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Generation 7, Chapter 14: Right there and then, I knew our lives would be different... forever.

''Can you remind me once again why we are watching the Kids channel?'' I asked Gemma.

''Because it's the Kids channel, who doesn't love it?'' She replied, looking up to grin at me.

''Or is it motherly instincts kicking in...?'' I questioned.

''Who said I was pregnant...?'' She replied, squinting her eyes at me.

''...Just joking...'' I replied, whistling to kill the awkward atmosphere.

--Declan's point of view--

''So they're back...'' I said, staring into a window of my brothers house. I could see him cuddling with his new wife on their sofa watching what looked to be the kids channel; With three children you are sure to know what the kids channel is.

''This feels so weird, like were stalkers or something...'' Paige said, looking behind at me with a worried expression on her face.

''Well, let's knock on the door then!'' I suggested. ''But then again, they might not even want to see us, they haven't even came to visit us since they got back from Champs Les Sims...'' I said, looking down at my shoes.

''Declan they just stepped back into Twinbrook, give them a chance!'' Paige said, grinning at me before pressing the doorbell.

--Robin's point of view--

''Delcan!'' I said, opening to the door to see my brother and his wife. I instantly pulled him in for a hug, being so happy to see him since the wedding.

''Paige! How are you!?'' I heard Gemma call out to Paige while pulling her in for a 'Gossip Session'.

''Robin bro, it's nice to see you!...'' Declan said.

''It's great to see you too Declan, it's been at least a month! Plus, it's about time we meet our nephews!'' I replied. Not long after Gemma and I got on the plane to Champs Les Sims we were told that Paige went into labour and delivered triplets! Three boys, Marcus, Lucas and Gabriel.

''It is about time you guys meet them you know!'' Paige said. ''But, they all fell asleep once we were about to leave so we left them in the safe hands of your mother, but you two should totally come over one day to meet them!'' Paige said, smiling at Gemma and I.

After many hugs and greetings we settled in the living room to catch up on each other's life.

''So, what is it like dealing with triplets?'' I asked both of them, trying to start a conversation.

''To be honest, it isn't as hard as people make it to be. Yes, they cry the house down and Paige and I hardly get more than four hours of sleep but it keeps us active and it will certainly pay off in the long run!'' Declan replied.

''Well it's good that both of you enjoy looking after your adorable babies. Speaking of them, what do they actually look like?'' I asked. I did see a picture of all three of them at birth but it's been a month or so now so they must have of grown a bit by now.

''That's a great question, we actually took picture of them to show you!'' Declan replied, pulling out pictures from his pouch.

''The first picture on the far left is Lucas. He is basically a carbon copy of myself with his brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin.'' Declan said.

''The red head at the top is Marcus. He inherited your fathers hair my grey eyes which was quite a shock to us.'' Paige said.

''Finally, at the bottom is Gabriel. Again he has my hair colour and green eyes but he has his mothers facial structure and her cheeky smirk.'' Declan said, grinning at Paige.

''Hey, at least one of the triplets got my smirk.'' Paige said, winking at all of us and smirking at the same time.

''Oh my god, they're absolutely adorable!'' I said, smiling at the pictures of Declan and Paige's triplets.

''Aren't they just!'' Paige said, smirking at the fact that Gemma and I agreed that they were adorable. You could easily tell just by looking at Paige that she was a proud person, taking pride in her appearance, her boyfriend and her children, which is good, considering her past with Declan...

''Anyway, enough about our lives! How was the honeymoon!? Do we see children in the future?'' Paige asked Gemma, also winking at her.

Gemma didn't say anything, instead she looked at Paige with a awkward expression on her face. After minutes of silence I finally spoke, desperately trying to kill the awkward atmosphere.

''It was great actually, thanks for asking....'' I replied to Paige, smiling at her.

''Also, we haven't exactly had a proper 'conversation' about children yet.'' I replied.

''Well, have it now then!'' Declan said, gesturing me to talk to Gemma about it.

''Okay...'' I replied, slowly looking up at Gemma. ''...Well, Gemma, do you see children in our future?'' I asked her.

''Yes I do.... I've never told no one this but my mother wasn't exactly overjoyed when she gave birth to me, that's why were not in contact. My mother's always 'hated' me for my entire life which led me to leave my home town and move here with all of you. You would think this experience would make me hate children but I honestly loved them and always wanted some of my own; So yes, I think we should have children.''

''Well then, we better leave so you two can get baby making!'' Paige suggested, winking at Gemma, then at me.

Gemma and I looked at each other once again with an awkward stare before Paige and Declan had to go back and tend to the triplets. We promised that we'd go visit them one day and see the triplets.


''So, do you think we should take Paige's advice and get baby naming?'' Gemma asked me, grabbing onto my belly as I was cooking.

''It depends, are you up to it?'' I asked her.

