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Generation 6, Chapter 16 : Getting more than you thought?

Since Harrsion and I started trying for a baby I started to get excited about having our own little child in the house. My mother used to say to me I was great with my younger brother and said I would also be a great mother, like her.

''So Cassidy, I haven't seen you for like a month now!'' Nadine said while slumping into the armchair beside mine.

''I know we need to catch up. So How's Austin and Tasha?''

''There fine actually, Austin's gone to a fitness convention in Bridgeport so I'm left with my moody thirteen year old daughter. Don't get me wrong I love Tasha but ever since she turned thirteen two months ago she's changing a lot.''

I muttered under my breath,''I hope our children aren't like that.''

He eyes widened and she glared at me.

''Children, your own children?'' She asked in a puzzled way.

''You better sit down and let me explain.'' I said in a funny manner and threw a crisp at her.

''So basically... Harrison and I are trying for a baby. We've been trying for three weeks now and two days ago I had this awful vomiting episode so I think I may be pregnant.''

''Oh my god, it's about time girl!'' Nadine said throwing the crisp back at me.

''Shut up Nadine.''

''Only joking Cas, anyway congratulations!'' She said before hugging me.

''Any tips on parenthood?''

''Treasure the days your children our babies because once they turn 'the age', your going to go through a rocky time!''

''I'm sure that'll help me, thanks Nadine.''

''Any time girl, any time''

''So you want to get-'' I quickly ended my sentence once I felt a horrible feeling in my stomach.

''You al right Cas?'' Nadine asked me.

''NO! I'm about to-'' I darted for garden door, trampling some plants and barging through Harrison while he came out with drinks for us.

''Cassidy! You okay?'' Harrison yelled to me across the garden while I scurried up the steps.

I didn't answer but instead bolt through the kitchen straight into the bathroom attached to it.

Half an hour later my face was still buried in the toilet and beside me was a pregnancy test I took. 

It was positive.

Harrison knelt down to me, rubbing my back to help all the vomit to get out of my system. He then noticed the pregnancy test to the side of me and he smiled at the sight of it. 

''Were having a baby?'' He asked me. I wiped the spit off of my filthy mouth and turned around to let out a small smile. I took his hand with the pregnancy test in it and looked up at him again.

''We sure are.''

~Five months later~

Five months down the line I found myself admiring my baby bump in the mirror. My midwife told me I was much larger for a five months pregnant woman so they booked me in for a scan.

The first few months of my pregnancy was horrendous. For a week I couldn't keep anything down past my throat, two weeks later I couldn't stop sleeping and then to top that all off I had too start buying clothes that fit me.

Most women complained how biog they got when they were pregnant but I loved having this beautiful bump in front of me, of course I couldn't see my toes but oh well.

''Hey beautiful.'' Harrison said while he felt my belly from behind me.

''Hey Harrison, I was just measuring my bump again, it's grew twenty five more centimetres since last week!''

''That's great! I can't believe our baby is growing so fast, and I can't believe were going to find out what were having!'' Harrison said with all excitement in his eyes.

''Hello baby, can you tell daddy what you are!?'' Harrison says while pressing his head firmly on my belly.

''Harrison stop being impatient, we'll find out in a few hours!''

''I'll drive you there now then.'' He said while grabbing the keys and bolting downstairs.

A few hours later we left the hospital without knowing the gender of our baby. Apparently now they have to observe the scan and call us up telling us the news. Harrsion was a bit disappointed but the doctor said we only had a wait an hour or so.

We sat in front of the phone for a while waiting patiently for the call. I felt the baby kick, it made me jump a bit because it was more of a thump than a kick.

''God this baby wants to get out already.''

Harrison seemed to be in a trance while he was meditating. A few seconds later the phone started to ring.

''Harrison can you get that?''

No answer.

''I cannot be distracted.'' He said quietly.

''Fine, I'll get it myself.''

It took me about a minuet to successfully get up off the couch. 

''Why are so heavy baby, your only five months!'' I said to my belly. Soon after it kicked indicating to me that it heard my remark.

I finally picked up the phone just before the person was about to hang up.


''Hello Mrs. Cronwell, we have the test results.''

''Great, so what have you found?''

''Brace yourself Mrs. Cronwell.'' By him saying that I got a bit worried and started to shake.


''Congratulations, your having twin boys.''


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Generation 6, Chapter 15 : It's time to move on.

A long, stressful and depressed year passed by and I still missed my grandfather so much. The great thing was that I had Harrison to comfort me. Nadine also came over a lot to cheer me up with her crazy stories about her workplace; she updated me with the latest gossip. Harrison and I finally had saved enough money to buy the house we noticed being built when we came back from our honeymoon. It was a perfect home for us and to start a family.

''Cassidy, you ready to go?'' Harrison asked me while his eyes were fixed onto something else. He has been very busy sorting out the move and all the payments for the last month.

