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Generation 5, Chapter 30 : Love can be possessed by the youngest of people.

''Mum, my friend, Josh, is here to study with me. We'll be upstairs.'' The fact that Cassidy brought a boy home startled me. At least I know my Cassidy is not having sex, there just studying.

''Okay dear, have fun?''

''We will.'' Then they went upstairs to her room.

With Kieran still so vulnerable I still checked up upon him. Like Cassidy, Kieran brought a friend home from school. She looked oddly familiar. Suddenly it clicked who she was, the girl Kieran kissed when he was just two at the park. It was nice seeing them play together as friends.

''Hey May, want to make a pyramid together?'' Kieran said to her before destroying his small tower.

''Sure!'' She replied and they then began making it.

I had never seen Kieran so happy with a friend before. He constantly grinned when they were playing together.

Two hours later I peeked in on them to see them fast asleep. I guess they used all there energy at school, since they went bed so early.

                                                ~ ^^ Cassidy's point of view ^^~

Our coursework was getting real hard that week. Josh and I had to constantly meet up to do it together. I didn't complain because it was fun working with him. I also had a small crush on him.

''God this is so damn hard.'' I said trying to break the silence.

''I know right, say why don't we have some fun now.'' He replied, my face lit up with joy as he said that.

Our 'Small' session of fun lasted for three hours. We didn't fully complete the coursework but having fun with him was totally worth it.

The best part was when he started to flirt with me.

''You know Cassidy your really pretty.'' I began to blush.

''Oh... thank you!'' I replied back with a high voice.

I went with my instincts and carried on flirting with him. Each time we talked I moved closer and closer to him.



''I know were just friends but urm.... I really like you. Do you want to go prom with me?'' I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The question I wanted to hear for a month finally cameo out.

I swept my hand across his side. ''Yes Josh, I do.'' I replied back. He began to sweat with and awkward look on his face.

''I have to go now, Bye.'' He said to me before kissing me. One the lips. I know I had kissed him before as a child but this kiss felt better.

I heard a tiny snigger from the door. I turned around to see my little brother spying on me as usual. As soon as he knew I was looking at him he bolted back to his room.

Minuets later Josh left, before giving me another kiss.

~ ** **~

''So Cas, how was your study 'session' with Josh?'' My mother asked me with an awkward smile.

''Good but mum..... he asked me to prom.''

''And did you say yes.''

''Yes. And we urm.... kissed.''

''Cassidy you don't know how happy I am for you, all I am saying is not to rush into anything because you never know when it could go wrong.''

I was so grateful that my mum was understanding. I was so grateful that I got up and hugged her, something I hadn't done in ages.

''Mum you understand me so well.''

''Oh yes I do, I was once your age.''

''I know.'' I said with an sarcastic tone.

~ The End ~

Thanks for reading Chapter 30 of The Cronwell Legacy. On a happy or sad note, the next chapter is the very last of Generation five! Cassidy of course will take over The Cronwell Legacy and share her tale.

Anyway, I hoped you liked this chapter and look out for the next chapter too!!

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    1. Thanks Amiee, it truly is young love <3

  2. Yay! Kieran has a crush (so cute ^__^) and Cassidy had her first kiss! *faints* couldn't stop smiling :D even though it was short xD can't wait to see the last chapter ^__^ whoop!

    1. Thanks Annika, the last Chapter will b out Friday or Tomorrow.#

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  3. Cassidy+Josh= <3 They are so cute together!!!

    Kieran and May are just adorable kids :D

    I hope Cassidy has a great time at prom!


    1. Thanks Chloe for the lovely comment. I decided not to show the prom but in the first chapter of Generation 6 a picture of it will be shown.

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  4. N'aww! The two make the best ever couple! :D lol Kieran! XD He appears at the most random and funniest moments! xD Great chapter! :D

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  5. plz add more chapters soon plz it is getting so good

    1. Thanks Melissa I'm publishing another one tomorrow :D

  6. AW:) This chapter was so sweet:) Great work!

    1. Oh and Kimmie told me that you like 1D, you are an amazing boy, Kurtis :P You can now come to me and Niall's wedding with Kimmie!

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