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Generation 6, Chapter 6 : Dreams like this can sometimes be true.

''Cas, do you mind looking after Tasha for a few hours while I go out on a date with Austin?''

And that was the classic line from Nadine Reid. For the past two months Nadine has been constantly going on dates with Austin hoping he will propose to her one of these days. Although he is Tasha's dad I didn't think Nadine still loved him after him getting her pregnant as a result of a one night stand.

''And is there a reason why I should look after him?''

''I finally think Austin is going to Propose to me!''

I muttered under my breath, ''Yeah you said that two weeks ago.''

I sighed and wiped the sweat off of my forehead.

''If I must.''

''Yay! Thanks Cas, I'll be back in two hours. By the way I'm loving your nails today.''

''Are you just saying that to sweeten me up?''

''Girl you know me so well.''

''Say goodbye to mummy.'' I gestured to Tasha to look at her mum who was leaving the house.

''Bye mum!''

''Now, what shall we do today huh?'' I asked her.

''Social time!'' Social time was a activity she learnt at nursery the other day.

''Okay Tash, let's go do social time.'' I pushed the door shut making sure it clicked shut and chased Tasha to the living room.

''So, what do you want to talk about today Tash?''


''Oh the one outside?''

''Yes Aunt Cas!'' She said before crawling to the window to admire the sun setting over the mountains.

''She really does like that Sunset outside.'' I heard a deep voice erupt into the room and it could only be Harry.

''Harry! How the hell did you get in here?''

''First of all, you know I hate being called Harry and second you didn't lock the door properly.''

''Stupid door, I need to get that locked changed.''

''You sure do seeming that you have a baby in the house.''

''Four your information she's three now.'' I gave him a cheeky smile and left Tasha to play with her dolls.

Harrison gently caressed my hands and rocked them; side to side. He made a sort of flirty face which creped me out but it was slightly sexy at times.

''Hey Cas, do you want to go on a date with me, perhaps tonight?''

''I would love too but Nadine's gone out with Austin and somehow convinced me to look after Tasha for the night.''

''Call a babysitter!''

''I suppose, and Nadine won't mind. At least I hope.''

''Tash, Aunt Cassidy is just going out for a little while so be good for the babysitter, okay?''

''Okay Aunt Cas!'' Just as I put Tasha on her play mat the babysitter arrived and I gave her my number just in case of an emergency.

'''Ready for a fun night Cas?'' Harrison asked me, I jumped on his back and wrapped my hands around his soft neck and tapped his head for him to look at me and do his signature grin at me.

''I sure am Harry, but where are we going?''

''I'll just assume you didn't call me Harry just now and it's a surprise, you shall know when we get there.''

''You sneaky devil.'' We grinned one last time at each other and we got into the taxi together.

Half an hour later the Taxi dropped us off at one of the tallest building in Starlight Shores. I had never seen it before but it looked oddly familiar.

''Where the hell are we?'' I asked Harrison. What was in front of me seemed to be a old building with no windows and just two plants in front of it.

''You'll know once we get to the top.''

We entered into a bare room with one staircase and two pillar lights beside it.

''What are you playing at Mr. Smith?''

''Ms. Cronwell you must be patient.'' Harrison said and grinned at me one more time.

''And this is the last floor.'' He said to me before placing his arm on my shoulder.

''What about that staircase in front of us?''

''That's where the surprise is.''

The wait Harrison made me endure was sure worth it. He led me up the final staircase onto a wide roof top lounge rented out just for our evening together. The night breeze made the candle on the glass table flicker on and off and but street - like lights kept the lighting at a perfect intensity.

From what is looked like, Harrison and I were going on a dinner date.

I ran up to the balcony in my flats and took in the breath taking view that was under me. I could see everything in Starlight Shores, from the shops to the schools to the houses and to the parks/woodlands. I could even see a few wild horses that looked like mere ants from up here.

''Great view right?'' Harrison said resting is chin on my shoulder.

''Great!? It's amazing! Th balcony, the view, the furniture, everything is just amazing.'' I lunged into his stomach by accident as I wads trying to hug him. It caught him off guard first but he got over it and huggged me back.

We first spent hours chatting and goofing around and then we actually had our meal.

''So Cassidy how do you like it up here?'' Asked Harrison, I could tell he felt awkward just eating eating away without talking to me.

''Honestly, this is the best date I've ever been on.'' I was lying, this date was much better than any on the one's I went on with Josh.

By time we finished dinner it was 5:00am in the morning. I was shocked of the time because I never knew we had been out for so long.

''Thank you for this lovely date Cassidy, it was really fun.'' He kissed me on my hand but I knew he wanted to kiss me on the lips.

''I had fun too but there is one more thing I need to do.''

''Oh... well what is that?'' He asked with a puzzled face.

''Kiss you.'' Just a second later he leaned in on me and kissed me. He pulled me in closer and leaned me on his chest.

What I finally wanted had came true.


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  1. N'aww! After many deaths, something like this is needed :') They're adorable together! And does anyone else hear those wedding bells? Followed by the baby lullabye? lol I'm starting to dislike Nadine, I mean this Nadine not the Nadine that died in my game today :( Nadine Reid seems very rude now! XD Great chapter!

    1. Thanks Kuba, they are just too adorable! I never tried to give Nadine a bad look, but the next chapter shows A LOT about her so maybe you'll change your mind about her.

      Thanks for commenting, :)

  2. All I have to say is YAY!!!!!! <3

    Great post ^_^


  3. Aww very sweet! Loved the last chapter too with Riley and Jessie, nice looking back! ;o)

    1. Thanks LJ, I just had too bring the surviving Cronwell's back.

  4. yay! they finally got together! whoop! their gonna make beautiful babies ^__^ awesome chapter kurtis! yay!

    1. Thanks Annia, there just great together *cries*.

      I know, I'm hoping they will ^_^

      Thanks for commenting :D

  5. Awesome post, Kurtis! I loved the date, very creative! ^_^

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thanks Molly, I tried to make it completely different to regular dates :)


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