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Generation 6, Chapter 5 : They may of been distant but there together now.

NOTE:- This post includes very old characters from previous generations so if seemed confused about who I'm talking about to go the 'Generations and Chapters' tab at the top of my blog.

Although at this point in my life I literately repulsed Josh but I could never get rid of the great memories we had together throughout those seven years we actually loved each other. Now that I clearly can see, the word 'love' is really misused these days. People just use it willy nilly.

I was a true surprise that day when my granddad, who is still looking great for eighty, stroll towards my door like the southern gentleman he is.

''GRANDDAD!'' I screamed out which made Tasha freak out in her high chair and Nadine to bolt in to see if I was okay.

''Cas! My favourite grandchild!'' I felt bad for Vanessa and Kieran because they are his grandchildren too but oh well, I happy to be his favourite.

''So granddad, how are you? How have you been, how's grandma and Aunt Mary?''

''I'm really good actually, just a bit lonely because Dayna and Mary - Jayne have gone too Lucky Palms for her graduation ceremony, but I couldn't travel with them because of health issues..''

''Oh god, I'm so sorry granddad.''

''It's okay, so how are you then, married to Josh yet?'' I just knew he was going to ask me that question.

''I'm good, but Josh and I broke up the other day so there's no sign of me marrying any time soon!''

He didn't answer me back because he was in some sort of daze.

''You okay Granddad?''

''No, I've been thinking a lot of my mum. She died twenty years ago and I never got to go her funeral. I nkow she died such a long time ago but I miss her so much. She was a perfect mum.''

''Oh, great - grandma Sophie, my mum told me about her and how she was an amazing grandma. Is it true that she died on my fifth birthday?''

''Yes she was and yes she did, she died of kidney failure. She died the day she was going to have a kidney transplant.

''I'm so sorry granddad.''

''It's okay hun, I just wish I could see her again.''

''I just thought of an idea, why don't we both go back to Sunset Valley and visit her grave?''

''That's a perfect idea. Shall we leave now?''

''We better, it's a long drive.'' And so after that I changed my clothes into suitable outwear and I booked two tickets to Sunset Valley, which luckily left in two hours.


''God this town is full of nature, I love it!'' I whispered trying not to scare away the butterfly I was about to catch.

''It is, why do you think your great-great-great grandmother decided to settle here and have six children.''

''God this family must be massive.''

''You have no idea Cas, no idea.''

It wasn't long before the taxi dropped us off the the cemetery gates. The placed seemed so old and ancient like it hadn't been touched for years.

'Sunset Valley Private Cemetry the bold sign read under all of it's layers of dust settled on top of it.

''So this is where Sophie Cronwell is buried?''

''Yes, just along here.'' He led me across the main part of the cemetery and then made a sudden turn to the right.

Right in here Cas, this is where all deceased Cronwell's have been buried.''

I was completely nervous to meet my ancestors, or at least there graves.

''On the far left is Terra & Thomas Cronwell, my great - grandmother. In the middle is Aries & Carter Cronwell, my grandmother and on the far right is Sophie & Richard Cronwell, my parents.''

''So these are my ancestors. Uh.. Hi previous Cronwell, I'm Cassidy.'' I knew obviously couldn't hear me but it was worth a try.

Just as I went up to Granddad he sunk to the ground in front of his parents grave.

''I'm so sorry mum and dad, I should of came to your funeral. I should have visited you more. I don't know if you hate me but I've done allot of stuff for you guys. I made you three grandchildren and three great - grandchildren, one right here with me. Her name's Cassidy Rae. Please answer me, Please.''

That sentence made me break into tears. Although I never met them, I could see they were amazing people you lived and left a legacy.

''She was a great mum, right?'' I heard someone call behind us while we were sobbing together.

''I know that voice, that tone.'' Riley said before turning around to see a woman with greyish hair just like him and she was wearing a dark red coat and had glasses to match.

''JESSIE!'' Riley shouted before rushing to hug the woman I did not have a clue of who she was.

''And who is this granddad?''

''This is my sister, Jessie. And your great - Aunt!''

I introduced myself but quickly left to let them catch up on there time. I could clearly see granddad was overjoyed to see his sister again after thirty years. I heard them talk about how she had one child and four grandchildren and I also heard granddad talk about me and mum.

I was truly happy to see them together, but not just together, happy together.

I thought in my head they may of been distant for a long while but there together now.


And that's the end on Chapter 5 of The Cronwell Legacy. Thanks so much for reading and please comment telling me what you thought on it.

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  1. Aw that was cute :) I'm glad Riley got to see his sister again.


    1. Thanks Chloe, I had always wanted to bring back Jessie and I finally found a way too!!

      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Oh my gosh Kurtis so chapter was so freakin sweet, I thought i was about to start crying when Jessie showed up since hey and riley didn't get a long too well...

    1. I know, they had a crap relationship when they were younger because of there petty arguments and Riley being protective and all of that. But now that they aged they sorted out there differences.

      Thanks so much for commenting, Emma :)

  3. What a lovely post. It's great that they still remember the previous generations and visited their graves. Great post and I can't wait to rad more. :)

    (aka Dawn Turner/Starr)

    1. I know, I felt bad just forgetting the previous generations seeming that I moved towns so I incorporated them into this post.

      Thanks for Commenting, Dawn Starr!

  4. umm do you rember that you said you were going to use the club that i made? because i rember saying that too you before just wondering if you will.

    1. Yeah I did but I completely forgot, sorry about that! If Cassidy has a bacherlorette party (I'm still deciding)

    2. oh it`s ok i figured you might have forgoten.

  5. I loved this chapter! :'D So frickin emotional! No I'm not crying. *sob* *cleans cheeks! ;) I know I commented earlier but had to re-read this chapter :) By the way if you'd like here's the latest chapter http://kubassimstories.blogspot.ie/2012/08/the-anderson-family-legacy-chapter-13.html :D

    1. Thanks for commenting again Kuba, it really means a lot to me!

      Thanks also for the link, I'll go read it :D


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