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Generation 7, Chapter 18 : Bad to Good.

''Gemma; Gemma! Wake up!'' I said while beginning to cry. She was hardly breathing and she was flat on the baby. I rolled her over so she wasn't squashing the baby and the rest of her clothing was drenched in blood. I had no clue where the blood came from but then I suspected something else...

''Okay Gemma I don't know if you can hear me but it's Robin; I'm going to slowly lift you up and get you an ambulance'' She did respond but it was slurred. Small droplets of blood continued to drip down from her legs and she screamed out silently in pain.

''Gemma honey, please try and answer, what happened?'' She tried to lift her head up but it was too much pain for her. ''Bleeding... Vagina.... Labour.... Baby...'' She replied with every last breath she had.

''A hemorrhage. Shit.''


I was right.
Gemma suffered a hemorrhage that morning as she went into labor, most probably on the stairs. The doctors said she was lucky to be alive and carrying the baby as she lost a lot of blood. Of course, she wasn't in no fit state to deliver the baby naturally so she was booked a C-Section.

I didn't bother to change my clothes before we left, there were more important things to get done than put on clothes, like the difference between life and death for two people I loved very much.

''Why? Why me? Why my family? We were doing so great, happily married, raising a young man and expecting another child and then this springs upon us...'' I said, wiping the large tears with the tip of my jumper. I swept my hands across the thing lining of the crib and squeezed the little teddy on top of it. My tears pelted against the crib as I couldn't help but to think my beautiful unborn child was going to die, along with my wife. Then I thought of Ceallach. He can't survive without his mama beside him and neither can I...

''Gemma please, pull through.''

''R-Robin....? The baby... It's coming...'' Gemma suddenly said across the room. I rushed over to her in tears and she was moaning in pain. Blood stained the sheet under her once again and I pushed the emergency alarm so many times...


Things got better, sort of.

First of all, Gemma lived. She somehow found the strength (God only know's how) and delivered the baby naturally. We had a baby girl which I named Stella, Stella Kimmie Cronwell. However, the stress of the complicated birth put Gemma in a temporary coma and so far, doctors do not know exactly when she will wake up.

Stella also had to stay in the hospital for a month because of some breathing difficulties. Throughout that time I took care of Ceallach with the help of my mother and got round to creating a nursery in the loft for Stella.

As I waited for a call from the hospital I tapped my feet on the hollow ground of Stella's nursery.

''She's dead, I know it.'' I said to myself quietly. I had faith that Stella would survive but as for Gemma, things weren't looking too good for her.''

''Why did this fucking happen to us! WHY!'' I shouted out, thinking as to why god would punish us like this. I picked up the teddy in Stella's new crib and chucked it at the window. Just as I started to cry and phone rang.

''Hello Stella darling, it's daddy here.'' I said softly to Stella as I picked her up. Her breathing sounded rather irregular but she was safe and healthy enough to be taken home.

''I'm Robin, your daddy. You have a big brother called Ceallach but you can call him Cel, he likes that. And that's your mum over there...'' I pointed over to Gemma. ''...We're your family and once mama get's better we'll be a proper family.'' I said to her, cuddling her while crying.

Mother brought Ceallach to the hospital for the first time. He knew his mother was sick but I was too scared he'd be so sad to see her like that.

''Mama! Please wake up! I have a new train set to show you at home! Dadda said I couldn't bring it here so I came here to get you! Please come home!'' He cried out. I busted into tears and picked him up.

''Ceallach remember what I said, mama's sick and can't come home for a while. You can always show Aunt Lindsey or Grandmama your train set if you like?'' I asked him.

''No, I want to show mama!'' He said, making puppy dog like faces at me.


''Robin! ROBIN! The baby! THE BABY! CEALLACH!!'' Gemma suddenly woke up and yanked the hospital tubes from her. She searched frantically around the room while holding her belly in pain. She then got up slowly and looked directly at Stella. 

''My baby girl...''

Ceallach and I came back in the room and I dropped my coffee in shock of seeing Gemma... alive.

''GEMMA!'' I said.

''R-ROBIN!'' She replied. She tried to run to me but almost collapsed but I bolted and caught her.

''You're alive...'' I said.

''I-I am... barely though...'' I heard her moan one more time and I called a doctor.

''Gemma you're clearly still in pain, get back in bed and I'll call a doctor. Everything's going to be alright from now...''

As months flew by Gemma got increasingly healthy and was eventually released from hospital. Stella's breathing became much more regular and she began to breath normally.

We eventually took another family photo and hung it up next to the previous one.


Ceallach just grew taller and taller and was now four years old. He could speak pretty much like a average human and was just a little boss of the house!

Stella was just our little princess! She seemed to like the color purple and giggles at almost everything she say: Birds, her mother, myself, her brother, the childminder, grandma, granddad and everything else...!

''Look at my little princess!; Giggling as usual!''

Declan and Lindsey decided to visit and meet their new niece. DING DONG.

''Here they are Stella, prepare yourself.'' I said in a joking manner to Stella. She giggled as I opened the door to see her Aunt and Uncle.

''Declan! Lindsey! My favorite brother and sister!'' I said, in excitement.

''Robin we're your only brother and sister, therefore we must be your favorite.'' Lindsey stated, winking at me before looking at Stella.

''And this must be my little niece! Stella!'' She said once again, taking her off of me and cuddling her.

