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Generation 6, Chapter 1 : Gaining something results in loosing something.

I'm Cassidy Rae. I turned twenty - three years old just four days ago and I live by myself in quite a lovely house down town. I have a wonderful job and a sexy boyfriend, what else can I ask for?

Before I went to University, I went to prom with Josh. Surprisingly, I won prom queen and he won prom king. I also successful completed my Ballet and Debate courses. I then went onto University.

Three years later I graduated from University and got a degree in Medicine. I couldn't believe I finally done it. Within just a year of attending University I wanted to give up, with me being an inpatient person. It took to the worse when I took off a month off of University because I felt like I was getting nowhere. Thanks to my mum's advice she gave to me I was able to complete University just two years later.

My parent were not just  proud by the fact that I graduated successfully, also by the fact that I never gave up on University instead I carried on and completed my studies.

A year later I am twenty - four and in the Medical profession. On those nights when Josh was working late I was stuck all alone watching crappy Romantic TV shows. But one night things went quite weird. I was watching Fairy tale endings when I noticed a woman at the corner of my window. I could barely see her but I could see she was admiring her belly.

Without her noticing, I literately crawled outside behind her to see that she was either heavily pregnant or a bit on the large side if you know what I mean...

''Um... excuse me?''
I said. I was quite puzzled why this woman I have met in my life was randomly standing in my front garden.

She bolted around to see me tapping my right feet on the floor; she could clearly see I was annoyed wit her.

''Sorry to disturb you at such a time but I was wondering if you had two spare rooms I could rent?''

I had many questions but one popped into my head suddenly and I said it, I would just get the rest out later.

''Why two rooms?'' It wasn't the best of questions but it was one I pondered on.

''One for me and my growing baby, I'm eight and a half months pregnant you see.''

''Indeed I do. And your actually in luck because this house happens to be a three bedroom house.''

''Cool! Could we discuss this inside please because I've been on my feet for five hours straight and this baby and I needs a rest.''


''Are you sure your okay down there?'' I said to her while I sat on the edge of the sofa while she stretched out her strained legs over my rug.

''I'm good down here, if you ever have a child the best place for you is the floor.'' I would think the best place was a bed but she's the pregnant one so I'll just take her word for it.

A few minuets later after an awkward silence she launched herself on the couch and began talking.

''So about the room, I would like rent them for a little while just until I get my own house for us two. You see I just moved here from Lucky Palms and I forgot to sort out a place to stay.''

''Yes you can rent them but I need to know some stuff about you, for starters what is your name?''

''Oh yes, I'm Nadine Reid. I was transferred here for work reasons. I'm was born in Lunar Lakes but grew up in Lucky Palms. I have a degree in business a sociology and I am an Business woman.''

''You sound like a perfect room-mate, let me show you too your room.''

I led her down the hallway to the room. The room was much bigger than mine but I never liked this room, it was much too basic.

''So here's your room, sorry it's a bit basic but I yet to decorate it yet. I'm sure once you have that baby you can modernize the room. The baby room is just down the hall too.''

''It's perfect.'' She said before testing out her new bed. She rubbed her developing baby with her tow hands.

''See Tasha, I told you we'd find a great home.'' I assume she's going to call her baby Tasha.

''Thank you so much....''

''Cassidy, I'm Cassidy Cronwell.''

''Cronwell!?'' She seemed surprised by my last name.

''Are you by any chance Alex Cronwell's daughter?''

''Yes how do you know my dad?''

''I don't but my dad and your dad work together.''

''Oh now I see, my dad told me once about his partner, Jerome Reid.''

''Yes, that's my dad.''

Our conversation took us all the way too the morning. Nadine has a real touch to the piano that came with this house.

Just as I was tapping my feet to the rhythm of the song Nadine was playing I heard the door bell ring and not too surprise, it was Josh.

''Morning Cas.'' He said before shoving a bunch of lilies at the door.

''Like them?''

''Hello no, I love them!''

We has our 'daily make out session' in front of Nadine which probably made her feel awkward.

''Uh.... Cassidy there's a woman behind you.''

''Oh yes, Nadine this is my boyfriend Josh; Josh this is my new room mate Nadine Reid.''

''Uh, Hi Josh it's nice to meet you.''

''The same for you...'' I could feel another awkward silence coming our way and I was right. I easily broke it when a idea came to my head.

''Hey Josh, why don't you cook some lunch for us while I take Nadine somewhere quickly?''


''Okay honey, see you in about ten minuets.''

Half an hour later I was gazing at the lake shimmering in the sun. Another awkward silence came at us as I couldn't think of something to say to Nadine and get the conversation starting, if only I was charismatic. Instead I stared at Nadine belly which was the size of a whale. She looked like she was ready right there ans then to give birth.