''Well, yes. There's no point in waiting.'' She replied, going silent.

''Let's talk this over properly at dinner...'' I said.

Dinner time came and after a few slurps of my soup I decided to start the conversation.

'''Okay let's get this straight, were married now, are we ready for kids though?''

''Well, honestly I think we are. I mean, Lindsey's has Emily, Declan has Lucas, Marcus and Lucas but we don't have any children. It's not because were the odd one out, it's just... I think we will make great parents.''

''I think so too. We would make good parents, and certainly fun ones too.'' I replied, turning around to find her smiling at me.

''So that's settled, were going to start trying for a baby....''I said, continuing to slurp my soup. ''...But there is one more thing, how many children do we actually want?'' I asked her.

''Well that depends, how many do you want?'' She asked me.

''...Five.'' I replied. It was true, ever since I graduated I've thought about having a large family.

She choked on her dinner as I said five, obviously taking my amount by surprise.

''Who want five children!?'' She replied, wiping the soup off of her chin.

''Well yes... I do. I've always wanted a large family...'' I replied, looking in the opposite direction of her.

''Well, if that's what you want, then we will have five children. I mean it's going to be hard at times, very hard actually but we'll get through it, together.'' She said, holding my hand.

''We will, plus we have six experienced parents to help us out!'' I replied, gripping her hand and grinning at her.

''Indeed we do, there's just one thing, I'm sure I'll be dead after popping out five children!'' She said in a joking manner.

''You're a tough girl, it will be a breeze giving birth for you!''

''You better hope it is because you'll be the one I will cling to while pushing a five children out of my vagina.''


Later that evening we did decided to try for a baby. I quickly undressed myself and got comfortable while Gemma put on a pair of sexy lingerie

''Ready?'' I asked, kissing her as she rubbed her hand up and down my hairy legs.

''Ready!'' She replied. Suddenly, as I began to undo her bra she pushed my hand away and jumped up off the bed.

''What's wrong Gem...?'' I asked her. ''...If your getting jitters or something we c-.'' She suddenly cut me off by making a loud gurgling noise.

''It's not that, I suddenly feel so sick.'' She replied, holding her belly like she was in great pain. I got up and went to her side, being worried and all.

Just as I was about to lean over to and help her sit down she pushed me away once again and made a fast way straight towards the toilet.

The noises of her in the toilet sounded like she was throwing up. I quickly rushed into there after I heard her slump into the toilet seat, almost as if she was about to drop dread.

''G-Gem, are you...alright?'' I asked her, peeking into the master bathroom.

''Do I look I'm freaking alright.'' She replied, looking up at me with a angry, yet drained look on her face. She grabbed the towel at the side of the toilet and wiped the remaining vomit off of her face.

''Yeah, sorry about that...'' I said, looking at all other directions while she cleaned herself up. ''What do you think brought this on, I hope it wasn't that soup I made earlier...'' I added.

''It wasn't that Robin... remember when we got back from our honeymoon and I said I suddenly felt sick...?'' She asked.

''Yes I remember that but wasn't it that foul cave food we ate?'' I replied.

''No it wasn't Robin.'' She looked at me with a look that meant I need to think carefully about what she was saying. ''Think Robin...''

''Er-Um-Er...'' I said, not having a clue of what she was on about but suddenly it clicked.

The honeymoon, we had sex, unprotected sex. The sudden sickness, headaches and tiredness... She's...

''You're pregnant.'' I said, gasping.

''Yes, I'm pregnant...'' She replied, looking at me with a worried expression on her face.

Right there and then, I knew our lives would be different... forever.


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Generation 7, Chapter 13: Honeymoon in Champs Les Sims.

''Ready to go?'' I asked Gemma.

''Ready!'' She said, lugging the last suitcase into the taxi and then kissing me.

''Were going to have such fun in Champs Les Sims!'' I said, putting my arm behind her back.

''I hope so! Anyway let's get going, the quicker we get there, the more time we have there!'' She replied.


As the airplane drifted into the vast, yet quiet town of Champs Les Sims I couldn't help but take in the breath taking view. Gemma however, fell asleep as soon as we took off from Twinbrook and missed out on many cities we passed. Oh well, I did take pictures.

We chose to say in a nice little hotel in the heart of Champs Les; One with simplicity, yet class. After hours of searching before we arrived here, we found this perfect one.

''I can't believe were here, together, on our honeymoon!'' Gemma said, taking in the breath taking scenery before kissing me.

''I know! This place is beautiful, but more importantly, you are.'' I said, grinning at her because I know what I said was cheesy but it made her smile.

''Oh stop it you, Mr. Perfect Husband Ever!'' She replied, flicking her hands through my thick reed hair.

We were directed to our room the receptionist. We had to travel up a flight a few flights of stairs, down and long corridor and at the end was our room.

