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Generation 6, Chapter 23 : Just living life.

Life changed since the crash.

Other than Declan's Asthma problem, Declan and I completely recovered from our injuries. Just a week after Lindsey was born she was allowed to come home with us after being scanned for nay internal injuries which may have been created.

Declan is very cautious about his health when he goes outside into to the col especially as the weather in Twinbrook is suddenly changing...

Lindsey was a quite little baby, she wasn't whiny or clingy, instead she calmly slept in her crib without screaming the house down.

As the months passed on Lindsey grew bigger and bigger. To my absolute surprise she inherited my mother eyes instead of mine, Like the twins. She also has freckles like Harrison and she predominantly had my hair colour wit red highlights from her father.

Even as a toddler Lindsey wasn't clingy at all, until I had to back to work...

Since I took such a long maternity leave with the twins I was only allowed 6 months with Lindsey, which meant I was forced to leave her with a nanny.

Lindsey automatically knew somehow that I was going to be leaving her today and she became extremely clingy towards me.

She couldn't talk yet but I clearly knew what she was thinking.

''I'm sorry Lindsey but mummy needs to go work now.''

She began to whine, I kissed her forehead and put her down on the floor.

''I'm sorry Lindsey.'' I shut her door and I could hear er crying. I tear came from my eye as I felt so guilty yet we needed more money to pay the basic bills.

I could picture her innocent little face staring at the door as a walked out of it. It must of broke her heart to see her me leave like I was never coming back.

Five hours later I literately ran home to comfort my little girl. I grabbed the keys out of my pocket and jabbed them into the door. I threw my bag onto the table in the hallway and ran upstairs.

After hugging her for ten minuets I brought her down stairs where I found Declan in the kitchen doing his homework.

''Hey mum, how was your first day back at work?'' Declan asked with a big smile on his face.

''Great thank you Declan, there was this man and he has the most deep-'' He stopped me with a face full of disgust.

''Sorry mum but all the gory stories of Twnbrook Hospital makes me physically sick.''

''Sorry Declan, I have knew you were squeamish! I'll just tell your brother then.''

Just as I was about to go over to Robin, Harrison strolled in with a big smile on his face.

''How come you are so dandy Harry?''

''First of all, you haven't called me Harry for five years; secondly I got a promotion today!''

''That's great honey!'' I pulled him in for a kiss.

''Hello! I still am here!'' Robin called out beside me, poor thing thought I forgot about him.

''How's my little read head today?'' I ask him while pulling him in for a tight hug.

''Fine thanks mum, I finally know what I want to be!''

''That's amazing Robin, so what do you want to be?'' I asked curiously. I knew what Declan wanted to be, a scientist and I'm pretty sure Lindsey has a musical career in her future but with Robin he never showed what he loved.

''An Architect. I've recently took such a good liking to Designing houses and I think I would like to do that in the future.''

''Well that is just amazing Robin, just remember that if you want something and your work hard enough for it, your destined for that very thing.''


Robin then started to play with Lindsey. I was pleased that all of our children had such a good relationship with each other, unlike other family who literately hate their siblings.

All the kids were asleep by 10:00pm and Harrison and I needed to talk about things. I changed into something more comfortable and adjusted my pillow so I could relax on the bed.

''Cassidy we need to make some arrangements with Lindsey.''

''I know, she seems so sad with us rushing out to work every morning.''

''I have a idea!'' He said.

''Why don't you try and shorten your shifts down to 2:00pm and then I can work later into the evenings so at least one of us is here everyday with Lindsey.''

''That's a perfect idea Harrison, you smart little red head.''

I couldn't stop staring into his eyes and somehow without any words he seduced me.

''You know Cassidy we haven't...''

''Haven't what?''

''You know what, we haven't had sex since Lindsey was born.''

''What about now, the kids are asleep and the house is nice and quiet.''

''Okay..'' He gently placed himself on top of me and began kissing me.

That night we were intimate for the first time in a long time and I enjoyed it, quite a lot.


''Robin....'' Declan called out to him.

''Yeah?'' Declan said as he sat down on the other chair in their room.

''I think mum and dad were at it again last night...'' Declan shook his head in disgust.

''I know, but I found earplugs in the bathroom cabinet and put them to good use.''

''Don't you think we should mention something to them?'' Delcan asked.

''Yeah but they might be offended  Wait, what if they are trying for another baby!? This house is too small for another person unless the baby shared with Lindsey.''

''I know but I doubt there trying for another one because I was talking to day yesterday and he said to me three children is all he ever wanted.''

''Good because I don't want any more siblings...'' Robin said.

''Wait! I have an idea!'' Robin said once again.

''What!?'' Declan said with excitement on his face.

''We should try and send them on a romantic holiday or something so they can have some time away from use so they can do their business where no one can hear them.

''To right Robin, maybe one day we will.''

''You do realise you would have to organize the romantic holiday for them because I have no idea how to book a holiday...''

''Neither do I....'' Declan replied.

''I guess they will just have to do their business here.''

''Yeah....'' ''....Anyway Robin enough about S-E-X, we need to get ready for the field trip to Appaloosa Plaines Horse Racing Ground!''

They both jumped out of their chairs and began getting ready for their anticipated trip coming up.


I'm really sorry if  that last part between the boys made no sense what so ever because it didn't make any sense to me either. Or maybe it's just because I'm writing this as 12:34am.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading Chapter 23 of The Cronwell Legacy.

Just a heads up that there will be seven more chapters to this generation and then Generation 7 shall start!

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