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Generation 6, Chapter 24 : We all have to grow up one day.

The sleepy swamp-like town of Twinbrook was slowly becoming a metropolitan. They builders have been creating new road over train tracks and filling in swamps to create high story apartments. Although all of these renovations were happening it didn't really affect us because all of that was going on in the country side of the town; However the renovation are thought to be coming to the main areas of Twinbrook soon.

There was one really big thing I was noticing also in Twinbrook, the weather had slowly beginning to become seasons instead of Sun all day around. Occasionally we would get grey skies and light rain which indicated a sudden change in the weather soon...

Robin, Declan and Lindsey were the best children you could ever have. They were well behaved and mannered and more importantly they all got along with each other which made Harrison and I very happy.

As the boys grew more and more they sealed a perfect relationship with each other. When Robin was down Declan had his back and when Declan was down Robin had his back. Their great relationship made me hope that they kept their special bond forever.

What frightened me the most was that I could sense girls would affect their relationship in their teens years.

I eventually got a lot of time off work and devoted my days to spending time with my little girl. Lindsey learnt very rapidly, quicker than other toddlers in her nursery.

''Lindsey can you read for mummy?''

''Yes! There was twou sheeps called Lola and Wachel and they were best fweinds.''

''Good girl!!''

Harrison was much higher than me in his job so he already had many days in the week off to spend with Lindsey. Lindsey loved to tug on Harrison's bright red hair which obviously annoyed him but made me laugh. To bad she has my hair colour because I'nm pretty sure she would tug on her own hair.

Just before the twins left Primary school they both received a scouting trophy for their amazing work in their school club.

I was so proud of them, and Lindsey.


It's surprising how four years passed by so quickly. The twins, who are now fifteen, have both developed their own personalities and are quite different now. Lindsey, who is now nine, is quite the interesting girl.

In my opinion she is in the middle of being a girly - girl and a tom boy which makes her in my words 'the interesting girl'. She is incredibly smart and is quite charismatic, one thing she get's from her father. She is also  shy like Robin; they got that both from me sadly.

As everyone continued to grow so did Harrison and I. I recently turned forty-one and I started to notice visible ageing marks on my face.

''Oh my god, I'm turning into an old goat!'' I said examining the slight wrinkles on my face.

Harrison walked over to the mirror and smiled at me.

''No you don't Cassidy, you've just aged, you are still the beautiful brunette a love and cherish.''

''Aww, you always know exactly what to say to make me all happy.'' I say stroking his soft, but wrinkly cheek.''

''That's because I was born a Smith, and the Smiths are caring loving people.''

''Well that explains your mother then.'' I say to him, smiling.

''I'll pass on that compliment to my mother later on.'' He says kissing me.

The next morning I was woken up by the deepen voices of my boys.

''Yes boys?'' I say ruffling my hair into place.

''Muuuuuuuuuuuum.'' Declan moans out.

''What!? What's wrong?''

''We need our own rooms.'' They both said in sync. This was about the two-hundredth time they brought up the topic of getting their own rooms.

I sighed and brushed off the covers from my leg.

''Boys, the only way you two would get your own rooms is if we moved to a new house and we don't have the money for that.''

''But-'' Robin moaned out like Declan.

''But nothing Robin, now the only way you would get your own room or a bigger room is if you swap rooms with Lindsey and I doubt that will happen.''

''LINDSEY.'' Robin shouted out trying to get her to wake up.

Minuets later Lindsey busted in like she literately just woke up, which she did.

''What do you losers want?'' Lindsey said, I was about to scold her for calling them losers but I could clearly see why she said that: Just like me her father she isn't a morning person.

''Lindsey Maria Cronwell, I'm, uh.... we are litteratly begging you, PLEASE swap rooms with us. Our room is way to small for us and you have such a big loft room with so much space.''

She looked into his eyes and laughed.

''You really think I'm going to trade my lovely big comfy room for your little stuffy one. You clearly should of took that room when you were younger so to bad.''

''Please!'' He begged.

''But if you were to do a little something for me I'd be happy to trade with you.'''

''Like what missy?'' Declan asked.

''Robin, you have to clean my new room and Declan, you have to iron my school clothes for me.''

''What! Until when?'' They asked.

''Until the day you graduate.''

After a lot of contemplating, they agreed.

''Deal.'' They both said shaking her hand.

I got and rubbed me head.

''Oh what a joy it is to have three babies in this house.''

''Mum! I'm fifteen year old.''

