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Generation 6, Chapter 26 : Mother don't cry, dry your eyes.

Having three teenagers in the house was quite... interesting.

As Lindsey grew older and older she followed Declan path to the land of games which actually didn't surprise me at all. Robin on the other hand didn't like games but instead was creative. He has a passion for designing blueprints and just a year ago he enrolled into a Architectural University. Declan decided not to go University and instead got a practical job working in a Nursery. With the boys turning twenty-one in a few months they were both excited to leave home and start their own life's.

''Don't you guys think it's time to put down the games and get some fresh air?'' I asked them in a worried tone.

''I've been telling them that for half an hour now.'' Robin said before sighing.

Robin jumped up in excitement and peered out the window.

''Guys! GUYS! It's snowing!!'' He said in excitement.

Lindsey took her eyes off of the game for a minuet and replied to Robin. ''Urm Robin aren't you like... twenty? Shouldn't you be thinking about establishing a career instead of making a snowman?''

''For you information mum once told me 'An adult can be a kid at heart.' so don't be telling me what to do and what not to do missy.''

''Okay Robin, calm your man parts!'' She said laughing. Declan dropped the pad and dropped to the floor in laughter while I comforted Robin.

''Lindsey! That's a really rude thing to say to your OLDER brother.''

''Sorry OLDER brother she replied in a rude tone.'' I can honestly say even with two twenty year old's and a 16 year old in the house there are still petty arguments in the house.

''Hey mum! Can you check how cold it is outside?''

''Can't you checked the weather?'' I said back to her.

''Yeah but... going outside and checking the temperature for yourself is more accurate.''

''Fine.'' I was going to grab my coat but it was upstairs so I just went outside in my dress.

CLICK. The door buckled shut and Declan and Lindsey began laughing out loud.

I was tricked.

''Lindsey Maria Cronwell open this door right now!'' I demanded holding all parts of my body in absolute chill.

''I'll open it.'' Harrison said.

''MUM!'' Robin said running out of the door and handing me a blanket.

''Are you aright? Are you cold?'' He asked me.

''I'm fine luv, thank you. At least I have ONE child to rely on.'' I hugged Robin and we went back in.

To warm myself and house up I lit the fireplace which had been recently installed.

''Ahh, this will make the house nice and warm.''

Declan let out a small laugh while I turned around to warm my bottom. Lindsey on the other hand wasn't amused at all.

''Dad. Can you tell mum to act like a civilized woman please?'' She said with a strict tone on her voice.

''Sure, right after you apologize for locking her out the house.'' Harrison replied with a smirk. I could always reply on Harrison with a battle against out kids.

''FINE. I am so sorry mummy for locking you out the house. Now can you please NOT warm your butt.''

I turned around a winked at her and she laughed back at me.


''Cassidy; Harrison; Is anybody here?'' I heard a familiar voice call from the hallway and quickly noticed it as my mother.

''Hold on mum.''

''How are you mum? Are you getting lonely again because you can always stay with us.''

''I'm fine honey but yes, I am a bit lo-'' She broke into tears, again.

Ever since my father died two years ago my mum fell into deep depression again. She kept on telling me all she wanted was to just see him one more time, just for the old time sake.

She ran into the living room to hide her sadness.

''Oh mum.'' I sighed following her into the living room.

''Mum please don't do this again, please just talk to me.''

''You don't understand Cassidy... I just miss him so much...'' She said sobbing into a pillow.

''I know you do but life must go on.'' I knelt down and hugged her.

''Mum, would you like to visit his grave again?''

''Yes honey, I really do.''

''Come on then, I'll just go get my coat.''


We travelled all the way across town to the private cemetery where we buried him.

''Were here.''

As soon as we walked up to his grave my mum began crying in my arms.

''Cassidy we did god have to take him from me? We were so happy.''

''Mother, sometimes god does things that we never actually know why but trust me, it's all for a purpose.''

''I can't handle this any more, I need to be with him.''


She ran up to his grave and laid next to it. I could hear her muttering something while she was crying in the snow.

''Alex just you wait for me, we'll be together again soon...''

I began crying myself and knelt unto her in the thick white snow.

''Oh mum, I know you miss dad so much but trust me, you'll get over it and one day you'll be with him in the great beyond.''

''I know honey, I know.'' She said to me. Before she could cry I pulled her in for a well needed hug.

While I was still comforting her I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

WHERE R U & MUM? The text read from Kieran.


Kieran got here just a few minuets later and looked at mum who was still in distress.


''Kieran.'' She said.

We all began crying and hugged each other. All my mum needed right now was to be surrounded by the people who she loved most, her family.

Kieran constantly whispered into her ears,

''Mother don't cry, dry your eyes.''


R..I..P Alex Cronwell. Generation Five Spouse.

Thank you for reading Chapter 26 of The Cronwell Legacy & I hoped you enjoyed it very much.
Just another notice that this is the SECOND TO LAST chapter of Generation Six.

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  1. Awe, I feel bad for her. But don't worry she'll see him again one day. He'll be right there waiting for by the big golden gates.
    Great post, Kurtis. :)

    1. Yeah, she's in a bad state right now :( Yes, she shall, very soon! Her lifespan is soon to be maxed out :'(

      Yes he will ;_;

      Thank you Dawn/Hailey :)

  2. Are you doing a poll on the Gen. 7? or are you choosing by yourself?

    1. No, for now I'm choosing by myself but trust me, you'll like the choice ;)

  3. Aww Alex :( so sad he died :'( and Lindsey's so grown up now ^__^ whoo!

  4. a question, is there a generation 7?

    1. No, not yet but it will start in the next week coming!

  5. Aw, such an awesome chapter Kurtis! I've noticed that over the course of the legacy, your pictures have been getting better and better! :D

    1. Aw! Thank you Molly!! And oh my ;_; You just made my day! Just yesterday I was thinking they looked a bit shoddy but I guess people like them! Thank you soooooo much :D

      Thanks for commenting too :3


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