''Yeah, in a minuet.''

I heard him pick up a box and wedge the door open with his foot.

''Okay, take your time honey.''

I suddenly jumped off the bed and bolted to Harrison making him drop the box he was lugging across the room.

''Harrison?'' I asked.


''Thanks you... Thank you so much for helping and understanding what I'm going through.''

''Cassidy, you are my wife. The one person in this world which I can connect to in a whole new way, of course I may not have been though what your going through but I can try my best to understand.''

''Harrison I'm so happy I married you a year ago. Happy Anniversary.''

''Happy Anniversary love.''

''Now, let's get moving!'' I said trying my best not to think about my grandfather.

''Now, we have a lot of boxes and suitcases to move.'' I said while wiping sweat off of my forehead.

''I know, plus there's the piano and all those chairs over there.'' Harrison said sighing.

''I know but the faster we pack all of this is the moving van the faster we can be in our new home, together.''

After hours of lugging boxes we arrived at our new house just as it turned six O'clock. Luckily we didn't need to bring most furniture because most rooms in the house were fully furnished. The house is fairly large with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a basement (which we turned into a study). It also had a massive garden with a pool. We are thinking though too get rid of the pool because we both knew we'll never use it.

''What the! The hallway is completely different to how it was when we came here! How? When?''

''You said you never really liked the light green colour of the hallway so I got it re-done by a team of designers. We had some money left over from the old house sale.''

''And you never thought to tell me this.'' I said still startled by the new hallway.


''Damn right it's a surprise.''

''Well... I love it!'' I said jumping into his arms. He almost dropped me.

''You know Cassidy there is one thing we need to do.''

''And what is that?''

''Wedding photos, we never put them up in the old house so we might as well put them up now; right here in the hallway!''



''OH CRAP!'' Harrison yelled causing me to almost drop the pot full of spaghetti right on my toes.

''What the hell happened Harrison!''

''I just freaking hit my toe on the dishwasher! Why does it have to be there!''

''Because it's a dishwasher Harrison, it's supposed to be there. If you looked instead of darting out the bathroom you wouldn't of bucked your toe.''

Once I bandaged Harrison's toe we ate dinner.

''Like?'' I asked Harrison while admiring the flowers in front of us.

''I love it! But it would be so much better if I hadn't of bucked my toe on that damn dishwasher.''

''Maybe sleep will heal your toe.''


''Morning Harry.'' I yawned using all of my lung capacity making Harrison jump in fright. He turned around rubbing the sleep out of his eye. It seemed he was watching the sun rise or he had something on his mind.

''Cas, can we talk..?''

''What about?'' I asked.

''Can we just talk please.''

I slumped on the chair in my night gown. Harrison turned to me with a weird look on his face.

''So Harry, what do you want to talk about?''

''Okay... I was thinking about something..''

''Something such as?'' I said while brushing dust off of my neck trying to calm down my nervousness.

''Children.'' Just by him saying that very word I knew exactly what he was talking about, he wanted for us to start a family together. I played along making him think that I never knew what he was talking about.

''What do you mean by Children?''

''I mean, I think we should try and start a family now.''

I stood up in complete shock.

''You mean, like now? Are you sure it's time?'' I said quietly, still caught off guard.

''Listen Cassidy...'' He stood up and ruffled his hair ''....If it's not the right time we can wait a bit more...'' He said. I could clearly see the true disappointment in his eyes. Just as he was about to leave the room I grabbed him back by his dressing gown.

''Harrison it's not that I don't want children, I really do it's just... I don't know if I'll be a good mum...''

He grinned and took my hand. ''Cassidy you'll make a great mother. You practically raised Tasha to be the adventurous 13 year old she is. Just look how great she turned out, all thanks to you! Don't get me wrong if we ever have kids it'll be a struggle at first but we'll make it through because we love each other, and our love will raise those children to be great little Cronwell's.''

That very day Harrison made me ready to have children.

''Harrison I'm ready, let's have children.''


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Generation 6, Chapter 14 : You lived and left a legacy.

Harrison and I were lucky enough just to catch the last flight to Starlight Shores, before it took. Once the driver stopped by our house and I got out the bags Harrison called me form the car and pointed at two people standing in front of our house; my mum and brother.

Just by noticing there facial expression and tears rolling down there cheeks I knew exactly the news I was about to hear wouldn't be good. At all.

I dropped my bags and power walked up the path towards my mum. I stopped and glared at her.

''Mum, Kieran what's wrong?''

My mum instantly broke into tears so Kieran took over talking. He wiped many tears off of his face and began talking.

''Cassidy, I think you better come inside.''

''Okay were inside, now can you tell me?'' I said while dumping my bag on the piano behind us.

''Okay....'' My mum said with a quivered voice like she had just woke up. ''.....Your granddad...''

