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Generation 6, Chapter 4 : If only I had a boyfriend like you.

My suspicions were right, I shouldn't of forgave Josh a month ago.

The first week went great but once he got more relaxed about the fact that he reeled me back in he took advantage of me.

He rejected me when I leaned in for a kiss with him, he constantly accused me of the stupidest of things and he also annoyed the hell out of Nadine. He even threw Tasha's talking pony toy out of the window because it as annoying him. What a bastard.

Instead of just moping around hoping he would love me again I stood up and turned around what he did to me unto him.

''Hey babe, want to smooch?''

''Uh... No, I need to clean the house.'' I then got up and walked out, leaving him alone in the living room.

~ **^**~

The next few hours just got worst. He wanted to have sex, but I obviously rejected him.

''What's up with you?''

''What's up? Is that all you have to say with that dirty little mouth of yours. Do you even love me any more?''

''Of course I do, your my babe.''

''Babe. Is that all I am to you. Josh you treat me like I'm your slapper from off the street. I really regret taking you back.''

''Oh do you know?''

''Yes I do! I loved once; those years ago when we were young and happy but now any more Josh, were done.''

''Well fine then, I'll just leave pack my things and leave now.''

''Yeah you just do that.''

As he took his clothes from his drawer he started up at the picture collage of us on the wall. I heard him whisper something which made me tear up.

''I wish I still loved you Cassidy.''

As he said that he left the room without saying goodbye.


Every part of me hurt, not physically... emotionally. My mum lost two boyfriends before she met my dad and it took a toll on her life. I wasn't going to let loosing that bastard ruin my life.

''You aright Cas, I heard Josh leave a minuet ago he seemed pretty angry.''

''I know, I broke up with him.'' Nadine let a sigh of relief out and smiled at me. 

''You finally got rid of him, it was about time.'' That statement would probably offend other girls but I widely agreed with it.

''Yes, yes I did and I'm happy about it.''

''Good, on another note I have something to tell you.'' Judging by the look on her face it was pretty important.

''And that is?''

''Come in Austin.'' The door slowly opened and a really attractive man walked in and stood next to Nadine. She took a deep breath and started to talk.

''This is Tasha's father, Austin Stone.'' I didn't see that coming at all. I always thought about who Tasha's father was and now I know. I could see he was her father because they had the same eyes and skin colour.

''Hi Austin, I'm Cassidy Cronwell. Sorry about my attire, I'm just pretty angry right now.''

''That's no problem, it's your house! I know we just met but do you mind if I stay here for the night?''

''Sure, make yourself at home.''


We ended up having lunch in the garden together.

''Josh is really and ass, how could he treat you like shit all these months!'' I had enough of people saying Oh Josh is such an ass. I was clearly aware that he was and I didn't need anyone else repeating it.

''You know what, I've had enough. Bye.'' I left my plate on the table and went back into my bedroom.

Instead I went for a long needed walk just while the sun began to set on Starlight Shores.

''I've always loved this town.'' I muttered to myself while going down a road with beautiful cherry trees blossomed down it.

''CASSIDY! Wait up!'' I heard Harrison shout out while pacing towards me.

I turned around to see Harrison grinning in front of me and once he saw tears coming from me eyes his expression turned bad.

''Cas, what's wrong?'' He said with a really concerned face.

''I ended it with Josh earlier.'' He grabbed me in for a friendly hug before I could cry. I seemed that forgetting Josh proved harder than I thought.

''Oh don't cry Cas, he was an ass anyway.''

He let me go and grinned at me again.

 ''Josh was lucky to have such a beautiful and intelligent girl, and if he doesn't appreciate you, he's just an idiot.''

That very sentence made me see sense in what he was saying.

''If only I had a boyfriend like you.''

I was finally clear to me.

I am in love with Harrison Smith.


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  1. Aw, I'm glad that jerk is gone! HARRISON! Whoop!

    ~Calista Smith


    Hello Harrison ^_^


    1. Amen to that Chloe!
      Thanks for commenting :D


  4. Just caught up, oh Cassidy! So glad she saw sense finally, and yay Harrison is a sweetheart, they make such a cute couple!!! XD

    1. Thanks Lj, she did see sense and found her man!

      Thanks for the comment!, :)

  5. Yippey! XD Finally Cas you opened your eyes! Lol I always thought Tasha's father was Josh! XD lol Now get baby making! XD Great chapter! :D

    1. Oh you'll see some babies soon Kuba XD
      Thanks for commenting, :)

  6. Ah young love! I'm glad Cassidy loves him, but I hope he loves her back. I love this chapter because I love love stories because there filled with so much love and I love it. Love is great. I LOVE it! lol. xD LOVE!!!

    (aka Dawn Turner/Starr)

  7. young love ^___^ whoop! Harrison and Cassidy are so cute together ^___^ great chapter kurtis!


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