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Generation 7, Chapter 1 : There's always your sister.

It's been about Two years since Declan moved to Bridgeport.
The first year, once he left, was completely fine. I got a new job as an Architect and with the money I received I was able to buy my own house; It was small but it was perfect for one person. Declan came ack and fourth from Bridgpeot to Twinbrook a lot, almost every weekend and quite a few times I went to Bridgeport to visit him... and his bitch of a girlfriend.

Paige is her name, I think. She has liked Declan for as long as I remember but in my eyes she's a deceiving and persuasive devil who is mooching off of my brother's money.

However the second year got worst. He stopped calling my mother and I, only came to Twinbrook every three months and never replied to our letters. I began worrying about him and constantly thought about him and if he was okay... after all he is my brother.

I heard the keys rattle in the door downstairs: It was Lindsey. I gave her a key because she insisted I should when I was in depression. It was actually my mum who used to check up on me but she eventually got busy and asked Lindsey to instead.

''Robin?'' I heard her call out from the hallway.

''I'm in here.''

She sat down next to me and I sighed.

''I got you some Chinese, it's in the fridge.''

''Thanks.'' I replied bluntly.

''Mum says Hi.''


''Are you okay Robin? You seem sad... again.''

''Yeah I am. He hasn't called in ages and I'm getting kind of worried.'' I replied.

''You too I guess. Mums been worried sick about him for the past few weeks, she is even considering going to Bridgeport herself to find him...''

''She should, maybe she'll have more luck.'' I said sighing again.

''EUREKA!'' She shouted out like a typical British man. ''Why don't you and I go to Bridgeport to find Declan ourselves?''

''Uh... are you sure? What about the house?'' I said. I've actually never been out of Twinbrook in my life, besides moving here as a baby.

''Totally, we can split the cost of renting an apartment while we search for him and I'm sure mum will be fine checking on the house for you.''

''I guess looking for him for a week or two wouldn't do any harm, plus their are some amazing building in Bridgeport which I can get project ideas from.''

''Yeah, that too....'' She said sarcastically. With me being twenty - three and my sister being twenty we are both grown, yet she still carried her childish sarcasm with her.

''So let's get packing!'' She said jumping on my back. I jumped out of shock once she jumped on my back but quickly smiled behind her once she was on my back.

''Lindsey... you do know your like the best sister in the world?'' I said to her grinning.

''Of course I do, I'm Lindsey! Everyone loves me.'' She definitely is right, she was quite popular amongst her school and still is in her musical career.

To cheer me up she suggested we go Roller-blading and embrace the summer weather before Winter came upon us. Surprisingly we were both good at it...

''Your quite good Lindsey.'' I said to her while we spun around like fools.

''And so are you might I say, we must get it from mum and dad.''

''Dad, not mum... mum is horrible on wheels.'' I said, it was rude but it was the truth. When the Autumn festival came to Twinbrook years ago mum and dad both went Roller - blading and of course, my dad was skilled and my mum... well let's just say she isn't the best at sports.

''God I'm so good at this.'' I boasted while spinning on one feet and my hands perched high in the air.

''Boasting isn't nice Robin.''

''Yeah bu-.''

I suddenly lost my balance and slipped, within a second I was flat on the floor.

''ROBIN! Are you okay!?'' Lindsey said rushing to me.

''Yeah... I'm... Aright...'' I said rubbing my head.

''I told you not to boast.'' She said to me tending to my face.

''I know, Sorry Lindz. You know your exactly like mum.''

''Do you think? I thought I was more like dad.''

''Nah, your a loving and caring sister, and mum is the same... except she is a mum.''

''Aww! Thank you Rob.''

''Rob!? When since do you call me Rob?''

''Just now, that's my new nickname for you.''

''Mum calls dad Harry, and now you call me Rob.'' I said sighing.

''Don't act like you hate it!'' She said.''

''Okay... maybe I do.''


Just so you know, the next 5-7 chapters of this Generation will be set in Bridgeport.

Thanks for reading Chapter 1 of The Cronwell Legacy.

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[PS]:  Their WILL be a Cronwell Christmas Special...


  1. Love it and i can't wait to see what happen next in the legacy

  2. Oooh, I can't wait to see the Christmas special!

    Haha, I love Robin as the heir. He's so funny and cute and a mighty fine skater. ^_^

    Lindsey is beautiful! I just... I love her so much! :D

    Awesome post, Kurtis! I love the start of this generation!

    1. Yay! I'm happy your excited!!

      I know, at first I thought I choose the wrong heir because I was siding towards Lindsey but I'm glad I picked him ^_^ Thanks!

      Aww! Thank you, personally... I don't think she's the best looking Sim I've had.

      Thank you for writing such a detailed comment!

  3. Yay! Bridgeport time!

    Isn't this chapter 2? I though I had already commented on it then I clicked the link.
    Oh wait, that was the intro. Sorry >.<

    Lindsey is stunning!

    Great chapter!

    1. Indeed it is :D

      Yeah, sorry if I confused you, that was the Intro to get the Generation started and this is chapter 1!

      Thank you, personally she isn't the best Sim I've had but I'm glad you like her! Thanks for commenting!!


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