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Generation 6, Chapter 16 : Getting more than you thought?

Since Harrsion and I started trying for a baby I started to get excited about having our own little child in the house. My mother used to say to me I was great with my younger brother and said I would also be a great mother, like her.

''So Cassidy, I haven't seen you for like a month now!'' Nadine said while slumping into the armchair beside mine.

''I know we need to catch up. So How's Austin and Tasha?''

''There fine actually, Austin's gone to a fitness convention in Bridgeport so I'm left with my moody thirteen year old daughter. Don't get me wrong I love Tasha but ever since she turned thirteen two months ago she's changing a lot.''

I muttered under my breath,''I hope our children aren't like that.''

He eyes widened and she glared at me.

''Children, your own children?'' She asked in a puzzled way.

''You better sit down and let me explain.'' I said in a funny manner and threw a crisp at her.

''So basically... Harrison and I are trying for a baby. We've been trying for three weeks now and two days ago I had this awful vomiting episode so I think I may be pregnant.''

''Oh my god, it's about time girl!'' Nadine said throwing the crisp back at me.

''Shut up Nadine.''

''Only joking Cas, anyway congratulations!'' She said before hugging me.

''Any tips on parenthood?''

''Treasure the days your children our babies because once they turn 'the age', your going to go through a rocky time!''

''I'm sure that'll help me, thanks Nadine.''

''Any time girl, any time''

''So you want to get-'' I quickly ended my sentence once I felt a horrible feeling in my stomach.

''You al right Cas?'' Nadine asked me.

''NO! I'm about to-'' I darted for garden door, trampling some plants and barging through Harrison while he came out with drinks for us.

''Cassidy! You okay?'' Harrison yelled to me across the garden while I scurried up the steps.

I didn't answer but instead bolt through the kitchen straight into the bathroom attached to it.

Half an hour later my face was still buried in the toilet and beside me was a pregnancy test I took. 

It was positive.

Harrison knelt down to me, rubbing my back to help all the vomit to get out of my system. He then noticed the pregnancy test to the side of me and he smiled at the sight of it. 

''Were having a baby?'' He asked me. I wiped the spit off of my filthy mouth and turned around to let out a small smile. I took his hand with the pregnancy test in it and looked up at him again.

''We sure are.''

~Five months later~

Five months down the line I found myself admiring my baby bump in the mirror. My midwife told me I was much larger for a five months pregnant woman so they booked me in for a scan.

The first few months of my pregnancy was horrendous. For a week I couldn't keep anything down past my throat, two weeks later I couldn't stop sleeping and then to top that all off I had too start buying clothes that fit me.

Most women complained how biog they got when they were pregnant but I loved having this beautiful bump in front of me, of course I couldn't see my toes but oh well.

''Hey beautiful.'' Harrison said while he felt my belly from behind me.

''Hey Harrison, I was just measuring my bump again, it's grew twenty five more centimetres since last week!''

''That's great! I can't believe our baby is growing so fast, and I can't believe were going to find out what were having!'' Harrison said with all excitement in his eyes.

''Hello baby, can you tell daddy what you are!?'' Harrison says while pressing his head firmly on my belly.

''Harrison stop being impatient, we'll find out in a few hours!''

''I'll drive you there now then.'' He said while grabbing the keys and bolting downstairs.

A few hours later we left the hospital without knowing the gender of our baby. Apparently now they have to observe the scan and call us up telling us the news. Harrsion was a bit disappointed but the doctor said we only had a wait an hour or so.

We sat in front of the phone for a while waiting patiently for the call. I felt the baby kick, it made me jump a bit because it was more of a thump than a kick.

''God this baby wants to get out already.''

Harrison seemed to be in a trance while he was meditating. A few seconds later the phone started to ring.

''Harrison can you get that?''

No answer.

''I cannot be distracted.'' He said quietly.

''Fine, I'll get it myself.''

It took me about a minuet to successfully get up off the couch. 

''Why are so heavy baby, your only five months!'' I said to my belly. Soon after it kicked indicating to me that it heard my remark.

I finally picked up the phone just before the person was about to hang up.


''Hello Mrs. Cronwell, we have the test results.''

''Great, so what have you found?''

''Brace yourself Mrs. Cronwell.'' By him saying that I got a bit worried and started to shake.


''Congratulations, your having twin boys.''


I bet I shocked you guys :)

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  1. Twin boys ^__^ aww! Cassidy will be a great mom. Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next one :D

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