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Generation 7, Chapter 15: A new baby... and a Father-In-Law...

Once we both found out that Gemma was officially pregnant, things took to the worst of events. Of course she never had lost the baby or anything like that, but she became very unwell frequently through the first trimester; constantly throwing up.

''Here we go again.'' She said whilst I walked in, soon after she fixed her head upon the toilet and threw up.

''Okay Gemma, I'm really getting worried now, I think we should go to the doctors...'' I suggested, handing her a towel.

''No no, I'll be alright soon enough... It's just a bit of morning sickness''She replied,coughing up one last heap of vomit out.

''Just a bit! Gemma you've been vomiting for nearly a damn month now!'' I replied, raising my voice a bit.

''Gemma come on, we need to see them again.'' I said, helping her up from the side of the toilet and hugging her.

''Robin, I'll be fine...''

''...Just give me a week or two and I'll be fine!'' She replied, smiling at me.

''Fine, but I really don't like to see you in distress.'' I said, flicking her hair round her ears.

''Aw Robin, you are really the perfect husband, but trust me, it will clear up in a week or two...'' She replied.

--A week or two later...--

I woke up quite early in the morning to find Gemma not beside me. I wasn't alarmed at first as I though she was just downstairs until I couldn't hear a sound from nowhere.

I got up in a hast...

...And turned around to see her sitting by the cold, frozen balcony door holding her belly in pain.

''G-Gemma, are you alright?'' I asked, pushing my tired self out of bed.

''What does it look like, Robin?'' She said, giving me a weird look.

''Okay Gemma no more argument, I'm taking to the doctors, now.'' I said, leaning down to kiss her on the cheek.

''Fine... but I have a feeling something is wrong with the baby...'' She said. I instantly started sweating thinking that she was having some sort of miscarriage.

''...You see, I woke up late lats night and went unto the laptop and read that morning sickness should only occur in the first week or two, it's been nearly two months now, I'm half visible and I'm still having morning sickness...''

''Well, it's not what I thought then... must be something else...'' I said.

''Wait, what did you think was wrong?'' She asked me, pushing my chin as our eyes met.

''I thought you were having a miscarriage...'' I replied.

''Miscarriage! Dear god no! I'm thinking I have an infection or something which is continuing the morning sickness into the second trimester.''

''Well, let's go the the doctors to see then...'' I said, smiling a sigh of relief.


After an hour of trekking through the snow in our Land Rover we arrived at the doctors surgery.

''Hi...uh, receptionist. Is there any doctors available to see me, regarding my pregnancy?'' Gemma asked the rather unusual receptionist. She had blue hair which resembled my grandmother from my father's side.

''Yes there is, Dr. Maxwell Thorton is free right now, would you like him?'' She asked. Gemma didn't reply but instead looked very...stiff.

I turned around to her and tapped her shoulder.

''Did you say Maxwell...Thorton?'' She asked the receptionist, not knowing I was trying to get her attention.

''Yes, Mr. Thorton recently transferred here from Sunset Valley as a general practitioner. Would you like to see him?'' She asked Gemma once again. From Gemma's facial expression, I could tell this 'Dr. Thorton' was someone very important.

''Yes, I'll see Dr.... Thorton.'' She said, looking down to the floor then looking back up at myself.

''Gemma, is this 'Dr. Thorton' person important?'' I asked, having no clue who he was.

''Yes Robin, he is my... dad. Max, my father.''


''Good evening Mr and Mrs. Cronwell, how can I help?'' Gemma's father asked. I noticed as she came in he had no idea who she was, probably because she changed her name to Gemma Cronwell after our marriage.

She didn't reply so I obviously stepped in.

''Hello Dr. Thorton, my wife came here to ask for some advice on her pregnancy.''

''Ah I see, have a seat.'' He said, gesturing us to sit down. Then Gemma turned around and faced directly at her dad.

''Hi... dad.'' She said, looking down at her belly, then back at her dad.

''Dad? Wait.... Gemma?'' He said, opening his mouth as he noticed who my wife was.

''Yes dad, it is me....''

''...And this is my husband, Robin, were expecting a baby in six or seven months time.'' She simply replied. Everything since 'Hi Dad' took Gemma's father by surprise.

He literary looks exactly like her accept he is a man of course and looks much older. I then imagined that Gemma most likely looks nothing like her mum.

If only they were in contact, our child would have both of their grandparents in his/her's life.

''Robin, this is my... father.'' Gemma said, walking towards him and giving him a awkward handshake.

''Nice to meet you, Mr. Thorton. You have a really amazing daughter, I'm blessed to be married and excepting a child with her.'' I said quickly, trying to give him a good impression of myself to my new father-in-law.

''Well thank you, I, without the help of my wife, raised Gemma to be a very classy and smart girl so I am assuming she picked the right man to marry and create children with.'' He replied, sending me a very stiff smile.




''Anyway, personal life aside, how is your pregnancy going, Mrs. Cronwell?'' He said, opening up Gemma's records and quickly skimming through it. ''I see your almost onto your second trimester. Any problems so far?''

''Actually there is Dad - er - I mean Mr. Thorton. I constantly keep on throwing up, my morning sickness phase was supposed to end weeks ago but it seems it has not.'' She said.

''Oh I see, first of all there is nothing abnormal about your pregnancy which is a normal thing. The length of morning sickness varies depending on the type of female. Since this is your first pregnancy your more likely to feel the side effects of pregnancy much harder than future pregnancies mainly because your body isn't used to all new thing developing. There is nothing wrong but if it is bothering you really much I can prescribe you with Antibiotics to compress of get rid of the morning sickness.'' He replied.