There was one question which came to my head once more; Who is the father of her baby?

I was just about to ask her when she said something.

''Cassidy this may sound rude but I don't like your boyfriend, he seems shifty.'' That really ticked me off, so much that I had an outburst.

I turned to her and screwed her before I said anything else.

''What do you mean he is shifty? You hardly know him and your already judging him. If you must know I we've been going out for six years and how long have you known him; not even a full day!''

''I'm sorry if that bothers you but I'm just speaking my mind, and if you don't like it I'd better find somewhere else to live.'' She definitely has a mouth on her but I think I can cope with her, so I became the bigger woman and apologized too you.

''I'm sorry Nadine, I just flip out at times when people judge. I really hate it when people judge me, my family and friends.''

''No I'm sorry, I should of said it in a more calmly way. Now let's go home and eat that lunch your boyfriends making.''

Once we got home Josh was nowhere to be seen. He most likely fell asleep on the couch watching TV like he always does.

I peeked over the couch thinking I'd see him sleeping away but instead I was greeted by to people. There in front of me was what looked like a prostitute prancing herself over my boyfriend.

''Finish yet.'' I said with a tone even I hadn't had seen before. Those words made Josh spring up off the floor; the woman did the same too.

''Cassidy this isn't what it looks like!'' He said before pulling up the left side of his underpants. The woman who had been on top of him took a step back and clipped her bra on. Josh put his hands out for a signal to hug him.

''Put your dirty hands down Josh, I know what's going on here.''

''Cassidy we were just-'' Josh said before walking over to me and trying to pull me in for a hug.

''Just WHAT!'' I shouted out causing Nadine to rush in.

'Um...Uh..Um.'' He continued to say until stopped him.

''So your sleeping with this blonde bimbo behind my back, what do you love her or is she your 'side girl'?''

''I love you Cassidy.''

''Oh is that right Josh, so why are you letting this bimbo with unnaturally large boobs play with you!?''

Before he could say anything I turned to the whore standing at the other end of the room.

''And as for you you blonde bimbo, get the hell out of my house, NOW!'' I said and then slapped you straight across the face. She went red in the face straight away then ran out of the living room. I assumed she went out of the house too because if she didn't she'll need an ambulance, and soon.

''Cassidy please.''

''Please what? Josh we've been going out for seven years. We went on dates, we went travelling together, we went parties together and we even went to prom together! I loved you for those seven years and now I finally see how you feel. And yes you may say you love me but you know what, to be honest I don't love you any more. Please just go.''

He finally got the message and went threw the door without a goodbye. I began to cry, seven years of a relationship down the drain. I went back out there, I still had one thing to say to him.

''Oh and Josh just so you know were done, so don't come back here again. You my past now.''


What a nice way to start of Cassidy's generation right.

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    1. I know, he's an idiot. A real one. NO ONE TOYS WITH MY CASSIDY LIKE THAT!
      & Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. **** **** **** **** Josh! You're a **** **** **** **** Ughh! >.< I always knew there was something fishy with him! ArgghH! Poor Cas! I hope she find someone better! D': Wait, *gasp* Nadine pregnant? Josh being a cheater? And Nadine finding Josh shifty? I get it! She woohooed with Josh and got pregnant and tried to break Cas and him up! So her kid has a dadda! But he cheated on her too! Oh yeah! Like a boss! (Sorry I tend to watch too much detective movies) XD Lol great chapter! XD

    1. Oh my god you just made a great storyline there, I LOVE it! I know, as Josh grew older I began too hate him, SO MUCH.
      Thanks for commenting Kuba, :)

    2. Lol! XD Okay into game *places Josh on empty lot and Builds walls around him* Now get Cassie someone better! XD lol

    3. Oh you guys are in for a real surprise for Cassidy's spouse.

      &Thanks for commenting, again :)

  3. I WANT TO SLAP HIM!!!!!!!!!

    I hope Cassidy's alright.

    I loved it! I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.


    1. Oh Chloe, everyone does.

      Cassidy's fine, she just brushed it off and carried on.

      Thanks Chloe, I really am trying to add new things to different generation's instead of just marrying and having kids.

      Thanks for commenting, :)

  4. Um, from where did Josh get those scars on his face? I'd like an explanation, please.

    1. Oh he got them from a fight he got into after having Sex with a married man's wife. The man beat him up but I never added it into the story.

  5. go Cassidy! whoop! tell that guy who's boss XD great chapter again kurtis ^__^

    1. Thanks Annika, Yes Cassidy is a strong girl, :)

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    1. Oh yeah she did! Thanks for commenting, |:)


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