''And know but your still my baby at heart.'' I pulled him in for a big hug and nearly suffocated him.

~ Robin's Point of View ~

At school life was pretty different. First of all there was only three people in my class and 50 people in the school. Your probably wondering why? Well Declan and I were enrolled into an advanced Secondary school because of how fast we advanced in Primary school.

In our class there was only Declan, the other girl called Rosana and I. Over the past months I noticed Declan took quite a liking to Rosana.

''Psst. Declan.''

''Yes?'' He said concentrating on the work he was doing on his tablet.

''Rosana giving you the eye you know!'' I shuffled over and whispered to him.

''No she wasn't.''

''Yes she was, you should totally ask her out.''

He looked round at her and smiled at the sight of her. ''Yeah, maybe I will ask her out.''

''Great! I'll be your wingman.''

''What experience do you have?''


''Lola the monkey doesn't count you know.'' Lola is this monkey I sleep with at night and I haven't practised kissing on her.

''Shut up and go ask her out.''

Minuets later the bell rang and Declan went over to her. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could tell he wasn't making a fool of himself.

I stepped slightly closer to hear better.

Hi...uh I'm Declan Cronwell, I've seen you around and I just wanted to say Hi.'' He said casually.

''Hey there Declan, you seem like a kind boy...we should get to know each other.'' She winked at him causally.

We both stopped out of her way as she strolled through the door.

''Great job Declan, you introduced yourself nicely and simply.''

''You sure I didn't do bad?'' He asked with a worried voice.

''Hell no! I'm sure she likes you but...''

''But what Robin?''

''Can I try my luck on her?''

''Sure, just like you always do to these girls I like.'' He said and rolled his eyes. He nodded his head to signify  that I could.

''Thanks mate.'' I said patting him on the shoulder.

''There she is.'' I said noticing her putting her bag in her locker.

''Go then.'' Declan says pushing me.

''Fine. Fine.''

All I can say is that it didn't go so well. To be honest she is a real bitch and I don't know what Declan see in her.

Maybe it was me?

Nah it probably weren't.

''So I'm guessing it didn't go so well then?'' Declan asked before laughing.

''Shut up Declan. I don't know what you see in her mate, she's a right bitch.''

''Maybe it's just you Robin.''

''...It's definitely not me...''

''Yeah, in your world.'' He mutters under his breath.

~-- Fineto --~

Now it's time to rant.

SIMS 3 SEASONS is coming out in THREE days! I'm am so excited & even better, the next chapter of The Cronwell Legacy will show many many aspects of weather in it! I've pre - ordered it so it should be here by time I come back from school on Thursday.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading such a long chapter of The Cronwell Legacy and I really hoped you liked it.

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  1. All of the kids are so beautiful ^_^

    Lindsey is great xD

    Awesome chapter! :)


    1. Tank you Chloe <3

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  2. Loved this chapter, Kurtis, and Robin is so funny! xD I only wished how that conversation with that went. I bet hilarious for Declan. Haha!
    I'm soooooooo excited for Seasons too! :D I can't wait for your next chapter! :D


    1. Thank you Hailey! I know, if he becomes the heir I think he'll be such a charmer ;)
      Haha that girl was a random townie I re-done for this chapter but Robin's future spouse is gorgeous!

      Yeah it would ;) I knoooow & Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Love it and can't wait for more soon

  4. OMG, the children are so gorgeous! :D I love their personalities and I love the school setting!

    Awesome post, Kurtis!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thank you & yeah, in the previous Generation the heirs/heiress personalities weren't shown as much so I really wanted to show them!

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  5. Hi!
    Sorry I'm late commenting on this, isn't school such a pain?!
    Anyway, I love how you began this, describing the changes of the city.
    The kids are so cuteeeeee! I love Lindsey, she's my fav! HER LIL BRAIDS <3
    Now I must know, where did you get the boys curly hair under the hat? I must have it!
    I love Lindsey reading and how the boys are such good friends!
    I like Cassidy as a young adult, it makes her look regal.
    Rosana is such a pretty name <3
    She would have some pretty babies, js ;)

    Logan XOXO

    1. Yeah! It is :3

      Thank you 7 yeah, she is ADORABLE!

      It's actually a store hair but I got it illegally :3 I would give you the link but the website/tumblr was removed :9 Sorry!

      I know, she looks classy!!

      Rosana, haha thanks! Haha I'm not planning on her to have babies with any of them!...

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