''That would be great doctor, and thanks, I wasn't entirely sure with the whole morning sickness phase...'' Gemma replied.

''So then, back to personal life. I see your married to my daughter?'' Gemma's dad asked.

''Yes I am , we've been together for four months now, Gemma got pregnant not long after...'' I replied, looking at her father with a blank face, making sure everything I said and done was right.

''And do you intend you look after her, and your expecting baby?'' He then asked.

''Of course! Gemma is my pride and joy; Once our baby arrives they'll both be my pride and joy, my priority, my life.'' I replied, stitching a smile onto my face.

''Atta boy!'' Her father said, I was surprised he used such layed back language considering his professional life. ''You seem to treat my daughter well ad your the perfect guy for her!''

''Well thank you Mr.Thor-.'' He quickly cut me off.

''Mr. Thorton, call me Max!''

''Well, Max, I intend to look after your daughter and your grandchild for the rest of my life.'' I said, before he pulled me in for a hug.

After hours of me getting to know Max and Gemma and Max catching up it was about time we went home, after all it was ten.

''I look forward to meeting my little grandchild in some months!'' Max said, rubbing Gemma's new baby bump.

''Oh don't worry Dad, you will one day! But could you do me a favor and not mention our meeting to mum?'' I heard Gemma ask. More recently I noticed Gemma has some 'beef ' towards her mother. I have no clue why though, she has never talked about her family until very recently.

''Sure, this can just stay between us.'' He said, smiling at both of us.

Gemma hugged her dad one last time and we shaked hands before leaving. Although she wasn't on the best terms with her parents, I could see her seeing her dad again made her happy once again.

--Two months later--

''Look at us, reading parenting books like a pro!'' I said.

''Well were not exactly pros yet but I guess you can say we are.'' She replied, putting down the book for a second to wink at me.

''Do you know talking to the baby whilst in the womb stimulates the baby's communication development?'' I asked her, reading that straight from the book.

''Well, I know that now. I guess you better get cracking and talk to this little one inside of me!'' She replied, closing her book and pushing herself off of the bed.

''Robin! I felt it kick! It's kicking!!'' She said, jumping for joy as she felt the baby kick for the first time, ever.

''Wow, let me feel and hear!'' I replied, running around the bed like a little kid running to the sweet shop.

''Hello little one, this is daddy here, do you want to tell me what are you? Boy? Or girl? I don't mind really, I'll still love you!''

''Robin, you do realise it doesn't have a clue what your saying!'' She replied, sticking out your belly so I could listen even more.

''Sssssh! I hear...him! I bet it's a boy!'' I said. Somehow, I had a weird feeling we were expecting a boy.

''No I bet it's a girl!'' She said. ''Could be any! But we just have to wait a few months before the ultrasound.'' I replied.

-- Another three months later...--

''Ugh! Get this thing out of me! I'm going to explode! Robin, are you even listening to me!?'' Gemma constantly moaned about how the baby is going to make her explode, completely illogical  I know, but Gemma for some reason thought that.

''Gemma please...'' I said, brushing our new cat closer to Gemma as I sat down. ''...You've only got two weeks left before you have it, stop complaining!'' I said and boy do I regret saying that...

''Robin Cronwell, shut your mouth! You have no idea what the feeling of pregnancy is like. It's like there is a watermelon pressing onto my bladder twenty-four-seven. Your twice as hungry and I can barely stand straight for more than a minute! If were going to have four more children, I suggest you man up and commit to my moaning because it will just get worst!''

''Sorry, Gemma.'' I had a much more cheeky reply to say to her but I knew I'd get a toy thrown right at my head so I thought I'd keep it in.

Suddenly her phone started buzzing and she jumped up off the floor and answered it.

''Hi dad, do you have the results?'' Results? What results? Then it came to me, I forgot we opted in to find out what gender our baby is. I sat there staring at the boring cat while Gemma was told.

Once she hung up her phone I jumped to my feet and looked at her.

''Robin, all I am going to say is that you were right...''

''Were having a B-Boy?'' I asked.

''Yes, Robin, a perfectly healthy baby boy!'' She replied, smiling with pure excitement.

''I knew it! I knew it I knew it I knew it!'' I replied, pulling her in for a tight hug.

''God, Robin be careful, you don't want to crush him to death!'' She replied.

''Oh, sorry man.'' I said, rubbing Gemma's, now massive, baby bump. ''Anyway, on that note, I have a surprise for you.''

I had been working on a boy's baby room for months now, secretly of course. I started it well before I found out about the gender because I had that gut feeling that Gemma was having a boy.

''Surprise!'' I said, removing my hands from Gemma's eyes, revealing a very blue, yet complex nursery.

''R-Robin! I absolutely adore it! The colours, the patterns and the-.''

Gemma suddenly stopped and knelt down in pain. A running liquid trickled down her jeans and unto the floor. She grabbed on to the stair gate and pushed her belly outwards.

''Gemma! Are you okay!? Wait of course you're not!'' I said, my brain being scattered all over the place. She doubled over again pain and I really didn't know what to do....

''R-Robin... the baby is coming. Call an ambulance, now!'' She said. I helped her sit confortably in the rocking chair while contraption kept shooting threw her.

I ran downstairs and grabbed the phone straight off the hook. ''Hello, 999, I need an ambulance, my wife has gone into labor...''


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