''Mum please just tell me, what is granddad ill?'' Mum broke into tears again and I pulled her in for a hug.

Kieran began to speak once again. ''....Cassidy granddad isn't ill, he's... dead.''

My heart sank.

The first thing that popped into my mind was, 'How?' but instead I stood there staring into my mums eyes, seeing my granddad in them and I began to cry. I tried so hard to stay strong and not break down but I just couldn't hold it in.

''H-how?'' I asked waiting for anyone to answer my question. Instead of mum answering my question she began to cry again and wipe her tears with her cream jacket.

Again Kieran starting talking again, he stayed strong and was able to hold most of the tears in.

''Natural causes Cassidy. He died last night in his sleep just a few hours after he called mum telling her how much he missed Grandma Dayna. Aunt MJ found him in the morning lying alone in his bed and she instantly knew something was wrong with him. She called the ambulance but it was too late, he died hours before so there was no chance of survival.''

I didn't respond but instead lunged myself into my mother's arms. I had learned over the years that whenever I was in a bad state of life, that place was best for me.

''Let it out Cassidy, let it out.'' She said while brushing her hand through my silky hair.

Kieran also stroked my hair and then I lunged at his arms, with him being taller than me despite being four years younger than me, was much easier for me to hug him.

''Kieran, are you okay.''

''I've been crying all day Cas, I got it all out.''

Harrison must of heard all the crying form the car and rushed in right after I hugged Kieran.

''Yeah were fine Harry, it's just my granddad. He dies yesterday night.'' I said, tears strarted to form once again as I finished saying the word 'dead'.

Death is a horrible thing and a horrible feeling, if only there was a way to escape it for ever.

''Oh my god guys, I am so sorry.'' He said while wiping each tear off of my cheek with his thumb.

''It's okay, he lived and left a legacy.'' My mum said while wiping the remaining tears off of her face.

''It's okay Cas, everything is going to be okay.'' He said with a reassuring look on his face. Maybe everything will just be fine.


A week later flew by and my grandfather's funeral came along. The day I had been dreading for a long time finally presented itself right in front of me. All of our family that lived in Starlight Shores attended the funeral expect for my dad and uncle Evan's wife because they were both a conference meeting in Bridgeport and Moonlught Falls. We brought a small area of the graveyard to bury granddad so he would rest in true peace with his wife away from everything.

While everyone was mourning at the sight of granddad's gravestone I cut through the crowd and cried on Harrison's shoulder.

''Oh Harrison, why did he have to die now?'' Harrison pulled me in even more and stroked my back. ''....Life and death are two very important things that can once be happy, but can end in sorrow.''

I looked at him shaking my head and hugged him once more, what he had been saying was completely true.

As the day passed along we decided to each say something about granddad.

Vanessa ~
''Granddad I know I was never the best granddaughter to you but now that your gone I realised that I shouldn't of acted like a stupid brat for five years and annoyed my parents to hell, instead I should of been myself and never follow people just because they look cool. In a way your death taught me something, thanks.''

Mary - Jayne~
''Dad... what can I say. I love you? Dad when I found you that morning I obviously knew that you were dead and I knew from that day I was going to miss you forever. You may not have noticed but I was very dependent of you so that's why I never moved out. Basically dad I miss you, and I can't wait to meet you up there, See you soon.''

''Daddy you know everything we've been through for the past fifty years. From the day I was born I could tell even as a child that you loved me and that I loved you as my father. You helped me with almost everything in my life and without you I probably wouldn't have nothing I have today. You choose my fate and it turned out to be grate, and I'm thankful for that. I love you daddy.''

''Granddad you helped me find my true talent of painting and I thank you so much for that. Do you know that I got a degree in Art and Design and I am hoping to become an architect soon! I just wanted to say that I miss you so much and thanks!''

''Daddy why do you have to go? Being a middle child is really hard and I still need you in my life, I'm not ready to let you go just yet but I know I got too, for the sake of our family. Seeming now that I am the oldest in the family I'll hold it together. Dad I swear on my life I will make you proud to have me as a son, I promise.''

''Mr. Cronwell I swear you are the most funniest man I have ever met in my life! I honestly think you were the perfect guy to run this family and I really do you hope you rest in peace with your wife by your side.''

''Granddad over the past ten years our relationship became real close. Remember the time we went to Sunset Valley so you could see your mother's grave and I could meet my ancestors? I know your gone but I know your watching over me.. in fact your probably watching all of us now and saying 'Oh them  little plebs, stop worrying about your old grump up in heaven!''. I know you'll be happy to meet your mum again and say hi to all my descendents! Granddad I swear I will do my absolute best to carry on this family's legacy and fur-fill Terra Cronwell's wish. I promise.''

''Goodbye.'' We all said in sync and bundled together praying for Riley. He really did lived and left a legacy.


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