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Generation 7, Chapter 9: My married Sister.

It’s been a month since we arrived back in Twinbrook and Lindsey is coming close the end of her pregnancy. The Doctor said she was 34 weeks ahead in her pregnancy and she and Tony desperately wanted to get married before the birth of their child.

Their wedding day quickly came upon us and Lindsey could barely stand up straight without aid of Tony!


‘’Look at me, I look like a freaking whale.’’ She said, staring outside the window into the Church garden.

‘’No you don’t!’’ Paige said.

‘’Pregnant brides are absolutely stunning!’’ Gemma said.

‘’Thank you but I really don’t agree.  For the first 6 months I loved being pregnant but now it’s just generally tiring and I feel like I’m whale marrying a toned and hunky man.’’ I said, sighing. It was true though, I hardly ever complained about my pregnancy until the very end of it.

‘’Listen Lindsey, do you think Tony would be marrying you if he thinks you look like a whale?’’ Gemma said, creeping into the room.

‘’I don’t know, I just want this baby out of me, now.’’ I said, rubbing my unborn baby.

 ‘’Don’t say that!’’ Paige said, I think she interpreted it wrong.

‘’No, don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant…’’I said, rubbing my belly and feeling my baby kick.’’…It’s just that I can’t take being pregnant any more, I feel like a watermelon is just pressing on my bladder every freaking second. Talking about bladders, I need to take pee.’’

Robin walked in seconds after and grinned at me.

‘’Look at my beautiful sister!’’ He said, still grinning at me.

‘’More like my fat ass sister.’’ I replied, really needing to use the toilet.

‘’Listen Sis, there is a difference between being pregnant and being a fat ass.’’ He pointed out.

‘’Whatever you guys say, quick suggestion to Paige and Gemma…’’ I said, looking at both of them. ‘’…Try and get married to my brother BEFORE your past six months of pregnancy!’’ I said, laughing at them; They just looked at each other with awkward faces.

I can definitely see my brother, Robin, and Gemma getting married. They just seem so good together.

However, my other brother, Declan, and Paige have an interesting relationship that to be honest, I don’t think will stand for much longer. But Paige told Gemma and I something VERY interesting which will change both of their life’s in the months to come.


I left to the girls to help Lindsey to the toilet and got back to Declan and Tony. Tony decided that he’d make us both his best men just so he didn't leave Declan out because he was obviously going to pick me; at least, I think so.

‘’So…are you happy to marry our sister? Declan and I said in a bad boy accent just as a joke.

‘’Of course, I really love you guys sister, she’s amazing.’’ He said.

‘’I bet. She got her personality from our mum, just like me. Robin’s boring like our dad…’’ Declan said.

‘’Hey! I am a very excitable person thank you very much!’’ I replied, cutting my eye at Declan.

‘’No you’re not!’’ Gemma shouted out from the other room.

‘’Neither are you, darling!’’ I shouted back, as a joke.

‘’Just watch when we get back home, you’re in big trouble.’’ She replied.

‘’I bet!; Anyway….’’ I said.

‘’So Declan, do you see you and Paige tying the knot?’’ I asked Declan. There was an awkward silence and a few awkward stared before he started to talk.

‘’To be honest, I’ve always loved Paige, through thick and thin, even when we broke up for a few years, I still loved her. I still do now and maybe one day, in the future, we’d marry.’’

‘’Well, mum will be happy. She’s been pushing for all three of us to give her grandchildren!’’

‘’Well, I have a suspicion that Paige may be pregnant, because she’s been sick for a few weeks now…’’ He said.

‘’Don’t jump to any conclusions; you guys need to talk about this. Tell her to take a pregnancy test, then you can know for sure…’’

‘’Enough about me…’’ Declan said, turning around to smile at me. ‘’…What about you and Gemma? ; Together  forever?’’

‘’Yes, well I think so. Lately I’ve really started to see how much I love her and I’m thinking of proposing to her soon, probably after Lindsey has her baby.’’

‘’Well, it looks like mum will get more than one grandchild then!’’ Declan said, winking at me.

