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Generation 7, Chapter 2 : Beautiful Bridgeport.

Ever since Lindsey mentioned about us going to Bridgeport in search of Declan, none of us have said anything else about it. That was probably mainly because we thought it would be quite a job looking for him in that never-ending city.

''So where are we going?'' I asked curiously

''Oh just to the Cafe, it may be cold but I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.''

''Well I could've cooked.'' I said back.

''Mum's told me about your cooking Robin, I think it's best to go to a Cafe...'' She's right, the only thing I was good at cooking was toast, and even sometimes I burnt that.

Once we got there Lindsey went quiet and I could easily tell something was wrong with her. When I came out of the Cafe with our cups of Hot Chocolate, I sat down and rubbed my neck.

''Are you aright sis, you seem and look sad.'' I pushed her hot chocolate to her but she din't pick it up or anything.

''Okay seriously, you love Hot Chocolate! What is wrong? You can tell me.'' I said smiling at her.

''Same of you, I'm beginning to really miss Declan now, no offence but he is the funny one out of you two and I miss his jokes...''

''I'll just let that pass by because your sad. But Hey! Why don't we go to Bridgeport then and find him?''

''It'll be no use.'' She replied back, sighing at the same time.

''Yes there will be! Just look at the technology now these days, we can probably find him within two boarding tickets and a little research on the internet. I'm meant to be the one missing him, not you, so let's just go there and see... you never know what we'll find.''

''You're right Rob, we should actually go and look for him, it's worth a try at least. And who know's, maybe I'll find my soul mate there!'' She said jumping up in excitement.

''Sure, but just remember that that's no the main reason were going there and if he's not decent, dad will throw a fit.''

''That's our protective dad for you.'' She said behind my back, grinning.

''Wow... that's a lot of bags Lindsey, how long are we planning to stay in Bridgeport for?'' I asked her. She had three huge brown suitcases full to capacity with clothes, make up and other stuff girls own.

''Well...'' She said zipping up her final suitcase.

''Since I'm AM a girl, a girlly-girl at that, I have to have the essentials with me even if were staying in Bridgeport for a week, or a month.''

''I guess we'll have to drive there then because all of these suitcases aren't going to fit in the Taxi.''

''So we will!''

''Do you think we'll find out brother?'' I asked her curiously.

'''Of course we will!'' She replied back with a motivated tone. ''I guarantee we'll bump into him or something within the first week!''

''So... I guess it's time to go....'' I said.

''Yeah, this is our first time travelling, I'm pretty nervous.'' She said, biting her nail.

''Don't worry Sis, I'm sure it'll be fine, fun and exciting!''

''I hope it is, now let's get the show on the road and get out of Twinbrook!''


Within two hours we were on the first flight out to Bridgeport. By what I predicted, Lindsey and I were going to have an interesting time there.


The next day we arrived in the bustling city of Bridgeport. Bridgeport seems to be exceptionally clean and now what I thought, the town wasn't as complicated as I thought it was.

Then there was our apartment I rented out for us. It was quite spacious and of course, has two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room and a long balcony.

I rustled my pockets for the keys to the apartment, pull them out and turned the lock in the door. As it unlocked and opened, quite a pleasant smell greeted us.

Lindsey came up a few minuets later with the suitcases and gasped as she saw the apartment.

''ROBIN! How the hell did you afford to rent such a beautiful apartment like this!?'' She questioned me.

''A little help from mum and dad,, plus I've been saving up for a year... or two.''

''No wonder, this place is amazing.'' She said exploring the large apartment.

''Have you seen the view from these windows!?'' She said literately pushing herself on the glass to get a better view.

''Yes Lindsey, you've pointed it out to me the fifth time now.'' I said sighing and flicking through my tablet; I was already searching for a 'Declan. J. Cronwell' all over the internet.

''But Robin, it's snowing!'' She said jumping for joy. Ever since snow somehow ended up in Twinbrook Lindsey adored the beautiful and white season.

''Wow, it actually is snowing...'' I said to her, and smiling at the same time. ''... I guess snow is all around the world now, I wouldn't be surprised if we heard on the news of snow in Egypt!''

We both continued to laugh until we heard some heavy footsteps enter the room.

''You have five seconds to tell us who you are before we call the police.'' Lindsey said bluntly eyeing the young man, who looked about my age, suspiciously.

''Hi, I'm your new neighbour, Tony Robbins. Nice to meet you two.'' He said smiling at Lindsey.

''Sorry for disturbing you two, it's just I'm quite noisy and you guys door was wide open so...'' He said ruffling his brown plates. From what I concluded, he looked Latino.

''Oh that's totally fine, I'm Robin and that's my sister, Lindsey.''

''Hi there Lindsey, I know we just met but I must say, your very pretty.'' He said. I wasn't surprised the boy was already falling for my little sister, she was known to get boys. In high school the boys practically worshipped her beauty, intellect and funny nature.

''Why thank you Tony, your quite hot too.'' She said winking at him.

''Uh... I'll just go order some Chinese for you two, would you like anything Tony?'' I asked while they continued to flirt.

''Oh it's fine Robin, I have some leftover chilli in my apartment but thank you for the offer.'' He said smiling at me, then continuing to flirt with Lindsey.

Hours later after we ate our Chinese Tony came back over and asked Lindsey out for a date. Being the protective brother I am I was keeping a close eye on them but from today, Tony seems to be a gentleman and cares for my little sister.

''Thank you Lindsey, for this wonderful day with you... I enjoyed it quite a lot.'' He said kissing her hand.

''Well, thank you Tony for coming over hear and showing your handsome face to me.''

From what I see, my little sister likes this boy... a lot.


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So, this isn't the Christmas Special, in fact Chapter 3 will be published on the 21st before the Christmas Special which will be published on the 24th of December.

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  1. I loved the pictures in the beginning. The trees looked so pretty! You really have awesome photography skills, Kurtis!

    As for Lindsey... I think I can see her and Tony going out. They do look cute together!

    I'm so excited for your Christmas special! :D


    1. Thank you & they do, EA did a great job on those! And oh my, thank you so much Molly, it's nice to know my amazing readers actually likes my photography :D

      *coughcough tonyisactuallygoingtomarryherandhavebeautifulbabiestogether coughcough*

      Thank you & I am too, it's going to be quite eventful!!

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment :D

  2. awesome chapter :) i can see tony and lindsey getting married and having babies ^__^ whoo! cant wait for the next chapter :D

    1. Thank you & yourwishshallbegranted!

      Thank ,the next chapter will be out in a few days time!

      Thanks for commenting, Annika!

  3. I love this episode, I can not wait for the next ....

    1. Thank you Kevin :) I'm blad you liked this chapter!

  4. a question, Kurtis .. How often do you usually Chapters's take? not for nothing is just to be aware of the series and so not to miss any of the generation 7.

    1. I normally post once or twice a week. Generation 7 will probably end in late February. But, to write chatpers it normally takes about 1 hour so I always update my blog frequently, except for this week.
      My computer broke so I think I will be able to get a chapter out tomorrow (If I get my new laptop) but if not, Saturday. Howeverm there also will be a Christmas special that will be out on Christmas Eve.

      Overall, I update frequently, at least once or twice a week.


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