''Ooh steady on Lindsey! Mind you don't drop her!'' Declan said.

''Declan please! I've had seven years of experience! There is no way I'll drop a baby!'' She replied, tossing Stella slightly in the air.

''Lindsey I swear to god if you just jinxed that...'' I replied, going close to her just in case she actually did drop her.

She handed her back to me and I laughed as she giggled at her uncle.

''Haha Declan I think she wants you to hold her!'' I said to Declan, giving her to him.

''So little sis, how's life?'' I asked her.

''Pretty good thanks! Although Emily has behavioral issues, she's always getting into fights and troubles at school and never does what she is told!'' She replied, sighing.

''So no more children then?'' I asked.

''Most probably not.''

''Your baby doesn't like me!'' Declan said as Stella began to cry out. It seemed she wasn't to giggly in her uncle's arms.

''Of course she does! She's probably just hungry.'' I replied, taking her back to feed her.

Gemma came down later after changing Ceallach and vomiting, most probably from the medication to clean up her infection.

''So Declan how's the triplets?'' I asked curiously.

''Good! They just started Key Stage 2 and are already loving it. Lucas and Marcus are into sports but Gabriel is artsy like you.''

''Must be the red heads that are creative!'' I joked.

Lindsey sat back down with Ceallach after getting a coffee and asked a very awkward question.

''I know this may be silly but are you two considering having... more... children?'' Lindsey asked. I somehow blushed and looked awkwardly and Gemma.

''Well...'' She took a deep breath. ''...I survived giving birth to this little girl in my arms so I'm pretty sure I can survive another!'' I was surprised by her saying this because I was almost sure she'd say 'Hell no'.

''Well that's a surprise! I though you wouldn't want anymore but I guess if you want more we'll have more!'' I said, grinning at Declan.

''Uhh Lindsey... can I tell you something? You mustn't tell anyone...'' Gemma said to Lindsey.

''Of course'' She patted Ceallach on his head and got up with her finished coffee. Lindsey and Gemma went to the other end of the room and she whispered something into her mouth, making her jaw drop straight down.

''Your secret if safe with me, but you're going to have to tell him sooner of later...!'' Lindsey whispered loud enough for me to hear.

''It's not nice to keep secrets girls!'' Declan stated.

''Yeah! It isn't! What were you two talking about anyway?'' I asked Gemma.

''Oh... nothing.''

Later that day Lindsey and Declan needed to go and I showed them out.

''Robin you better prepare yourself, looks like it's time to buy a third crib!'' Lindsey said cheekily as she grinned at me.

''What do you mean... but another crib?'' I asked her, having no clue what she was talking about.

''Robin! Gemma's pregnant, again!'' They both said in sync.


Thank you for reading chapter 18, I told you guys everything was going to turn out good!... For only a while...

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  1. Let me take fright at the blood on the floor. Luckily Gemma got well, I'm glad you all be happy and excites me to know that Gemma is pregnant with another child. I loved it.

    1. Aww :L At least she is okay now though, and expecting! I'm glad you're happy! :D

      Thanks for reading! & Commenting. (:

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    1. Not quite yet... ;)

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  3. I'm so happy Gemma and Stella are ok! :D


    Great Chapter! It was worth the wait :D


    1. I'm glad you're happy! I could never kill off Gemma... Or my Heiress ...

      Indeed! Let's just say, Gemma is VERY fertile ;)

      Thanks for reading! & Commenting. (:

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    1. Thanks for reading! & Commenting. (:

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    1. Thank you soooo much! I actually just checked out your Male Legacy and I love it! :D Good question, I forgot where I downloaded those long sleeve blankets but I do know of a default replacement which allows you to change to the colors of the blanket and you can download it here:

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  6. I'm glad I didn't have to kill you.. :D I'm pretty happy Gemma is okay and Stella too!

    The beginning was to strong ;__; But then everything turn into happiness! :)

    And yes! MORE BABIES! :D I don't know why, but I'm thinking that Gemma will have twins.. Really, I don't know why I think that xD

    Amazing chapter! ^-^ Like always!!

    1. Haha :3 YOU'LL NEVER KILL ME! Mwuahahaha >:) I am too! I could never kill of my favorite spouse & child! :D

      I know, it was sad to write it too ;_; But at least it turned out well!

      Well Cherry... *yoursuspicionsarecorrect!* *coughcough*, You didn't hear that from me! :3

      Thank you so much! (:

  7. Stella's sooooooooooooooooooooo cute! now im picturing her as a toddler o_o awesome chapter kurtis! Cel is adorable as well. glad that gemma didn't die. cant wait for the next chapter!

    1. Aww she is! <3 Thank you! Look on my Simblr and you'll see her, as a toddler! Thank you so much (: I could never kill off Gemma!


  8. I'm so glad Gemma is okay! ^_^

  9. Gemma! Yay you're ok! I lub you <3
    Cel is so cute, he doesn't want to show Aunt Lindsey is train set he wants his momma to see it!
    Luckily Gemma woke up!
    Stella <3
    Yay for new baby, and yay for Lindsey showing up! I <3 you Lindsey!

    1. Yeah she is!! :D She loves you too!

      Too right! He adores his mum so much, Hehe! :3

      Yeah, I couldn't let her die :O

      I know you do! She loves you too... and Logan, ;)


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