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Generation 5, Chapter 31 : My little birds are leaving there nests.

The last Chapter of Generation 5 :

Who knew eight and a half years could go so fast.

 For an eighteen year old, Cassidy is quite short.  Just two years ago she successfully completed her GCSE's with 11 A*'s and four B to C grades. After that she went to college for just under and year and studied Science and Construction.

In Just two weeks she will be going to Sunset Valley University to study to become a surgeon. She knew it was going to take years after years to complete her studies but she said it would be all worth it.

As for Kieran being a smart fourteen year old, we decided too send him to Art school for a year. Unlike a typical fourteen year old, he didn't mind at all because he had a huge hobby for Art and design.

I strolled into his room to see his bags fully packed with his essentials and his art supplies, and of course he wasp painting away. I was so proud of him because most teenagers these days just hang around the streets wasting there life away and to some extent, Sell drugs but my teenager is in his home doing what he's best at.

I moved closer to him observing what he was painting on the large canvas.

''Urm Kieran, it time to go now. If you want to get to the university by morning you have to leave now.''

''Okay mum I just need to finish this painting.''

''There's no time! Finish it when you come back in a year. And the car is waiting for you outside!''

''Okay mum, but what about Cassidy she needs to come a say bye to me!''

''I'll just go get her now, go and take your bags downstairs to your dad.''

I gently knocked on Cassidy's door, ''Cas you in there?'' I asked but there was no reply. I opened up the door to find her getting dressed.

''MUM! I'm getting dressed!'' Oh crap. There is nothing more embarrassing than catching my eighteen year old daughter half naked.

She seemed, not because I aught her half naked because of something else.

''What's wrong Cas?''

''What makes you think something's wrong?''

''Cassidy Rae Cronwell, I've known you for eighteen years, I know everything about you.''

''I'm going Kieran, he the best brother anyone could ask for.'' Did I just hear what she said correctly, she truly loved her brother.

''Oh Cassidy.'' I pulled her in for a hug and she started to cry. ''He'll be back in a year, and I'm sure he'll miss you just as much as you do. You can call him, chat with him and skype him. And plus he get two months off to come back home and see is family. Everything will be okay. Now get dressed and come down to say goodbye to him.''

Alex was truly sad to see his only son leave the family home. Cassidy was tearful but I think she held most of them in so Kieran wouldn't be embarrassed.

I on the other hand was completely supportive of Kieran's choice of going to art school. In about a month the house will be pretty empty but at least our children were doing something good for themselves.

''Now don't you take drugs at that Art school otherwise you'll be coming back to something you weren't expecting.''

''Mum, seriously drugs!?''

''I'm just joking Hun, take care and be sure to Skype us at least once a week.''

''I will.''

''Bye mum, dad and Cassidy, I'll miss you all.'' Just as he was about to go and hug Cassidy the Taxi driver honked for him to hurry up.

''Well I better go now.'' Just as he said that Cassidy ran up to him and pulled him in for a big hug.

''I'm going to miss you little bro.''

''I'm going to miss you too.''

Two minuets later the Taxi drove off with Kieran. My youngest child left his comfort zone. I had regrets of him going but I had to let him go sometime.

As the Taxi turned roudn the corner down the road I began to cry, all way becoming real to me, my little birds are leaving there nest.''

Ten minuets later we were all sitting on the front porch, Alex was still heart broken from his only son leaving.

''So Cassidy-'' I was cut off by Alex.

''I'll leave you too alone to talk.'' Alex said before wiping some tears off of his face.

I heard him mumble, ''I should of agreed to have more kids...''

''So Cassidy, your eighteen now and we both know your going to university in two weeks. There's one small thing I need to know, what do you want to do with your life?''

''Well..... I hate seeing death, I knew form a young age when Grandma died and I was truly said although I never knew her. Anyway let me get to the point, I hate seeing death and to prevent that I am going to become a doctor, a surgeon to be specific.

~ The next morning~

Alex and I thought that Cassidy couldn't go to University at the age of nineteen without a car so we brought her a pink Volkswagen.

''Your legally allowed to drive now, so happy birthday Cas!'' I said before removing my fingers off of her confused face.

''A CAR! Mum; Dad, you the best! Thank you so so much!!'' She couldn't contain her excitement.

I told her to stand next to car and pose so I could take a picture of her. ''Say nineteen today!''

''Nineteen today!'' She cheered then I pressed the button on the camera.

My girl is finally an young adult, ready to take on the confusing place we call Earth.

I just hope she handles her life good...... And that she has kids.

~**^^ The end of Generation 5 ^^**~

Thank you so much for following my legacy threw five generations. I hope you can follow it for another Generation because I have allot installed for Generation 6.

Thanks for reading, I hoped you liked it and please comment on what you think.

Goodbye Generation 5, hello Generation 6.


  1. I-I.. dunno what to say except for.. *cries*

    1. I know, Jade was a fun Generation.
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  2. Aww! Growing up too fast! D': Why? WHY? lol, Yes Alex you should've agreed to have more kids! *grumble grumble* I'll miss Jade's Gen! Lol Great chapter! XD

    1. Aw Thanks Kuba, I know Alex can be an idiot at times!
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  3. How exciting can't wait for generation 6 to start!

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    1. Thanks Hailey, Generation 6 will be very eventful.
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  4. amazing im so excited for generation 6!

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  5. Awesome chapter!!

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    1. Thanks Chloe, hopefully it will turn out good!!

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  6. Wonderful chapter kurtis ^__^ I'll miss jade. And I'll miss this generation DX but I can't wait to see the new generation ^__^ whoop!

    1. Thanks Annika, I'll miss Jade's Generation too.

  7. Very sweet! The kids have grown up into lovely teens! Looking forward to gen 6! XD


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