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Generation 7, Chapter 19 : A baby, or two.

As Stella grew up very quick, along with Ceallach, I was able to get my work life back on track and quite as I was commissioned to design a Apartment Building for East St. Claire. Luckily I already had started before Gemma got pregnant again and I was sure to have enough time for it to be finished and built just before Gemma had our baby.

We decided not to send Ceallach to Nursery only because we noticed he wasn't the one to socialise with non - family members, instead he liked to talk to his special doll my mother brought him the day he was born.

Stella however, even at the age of one already defined her personality. She seemed to be one of those Tom - boy's who wouldn't be afraid to speak out for her right, but that's just what I seem to think...

What also surprised us was that, like her brother, she actually inherited her great great great great great grandfather's hair color, however Ceallach's roots are similar to Gemma's and Stella's are just pure black.

Although Stella is a sort of Tom - Boy she eats very posh; Almost like a queen! Ceallach on the other hand eats like a pig, hungry or not he never fails to clean out his plate.

For Gemma being three months pregnant she was awfully large... She most probably ate much more than when she was pregnant with Ceallach and Stella.

One day Gemma went for a massage and my parents took the children for the day. I decided to re - read a 'fatherhood' once again, just to be on the safe side of course. Mango limped up beside me and I helped him onto the other armchair. He's getting pretty old and can barely walk anymore...

As months progressed on Gemma was twice the wight for a typical pregnant women and it made her pretty sad. At first I thought she was having twins but she was sure she was just eating too much but just to be sure she suggested herself getting an ultrasound.

Stella defiantly had that 'outgoing' personality to her. There never is a dull moment in our house where she didn't lighten the mood up; Just one little giggle that emitted from her mouth cheered us all up.

Gemma found away to bury her fears beneath the ground; by pampering Stella. She had a fear that she may have a complicated birth with this third baby because of what happened with Stella and worse... that the baby would die. I constantly reassured her that her and our baby would be alright! But she just still had that fear, deep down in her...

''Robin! You have to see this!'' Gemma called out from the living room, giggling.

''What is it Gem?'' I asked her, trying to concentrate on my design.

''Just come! And bring the camera too, this is priceless!'' She replied.

I run in with the camera in my hand to see Ceallach doing a handstand and Stella giggling away at him!

''Well aren't they just two little weirdos!'' Gemma said, pulling Ceallach up from his hand stand and tickling him.

''They sure are! Let's just pray Ceallach hasn't already influenced his little sister!'' I replied, picking her up, stroking her soft hair and cuddling her.

Stella climbed over into the playpen and Ceallach followed her, with his friend of course.

''Robin, it moved!'' Gemma screamed out, scaring me and the kids.

''What! What moved?... Oh the baby!''

''It kicked, I can't believe it kicked!'' She jumped for joy as I rushed over to feel it.

''Okay I think it's about time to find out what we're having, don't you think...'' I laughed before saying anything else. ''...I mean, we can't keep calling it, it. I asked her.

''You've got a point there Robbie, but first, have you thought of any baby names?'' She asked me back.

''Well...'' I flicked my weird hair behind my head and kept silent for a short wile. ''How about Raegan?''

''Now that is a beautiful name, but I had something else in mind...'' Gemma said.

''Such as?''

''Cade...'' She suggested, smiling at me.

''Even better! Just out of curiosity  how'd you come up with that name?'' I asked her, with a puzzled expression on my face.

''Uh, it was my grandmothers name. Cade James. When my mother used to get angry with me as a child and leave me alone in our big house grandma Cade would always come over and give me an apple. She died just a few years before I met you and it made me pretty sad, but I was eighteen and all grown up so I got over it. I thought by passing down her name to our child would be a good idea.'' She said.

''Good idea, that's a great idea!'' I replied, patting her shoulder. ''Maybe we can call our fourth child Raegan, if it's a girl of course.'' I added on, winking at her.

''Steady on Robin! I'm still pregnant with our third, you know!'' She pointed out, pushing her big belly out at me.

''You can't help but plan!'' I replied, winking at her. She rustled my hair up some and looked at Stella, who was giggling at us.

''Whatcha giggling at, missy!'' Gemma said to Stella with a funny accent, also making faces at her.

''Nothing mama!'' She giggled away at Gemma's silly facial expression and I couldn't help but chuckle myself at the sight of them. Ceallach started laughing to and grabbed hold of Mango for some reason, poor cat was in a headlock thanks to him.

Two months later, Gemma got even larger... and not the normal weight for a five - month pregnant female. It started to worry me even more...

''Shooting hoops I see.'' I heard Gemma say from behind me.

''I am! I have to keep in shape.'' I replied, shooting the ball straight into the hoop and turning round to wink at her.

''At least you can stay in shape; I look like a freaking whale!'' Gemma pointed out, sighing and rubbing her bump at the same time.

''Don't worry Gem, it isn't you, it's the baby... the rather large baby at that.'' I replied, grinning at her. She pushed my shoulder and gave me a dirty look.

''Oi! You should be complimenting your wife, not suggesting she has a fat baby in her!'' She pointed out, talking about herself in third person.