‘’You should really go for it Robin.’’ Tony said, smiling at him.

''Did I hear you say 'Granchildren'!?'' A familiar voice called out, it was of course, my mother. I was surprised, yet wasn't to see how much my dad aged and how much my mum didn't. She must use some type of anti-aging cream to smooth out those wrinkles, if she ever has any.

''Hello there, mum.'' I said, turning round to smile at her.

''Hey boys, where's the bride?'' She asked, peering from corner to corner, searching for our sister.

''She's just putting on her impossible heels.'' Declan said.

''SHE'S READY!'' Gemma called out, and we all took our seats.


My father ushered my sister down the isle, as tradition. She was glowing so much in her beautiful short white maternity wedding dress.

It wasn't too long before they were saying their vows, they both seemed so happy for and with each, and I knew that their, they were going to love and cherish that baby growing inside of her.

Tony' Vows:
Lindsey, that very first day in Bridgeport, when I met you, my life flashed before my eyes. Not my past life; My life with you. I love you so freaking much and I swear if I did not meet you back in Bridgeport, I don't know what my life would be like, right now.

I have you.

I love you.

And most of all, I love our baby inside of you.

Lindsey's vows:
I'm a bitch. Everyone know's it; But when I met you, something changed. In high school the boys I dated were just useless fools but you... your much more than that. You love and care for me, isn't that what every women wants?''

''Amen!'' My mum butted in from the crowd.

''...Anyway..the point is Tony....

I have you;

I love you;

And I'm going to love our baby.'' She took his hand and placed it on her belly. Every started clapping and some people even teared up, and by some people I mean my father.

My parents were completly teary eyed at the sight of them seeing her getting married. Their little girl, off with her husband to have another little girl...

As they walked back down the isle together everyone threw confetti and cheered the new Mr. and Mrs. Robbins on.

I looked over to my right to see Declan and Paige saying something to each other, Paige was smiling at him and he looked almost distorted like she told him something very surprising.

The second best part of the wedding was the reception. It was in the basement of the church but was decorated to perfection.

Tony and Lindsey cut the cake almost as soon as we got down here.

As the evening progressed, we all slow danced together.

The Bride & Groom. I could tell they were going to be really be 'Together forver'.

Declan & Paige. Their relationship is difficult but I think they can settle their 'issues'.

My mother & father. They've been together for thirty years now, and they'll probably be for another.

Gemma & I.

''So Rob, do you see us getting...married?'' She asked me, staring deeply into my eyes.

''To be honest, yes...I do. I love you so much Gemma, please do not forget that. I love you.'' I replied.

''I love you too, Robbie... More than anything else.'' She said, and we kissed.


''Dec, I have something...really tell you...'' Paige said, looking down as if she was completely nervous.

''What is it Paige?'' He said.

''I-I-I'm'' She stuttered out.

''You're what?''

''Pregnant, I'm pregnant. Were going to have a child.'' She said, looking back up at him.


After we all ate our meals we decided to skip around a bit later to socialize  but then suddenly I heard almost a bucket of water drop unto the floor. Declan was the first one to look around to see the puddle came from Lindsey's leg; Her water broke.

The baby wasn't due for another eleven days.

''CRAP.'' She shouted out, holding her large belly in pain.

Every got up from theirs and panicked. Even my mother, you had given birth three times, didn't know what to do.

Tony finally lugged her to the car, where she went to the hospital...


Tony and Lindsey never got to go on their vacation because they had to tend to their baby girl, Emily Anna Robbins.

I have a niece, a beautiful and precious niece.


I know a lot of people have been looking forward to Lindsey giving birth so I thought I'd add Emily into this chapter, isn't she just precious? <33

Anyway, thank you so much for reading Chapter 9 of The Cronwell Legacy.

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[EDIT: The church in this post was made a awesome Sims 3 creator, and it is called St. Ursines. It is not able to download any more.]


  1. E-Emily.. I just wanna hug you. Kurtis, as you finished this chapter, I had the best time talking to you, and this chapter was well worth the wait.. Their momma still has it goin' on. But, their dad.. not so much.

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