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Generation 6, Chapter 3 : Was I right to forgive you?

It's nice to have one guy friend that I can hang out with. Harrison and I have been going to the gym everyday this week. I don't how he persuaded to go there with him but all I know if that I have never felt to fit in my life before!

He is actually in a way, my personal trainer but is also a good friend. You would after a man flattens and knocks you out you wouldn't like him but that's a different case with us. Maybe he was meant to fall on me, like it was destined.

''I see your doing the tree pose I taught you.'' He said before stretching both arms. I was startled to see him in a grey hat because his hair looked cute out all messy and dis - shaped.

We took a slow jog to the small gym around the corner. I noticed a subway just next it and wondered why we never just got it here but Harrison insisted we jogged to the gym.

Once we got upstairs I noticed two mirrors and a stereo. This was most likely the Cardio workout room.

''Damn I look sexy in this outfit!'' Crap, why would I say that with Harrsion here next to me. My mother always said I was vain, I guess she's right.

''You do Cas.'' Harrison said to me causing a awkward silence. At that moment I could tell Harrison liked liked me. I thought we were just two good friends but now that I could easily tell he likes me, It might just get a bit awkward.

''Uh... let's get to exercise then!''

We spent hours after hours going form machine to machine working our bodies to the maximum limit. Although Harrison had such a fit and muscular body he still struggled one of the machines that I also struggled with too.

''Can we stop now?'' I asked him with all the strength I had left.

''Of course, why don't we take a dip in the hot tub outside for an hour too relax our bodies?'' I was hesitant to say yes but in the end I did.

I couldn't help but stare at his muscular and hairy chest while he climbed in the hot tub. I couldn't believe it but I think I may be falling for him just he's falling for me. Is it right to possibly be in love with my good friend?

''I'm just curious Cassidy, do you think you'll ever date someone again?''

''Yeah I'll probably some day but I don't plan on any time soon.''

''Oh....'' And there was another awkward silence for a few minuets. I noticed I get myself into to many awkward silences with many people.

Instead of talking we both sunk into the bubbly heat of the hot tub. It was quite soothing to feel the bubbles rippling on my body while I layed my head back on the side of the hot tub.

Harrison on the other hand became immature and splashed me with his left foot.

''Don't you think you should take off your hat in the hot tub?''

''Nah, it's not getting wet!''


After our short conversation I heard footsteps approaching us, and those shoes I saw were very familiar.

I looked up too see my ex boyfriend, Josh, gazing at Harison and I in the hot tub.

''So this is your new boyfriend.''

''Shut your dirty little mouth Josh, this is my good friend, Harrison Smith.''

''Hey Harry.'' Josh said which made Harrison really angry, he doesn't liked to be called Harry.

Harrison turned around and screwed him. ''My name is Harrison, not Harry.''

''Woah sorry mate.'' That just made me so damn mad that I got out of the hot tub with Harrison and confronted Josh.

''Okay who the hell do you think you are, just prancing back into my life and making fun of my friend!?''

''I'm sorry Cas, I just came-.''

''Just came what?''

''I just came to say sorry. Cassidy I regret every bit of wrecking our relationship and sleeping with that whore. If I just was able to have one wish in the world I would turn the clocks back and never cheat on you. You don't think I regret it, for the past six months I could stop thinking about you, about us, about the good times we had together. I even still have that picture of us on Prom Night when I touched your butt. I know there's no way in hell you'll take me back but I just wanted you to know that I still love you.''

''I love you too.'' I said before kissing him.

I had a strong feeling I'm going to regret taking Josh back.


I'm Sorry, I'm just sorry.

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  1. You are going to regret taking Josh back because I am going to kill you!!! -_-

    Other than that, I loved it ^_^

    The next post better be out soon!!!!!


    1. Oh don't worry guys *thererelationshipwon'tlastforlong*

      Thank you so much, ^_^

      I need to write and get the pictures so they'll be a new post by the end of the week!

  2. What? WHAT?!?!?! Pah, yeah he sleeps with a blonde bimbo, has woohoo with a married man's wife (You said in a comment before ;D) and she forgives him!?!?! Cas open your eyes! Harrison is 1000000times better! C'mon! XD **** you Josh you ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** well, lets hope that she gets with Harrison. *Hits screen.* You're dead Josh! In my game anyway! XD Lol, great chapter! But don't think you're going to get away with bringing him back. Cheaters are the last thing we want on this planet! XD LolJoking! XD Great chapter! XD

    1. Oh Gosh, this comment just made me roll on the floor laughing! I know everyone hates Josh but don't worry, he won't be around for long.

      I know, Cassidy was a fool there but her eyes will open soon ;D

      Thanks for the AMAZING comment!

  3. Oh no, JOSH!! :O

    Fortunately, their love won't last forever. :3 Harrison and Cassidy forever! <3

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Your 100% right Molly, CARRISON FOREVER.

  4. Woah woah woah!! Wat da fudge did I just read, Kurtis?

    1. No, *breathes heavily* what.. What... Happened.. to Cassidy and Harrison??? Cassidy shouldnt have done that! STUPIID >:(

      Sorry Cassidy but its true.... :/

    2. I know she's an idiot but she'll open her eyes soon enough :)

  5. aww that was amazing just cant believe she forgave him :')

    1. I know, she's not thinking right, right now.

  6. Awesome chapter ^__^ josh and Cassidy will not last long >:) mwuhahahaha! Carrison forever! <3


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