''Oh no know I'm joking, Gem! You look as beautiful as ever!''

''You're just saying that now...'' She took a deep breath and flicked her hair back. ''...By the way the doctor's are meant to get back to us today about the results of the ultrasound, and the gender!''

''Well it's about time!; You know what we didn't plan out... if we were to have a boy.''

''You're right about that!'' Gemma said, pointing her finger in the air.

''I - uh - have a suggestion for a baby name, how about-'' I had the perfect name in my head and was about to suggest it, until Gemma's phone rang.

''Mrs. Gemma Cronwell?'' I heard the doctor ask from the phone.

''That's me!''

''We have the news about your Ultrasound...'' He replied. She grinned at me and went inside for a short while then came back out.

''T-Thank you... doctor.'' She shuttered out, hanging her phone up and dazed at the sea behind our house.

''What's wrong, Gem?'' I asked her, rubbing her shoulders to get her to answer me.

''Robin...'' She took a deep breath and looked at me, worryingly. ''... We're having twins!'' She said.



''Robin! Answer me!''

I didn't have a clue of what to say next. Twins; Two; Four children...


Gemma soon was to reach the end of her pregnancy whereas Ceallach grew much older which now easily tore him apart from his sister. Just as we thought, he grew to be a clone of his mother but just with black hair.

Also, it wasn't long before Gemma became totally hormonal. She kept on getting mad at every little thing that annoyed her, and I'm talking about EVERY little thing!

''Oh for goodness sake Robin, go and feed Stella, she's bawling her eyes out!'' She said, pushing her large body out from the covers and ordering me around the house. Since I'm a patient person I never argued back because it was obvious I wouldn't win against a pregnant Gemma Cronwell.

Hours later she finally dragged herself up out of the bed and very pretty dress on.

''How does this look on me Robbie?'' She asked me, completely changing her attitude.

''Well I think you look absolutely stunning but let's hear what the babies thinks!'' I said, in a joking manner, bending down to listen and feel the babies kick about.

''Well considering they're doing nothing but kicking, I think they like the dress!'' I reassured Gemma.

''Either that or they just want to get out my cramped womb!'' Gemma said, winking at me while before giving me a kiss.

I had been tirelessly working on the twins room ever since I found out that we were actually having twins. It seemed so weird buying double furniture, double blankets and double clothes but in fact it was what had to be done.

''Mummy! We were looking all over for you!'' Ceallach pointed out, clapping that he found his mum.

''Mama! There you are!'' Stella stuttered out.

''Yes guys, you did!'' I looked down at them, seeing them grinning at me.

''Guys! A little help here!'' Gemma asked, trying to get up from the floor.

''Wow mummy, these twins are really weighing you down!'' Ceallach said, helping me by getting one of Gemma's arms.

''They sure are! Now 1... 2... 3... LIFT!'' She replied and Ceallach and I lifted her, surprisingly getting her up.

''Thank you little man!'' Gemma said to Ceallach, hugging him.

''Woah, be careful mum, you might squash the babies!'' He chuckled and felt the babies in Gemma's womb.

''Dadda!'' Stella screamed out.

''Yes princess?'' I asked her.

''I wanna play with mama!'' She ordered.

''Well that's perfect, I have to take your big brother to Scouts Club anyway. Have fun with mama!'' I said to her, tickling and handing her to Gemma.

While Ceallach and I were gone I heard Gemma and Stella had quite a eventful time without us! She finally taught her to walk without anyone's help and taught her even more complex words than she knew.


That very evening quite a while after Ceallach and Stella were fast alseep, screams came from downstairs. I rushed into the kitchen, almost slipping in a puddle of warm liquid. I then looked up to see Gemma's legs wide open, and herself in pain.

She somehow managed to get out of her chair and placed both hand on the dining table, doubling over in pain. Luckily this time there was no sign of blood or any complications.

''R-Robin... it hurts so freaking much!'' She stuttered out, only just bearing the pain. I took her hands but she pushed them away and continued to scream in pain.

''Robin just get a damn ambulance, there is no way I can walk with these girls pushing on my vagina! Call them, now!'' She ordered once again. Ceallach came down holding Stella in his arms, half asleep until he saw his mama in pain. I reassured him she was going to be fine while I called the ambulance and he took his little sister back upstairs with him in his room.

''Don't worry Gem, it'll be all over soon.'' I said, rushing over to hug her again as she gripped my hand firmly in pain.

Gemma successfully gave birth to our twin girls, after thirty - six hours of labor. Thank god there were no complication what so ever and the girls were born perfectly healthy. The little one in the pink blanket is Raegan Grace Cronwell and the other little girl in the red blanket is Cade Grace James Cronwell.

Our life seemed to be getting better...


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    1. Iknow, I couldn't put her through any more pain... yet

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    1. Thank you! :D I'm happy you like this family generation of Cronwell's because I just adore them! <33

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    1. Thank you, just you wait until you see them as Toddlers, Kevin! <33

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  5. I wish real life were more like your story. Carter is still your best Sim, but probably nothing compared to who you will be one day. Stay blessed and good by. :0)

    1. If only it was :L I think he is too, mainly because of his mysterious personality... :P

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