Teddytotts?''

''Mum! It's Mr. Teddytots.''

Just as I was preparing lunch Cassidy came and sat at the table with a smile on her face.

''Yes Cas?''

''Nothing mum...'' I knew that face. She wanted something.

''Girl, I know that face.., what do you want?''

''God, you know me so well! Anyway mum can we go to the park today?''

''Of course, just after we eat our lunch.''

We also had to wait until Alex came home. Once we had lunch, Alex changed and I changed Kieran's nappy, we set off for the park.

Once we got there I noticed a woman, and two kids which were probably hers. Cassidy went over to play with the boy who was about her age, and Alex took Kieran over to the little girl playing with a similar toy too Kieran's.

''Hi, are those two kids yours?'' I asked the woman sitting on the bench causally.

''Yes they are, Josh and May.''

''Oh there cute kids, how old are they.'' I asked her to see if they had similar ages to Cas and Kieran.

''Josh is 9 and May is 3 and a half.'' She replied back.

''My girl over there is 9 too and my boy is just two months younger than May.''

''How wonderful.''

As I got more closer to there kids mother, who is called Tamera, the four kids played together in the sand pit. Cassidy threw sand up in the air and landed into her light brown hair and Kieran was giggling with May.

We noticed Kieran going off with May behind the slide so we secretly followed them to see what they were up too.

To my surprise, just as we peeked from round the slide we found Kieran shyly kissing May on her cheek!

They heard us whisper and suddenly turned around to see us staring at them with big smiles on our faces.

''Mummy, me and may are  bwest frwiends.'' He said to me before pulling May in for a hug. We all broke out in laughter and happiness.

''Awww.'' We all said at the same time like we were watching a romantic film.''

''Young love!'' Alex said.

''It sure is.'' Tamera replied.

~ **Cassidy's point of view** ~

Playing with Josh was real fun. We had many similarities as a child and we both were the same age. He told me he had moved to Starlight shores from Lucky Palms just a week ago so that's why I had never met him yet in class.

''Gotch ya!'' He shouted out before he made a gunshot noise pretending to hit me with his fake gun.

''Aw man!!'' I replied.

''I had a really fun day today.'' Josh said to me before shaking my hand, making me blush.

''M-Me too.'' He was about to hug me but then his mum called him.

''JOSH! Time to go home now, you have school tomorrow.''

''Okay mum!'' He shouted out before running back to her.

Just as I was about to go on the slide he came running back to me.

''I forgot to give you this.'' He said.

''What!?'' I said with a confused face.

He kissed me. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He lips were so soft and tasted like bubblegum.
I didn't complain about the kiss because.... it was nice.

Then he ran back to his mum and went home. I had my first kiss that day.

~*^^*~ Jade's Point of view ~*^^*~ 

''Alex, are babies are in love.''

''They sure are.''

~*^^*~  The End ~*^^*~ 

I know I published a chapter yesterday but today is just so hot and I don't have any energy to play Sims, so I decided to write.
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  1. Aww. That was so sweet <3 The toddlers were so adorable :)

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    1. Thanks Chloe, I know there just too cute.

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  2. Really good chapter nice pictures too :)

  3. That was just too cute, stop it lol! Loved the chapter, nice to see Kieran settling back into his home! ;o)

    1. Thanks LJ, I know he is just soooo delicate!!
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  4. N'aawww! That was so cute! Keeps making me smile! :D Great chapter! ;)

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  6. AW :O It's so cuuuuuuuuuute! And I had to go back and read the previous chapters and I was freaked when I saw Kieran was missing! But Im glad they found him:) Where'd he get his hair colour though? Jade's side of the family?

    Bleh sorry :P I talk too much, great chapter though:) I LOVED it! Cant wait for the next one.

    1. Well Kieran got his hair colour from his great grandmother (Sophie Cronwell ~ Generation 3). And Thank you so much for going back and reading and commenting, thanks!!


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