''Voici votre chambre et M. Mme Cronwell, s'il vous plaît profiter de votre séjour.'' The receptionist said.

''Parden?'' I asked. Luckily Gemma has some french Uncle's and Aunt's and was able to translate what she said.

''She said 'Here is your room Mr and Mrs Cronwell, please do enjoy your stay' in french''. She said to me; ''Merci femmes aimables'' She then replied to the women, in must of meant thank you or something along the lines of that.

Our room was absolutely stunning and what I was told is a typical french adobe.

''So,....'' I said, trying out one of the two seats nearest to the window.

''Any ideas what we could do?'' Gemma asked. To be honest, we never actually planned what we were going to do in France, all we honestly knew that we were going to have the time of our lives.

''I have one idea but it sounds... childish...'' I replied. She turned around and put her hands on my thighs.

''Then it must be good then, tell me.''

''Well Champs Les Sims isn't the best place to do this but we could go on a... adventure?'' I said, she looked at me with a puzzled expression.

''Adventure... of what sort?'' Gemma asked curiously.

''There loads of caves and lost ruins on the edge of this city... maybe we can check them out?''

''Oh my god, yes! Let's set off, now!'' She says, pulling open a drawer she put her clothes in picked more 'suitable' clothes to go out adventuring. I also did the same.

''So, I guess were ready.'' She said, tying her hair up in a attractive bun kind of style.

''This is going to be so much fun!'' I said, pulling her in for a hug.

''What makes you think so?'' She replied, turning her head around and smiling at me.

''Because I'm adventuring with you.'' I said, kissing her on her forehead.

''You just never stop making me smile,don't you?'' She replied, now grinning at me.

''Oh no I don't!''


''Okay, so there is the caves right on the edge of Champs Les Sims and they lead to a huge Nectar cellar containing fine amounts of Nectar.''

''Let's do that, I haven't had Nectar for at least five years!'' Gemma replied.

''Well it's set! Let's get going!''

In the car ride there I still couldn't help but to take in the serenity of Champs Les Sims. The silent roads, glowing green trees and the clear blue sky made this place the perfect place for out honeymoon.

We traveled down the quite roads for a a good hour before arriving at the caves.

''So this is it, down those stairs...'' I said, looking worrying down into the cave.

''Stop being a scared cat Robbie, your the one that wanted to come here!'' Gemma said, embracing the scenery and mocking me at the same time.

''I'm not, it's just...'' I replied, still glaring into the dark cave.

''Just what Robbie?'' She asked.

''...Nothing. I guess we should get going down there...'' I said, taking a few steps towards the stairs, lading down to the cave.

''Woah, it's pretty cold in here... and damp.'' Gemma said, looking up to see an unplasterd and crumbling ceiling.

''Yeah... it actually is, maybe we shouldn't go to deep, you know, just in case...'' I said, picking up a axe I found in the corner.

''Maybe...'' She said. ''...Why and where did you find that thing in your hands?'' She asked me.

''It's a pickaxe and I found it in the corner, it could shatter those rocks over there.'' I said, pointing to a pile of stuck-together rocks.

I launched the sharp object right into the heart of the rocks, shattering the first fine layer of the rocks. Hit after hit it crumbled away.

''Flex those arms!'' Gemma said to me, winking at the sight of me using my puny muscles to break the rocks.

''Very funny Gemma.'' I said, wiping the sweat off of my forehead. ''Why don't you come and help me?'' I asked.

''Oh no.. I'm alright thanks.'' She said, whistling and turning away.

''Wait... this doesn't look like a wall...'' Gemma said, clearing the remaining rock and patting on the 'so called' wall.

''Try and kick it.'' I suggested, she kicked it and the hinges flew off. A paper fell from in between the wall and the 'wall' opened.

''I-It worked!'' She said, turning around to smile at me then picking up the withered map.

''What does the map say?'' I asked.

''All it is showing is how to work that platform thing of there.'' She replied, scratching her head and pointing to the platform.

''It's kind of self explanatory Gemma, look there a footprints on the platform so standing on it most probably activated something.'' I said, putting my two feet on the imprints.

''Woah.'' I stuttered out, feeling a violent shudder go through my body as another door crumbled open, showing us a new pathway.

''You alright Robin?'' She asked, rubbing my back.

''Y-Yeah, it's just, I felt the weirdest feeling just pass through me...''


As hours passed Gemma and I were beginning to get used to venturing through this cave. I decided to keep the pickaxe with me just in case there was more rocks, and I was sure right.

''Robin, I'm pretty sure there is something in this hole which opens that door behind me.''

''Great! Carry on feeling inside it and I'll go through the hallway and smash those rocks to see what's behind it.'' I said.

I went over to the other side of the unwinding cave to see what was there when I heard a violent scream from where Gemma was.

