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Generation 6, Chapter 2 : An unusual meeting.

I thought I could brush off my breakup with Josh but I can't.

It's been six months our breakup and the reason why I was still sad because we were together for seven years and our relationship ended within 10 minuets all because of a stupid blonde bimbo. The annoying thing was that I couldn't have that 'Girlfriend' talk with Nadine because she was always occupied by Tasha.

I wondered sometimes how it felt to be in her position as a parent.

Anyway, today was the day Tasha turned six months and Nadine dragged me to the beach with her to play along with Tasha. Of course while she was trying to change the irritative Tasha I sat by myself sobbing in the hot sun on a thin blanket.

Sometimes I would imagine Josh and I as a married couple. I imagined that we would get married under a highly decorated arch of flowers in Appaloosa planes in front of a massive waterfall. 

''I do.'' Was the only sentence I imagined him saying. I didn't care about vows, all I wanted to hear from him was I do.

After we exchanged rings we would kiss me with his moist lips which oddly smelt like potato salad. 

Just a year later we would find out we were having a baby together. He would be overjoyed by the fact that we would have a beautiful baby girl.

Two years later we would be dealing with a hyper and playful little girl called Kasey. She would giggle every time I tickled her little stomach and then she would fall straight asleep because on my shoulder while I burped her.

And from then on we would be a happy family together, and go on two have three more kids called Max, Izi, and Hailey.

But I guess that will never happen, after what he done to me.

''Cas can you help me with Tash please, she won't sit in one place!'' Nadine always relied on me to entertain Tasha while she go some quality rest.

''Sure, I always agree anyway.'' I said with a harsh tone a took Tash out of her hands.

I actually enjoyed playing with Tasha, most of the time. Some days she will giggle away with me while I lifted her up little body up with my two feet. Other days she wouldn't be feeling well and would vomit all over me. I have had to but four new dresses because of her 'accidents'.

Two hours later I got her fast asleep and placed her on her mother. I desperately needed to clean out my head of all this crap with Josh and I so I decided to something I had never done before, explore the bleach.

After surveying every corner of the beach, I cam across a bunch of hedges and dived in too have a quick look. I looked down to see ants scurrying around the moist ground. I heard a small sound and looked up.

''Those ants are scared of you, you know.'' I deep yet extremely sexy voice said out causing me too jump.

''God you scared me!'' I said before checking my pulse rate with two fingers.

''Sorry there, hold on I'm coming down.''

Just as he said that his launched himself off the floor but slipped on the wet wooden tiles. His blue converses (I think) slipped off the edge of the balcony.

''Oh shit.'' I heard him say before thing took a real wrong turn for him.

He went flying off the balcony falling many many feet. ''AHHH!'' I heard him scream before...

He fell straight on top of me. We both crashed into the itchy plant - life. His head bashed unto my stomach and his hands were spread out all over me.

Then all of a sudden him and I became incredibly dizzy and fell unconscious. The last thing I saw was his smooth elbow lunged under my chin.

I slightly opened one eye to see that I was in some kind of room, what looked to be a hospital.

''You awake Cas? You got knocked out by that guy over there and I woke up and found you too in the bushes.''

I let out a small grumble to signify to her that I was half - awake. My head was pounding more than ever, I felt so dehydrated and my stomach was in real pain.

I found the strength to lean up against the frame of the bed and rub my sore eyes.

''Hey Nadine, where am I?''

''Your in the hospital. As I said before you got knocked out by that guy over there and I woke up and found you too in the bushes.''

''Oh and where is the guy who got knocked out too?''

As soon as she said that a man yawned at the other side of the room.

''I'm here.'' The red - haired man said.

''Uh hi, and you are?''

''Harrison, Harrison Smith.''

''Nice to meet you, Harrison.''


Harrison is the son of Famous challenge mother, Calista Katherine Smith.
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  1. OH MY GAWSH :O I loveeeeeeeeeee Harrison, he is really cute! I hope Cassidy and him become a couple ^.^ Their kids would be soooooooooooo cute!!

    1. *yourwishwillcometrue* He was 'spawned' by famous challenge mother, Calista Smith so thank her for Harry, ;)

      Oh HELL yeah Emma!!

      Thanks for commenting, :D

  2. Oh my gosh, Kurtis! I loved how your introduce Harrison. Lol, clumsy fellow. Great work and thanks for using him in your story!!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thanks so much Calista *Big smile*. Thank me, thank you for letting me use him!!

      Infact I looked at him and Luke in CAH, I can see how there father and son!

      Thanks for commenting, :D :D

  3. Aw, I feel bad for Cassidy :(

    Tasha is so cute! ^_^

    I didn't even recognize Harrison! I can't wait to see what happens with him next! :D


    1. Oh there'll be more of Harrison in the upcoming chapter xD.
      Thanks for commenting Chloe, :D

  4. In my head, he fell and cas went and caught him, the two gazed into each other's eyes and fell in love- But not anymore of that Gibberish! Cus Kurtis just gave a great twist Flat Jade like a pancake why don't you? ;D! KA_CHOOW! XD lol Great chapter, now who is Tasha's father? Josh a random guy? Or a gorrila?! Tell us now! XD lol Okay so yeah! XD

    1. Lool your imaginations are so funny Kuba!!

      Well Tasha's father will be revealed in the chapter after next chapter (so Chapter 4)!

      Thanks so much for the Lovely comment Kuba, :)

  5. Aww ^__^ Harrison is cute! I love his hair ^__^ I hope him and Cass fall in love ^__^ whoop! Tasha is adorable ^__^ awesome chapter kurtis! Can't wait to read the next one :D

    1. Thanks Annika, I got his hair from Lotus's Journal! Thanks for the comment and thanks for commenting.


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