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Generation 6, Chapter 12 : Wake up, it's time to get married!

The morning of my wedding swung by and surprisingly I didn't feel nervous once I awoke, instead I acted like it was a normal day,  woke up with a smile and a yawn.

''Morning Cas, sleep well?'' Harrison woke up not that longer after me and positioned himself to face me, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

''Like a baby!'' I stretched, yawned and turned to Harrison.

He jumped out of bed and pulled me up.

''Here are some flowers for my wonderful wife.'' He snagged a pair of flowers out of his drawer and surprised me with them.

''Oh my god Harrison there beautiful, thank you so much. But there's one thing...''

''And that is?'' He said softly with while stroking his hand across my cheek.

''Were not married yet.''

''Well, we will be in two hours. Now Nadine called me last night and told me to tell you she's coming over about this time.''

''Cool. Now Mr. Cronwell, why don't you get dressed.''

''Not Mr. Cronwell yet.'' He said as he went through the door.

''You will be soon.'' I said grabbing my hair curler and then entered the bathroom.


An hour passed by and Nadine and I were both fully dressed for the wedding. Just as we were about to leave those wedding jitters that all my friends talked about kicked in. I was the last to marry out of all my friends.

''Nadine... what if Harrison doesn't really love me.''

She kissed her teeth and signalled at me to stand in front of the mirror. She pushed her normal puffy hair behind her neck and put her hand on my shoulder.

''Look at you, your beautiful, intelligent and plain old funny! To be honest I think it was fate that you two met five years ago, seriously Cassidy he really does love you.''

She smiled at me and told me to turn to my left.

''And look at you two there, your freaking perfect for each other. Plus you two will definitely have beautiful children.''

''Hold your horses there Nadine, I don't even know if I'm fertile!''

We giggled and she turned to me, ''anyway the point of that your amazing and you and Harrison and amazing together.''

''Nadine I think your right, he really does love me. I'm ready...'' I took one deep breath, ''....To get married.''

''Good, now let's go and get you married.''


Once everyone arrived and was seated it all became real to me... I was getting married. My three bridesmaids were lined up with cute little smiles on there face. Nadine was first, then Stacy and finally Abigail. 

Soon after the girls passed my dad walked me down the isle. My dad took the news of me marrying quite well considering I was his only daughter and he was so protected over me from the day I was born.

He looked much older since I last saw him but he still was so active being a police man and all.

''How you feeling honey?'' My dad whispered to me while walking me down the isle.

''Fine, Nadine calmed me down so I'm aright now. Thanks you so much dad, you are seriously the best.''

''I know I am.'' He said to me and smirked.

Once we got to the end of the isle my dad sat down and I joined Harrison and his father at the alter. I gave my flowers to Stacy and looked at Harrison who was admiring my dress.

''Ready?'' I said to him.

''Totally, let's get married.'' That sentence finally made me see sense, he does love me.

''I take you, Cassidy Rae Cronwell to my lawfully wedded wife. To love to and to cherish, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.''

''And I take you, Harrison Braden Smith to be my lawfully wedded husband. To love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.''

Harrison's vows:-
''Cassidy you seriously don't know how much I love you. I'm not the best at speeches but I'll try and do my best. That day I accidentally fell on top of your five years ago was the best accident that had happened to me in my entire life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I just hope you can cope with me for the years to come because I come from a crazy family! I said this just now but I want to spend the rest of my life with you, my wife. Just remember that I love you more than life itself.''

My Vows:-
At first when you fell on me I wanted to slap you across the face but that night in the A and E department I met a gentleman... and that gentleman was you Harrison. I want to marry you, settle down in a nice little house and have kids with you. I want our kids to succeed in life and make there children visit there old grandparents. I want to grow old with you and cherish you until death do us part. We may or may not have the best future ahead of us but all I know that is I'm happy with you right now, my husband.

''Were actually married.'' Harrison said to me while holding my hand with the ring on it. I couldn't help but stay silence and smile at him. The day I had dreamed for since I was ten finally came true. Nineteen years later I'm here with my newly wedded Husband, Harrison Cronwell.

Someone from the crowd spoke out , ''I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride!'' I'm sure it was Harrison's mum but I wasn't sure. Harrison pulled me in for a kiss.

The rest of the day went according to plan. We cut the huge cake and danced the nigh away. Once everyone left the park we were the only one's left on the lot.

''So, how does it feel to be Mr. Cronwell?'' I ruffled his hair and tugged at his hair. He grinned at me and stroked his hand down my arm.

''So far.. pretty good. I can't believe I have the Cronwell name, and even better I'm married to you.''

''So were married, what next?'' I asked him while looking at the sun set behind us.

''Well we could go back to our house, or we could go to Sunlit Tides?''

''Sunlit Tides it is.''

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*The quote 'I love you more than life itself 'is from Robin Hood.*


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  4. It was cute, but you should know that NO ONE (let alone bridesmaids!!) wear white on the day of the wedding! White is reserved for the bride!

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  7. Hey Kurtis, I know I commented but I do have a question. How does your game have such good graphics? DO you use the hq mod or what? XD


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