''ROBIN!'' She called out.

''I'm coming Gem.'' I called back out, bolting across the Cave, worrying like crazy if my wife was okay, or even alive.

''What is it!?'' I managed to get out between while breathing heavily.

''T-There's a skeleton... beneath my feet!'' She said, stepping back slowly from the remains.

''And it hasn't rotted yet, looks like it's hasn't been there for long...'' I said, kicking the bones with my feet.

''I think we should leave.. now.'' She said, looking at me with a worried expression on my face.

''Oh come on Gemma, someone probably put that fake skeleton there to scare tourists; Maybe it is real, and if it is, don't be scared because you have me and I'll protect you, for the rest of my life.''

''Robin, your already the perfect husband, look at us now, a week after marriage, just imagine ten, even twenty years into the future. Imagine us.'' She replied, hugging me.

''You don't know how glad I am to be your husband Gemma.'' I replied, squeezing her into a hug.

''Not as blessed as I am to have you as my lawfully wedded husband.'' She replied, pulling out of the hug and grinning at me.

Since we spents hours upon hours in the cave, we decided to settle in there for the night because we had enough food, water and we brought a handy little tent just in case we were to stay here,which we did.

The next morning quickly crept upon us and we wasted no time to go deeper into the Cave and look for the great Nectar.

It actually wasn't that long before Gemma stumbled upon a large stone door. After a few kicks and a firm hit by the pickaxe, the door grumbled in front of us and led us to the final room.

''We find it!'' Gemma said, looking all around the room, then at the small Nectar in front of us.

''One Nectar bottle, are they serious?'' I said with a grumpy tone.

'''Well Robin, look beneath your feet.'' Gemma said. I looked to see a small pot hole glowing a bright shade of amber.

''We struck gold!'' I called out to Gemma in the other room, holding the heavy substance in my hand.

''Yes, we have. I've collected all the stuff in that back there so I think that's it!'' She said, lugging the bag full of loot on her back.

''I would say were about done here, wouldn't you?'' I asked, taking one last look at the Cave.

''Yes, I think we should leave now, plus the image of that skeleton is coming back into my head.'' She said, shuddering.


On the final days of our honeymoon we stepped away from the adventures and caves, instead doing simple and romantic stuff at the hot stops in Champs Les Sims.

I planned out this honeymoon picnic and at point in the town where you could see the Eiffel Tower in Paris at a comfy and suitable distance to view it. On that hill I set up little picnic for Gemma and I, she had no clue as to what I was planning for her.

''Just a few more steps Gem, were almost there...'' I said, giggling at every step she took because she kept tripping on my feet.

''Open your eyes!'' I said, removing my large hands from her face.

''Aww, Robin! You shouldn't have!'' She said, pulling me for a passionate kiss.

''Oh be quiet Gemma, anything for Mrs. Cronwell!'' I say, pulling her in even closer.

''Robin, your just perfect. One hundred percent perfect.'' She replied.

''So what made you plan this then?'' She asked.

''Well, you know a few days ago in that Cave, I knew that skeleton freaked you out so I thought a less adventurous, yet romantic activity would clear your mind of it, and what better romantic activity than a picnic?'' I asked, grinning at her.

''Oh what a clever man I have married I see.'' She replied, also grinning at me.

After we ate the hours seemed to pass slowly. I lowered my hands down Gemma's back, she looked at me and leaned on top of me and kissed me, passionately.

We made out on the grass for a few minutes before she kissed my neck and rubbed her left leg against mine.

''Why don't we carry this on back in the hotel suite?'' She asked me.

''Gladly!'' I said, picking her up and running towards the car.


Things really started to kick off at the Hotel.

As soon as I shut the door we began to undress each other. While kissing her down her neck I felt a sudden tug on my butt, it was from her. I guided my hands through her long and silky and she continued to tug on my butt.

I could consistently feel our legs rubbing together, creating lots of tension. Then, all of a sudden, she ripped off my T-Shirt and pushed me unto the bed, winked at me then came on top of me and we started kissing passionately again.

That night was extremely satisfying for both of us. This wasn't our first time but it was defiantly our best. That night was certainly a night to remember...

That night, after we had sex together, I cuddled with Gemma and looked out of the window to see Paris in the distance, glowing bright as ever. I looked back at Gemma, and kissed her once more as she fell asleep. I then smiled and switched off the bedside table lamp.


Our honeymoon soon ended.

Once we were settled back at home, we put out our souvenirs from Champs Les Sims in the Dining Room.

''I feel sick.'' Gemma said, as I was hanging some photos of us on the wall.

''It's probably just some bad french food we ate there, you'll be alright soon.''

''Yeah, it may be the food... or something else....'' She replied. I couldn't think what she meant by that sentence so I just brushed if off and smiled at her.

Hopefully it wasn't anything important.


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