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Generation 7, Chapter 20 : Emotions get the best of people. Close people. [PART 1]

Juggling four children under the age of ten was really hard, at first. The sleepless nights hit Gemma and I even harder than they did with Ceallach, and even Stella. Raegan and Cade were two very fussy infants, forever wanting to be held by anyone, but most Gemma and I.

Gemma started to let herself go when the twins were born. She hardly cared about her personal appearance and always told me go and bottle them. Even poor Stella was getting neglected a bit because we were both tied up with the twins; the person she interacted with the most as a toddler was Ceallach. I noticed that she began to form a very strong bond with her older brother.

''Hello little Cade, it's daddy here.'' She swept her little hand across my cheek and dribbled a bit on my blazer. She made a weird sound and I laughed as she smiled at me and fell asleep quickly on my shoulder.

Just as I put her down in her crib, similar to her sisters, Gemma bursted in and sat on the chair near Raegan's crib.

''Robin, Raegan's crying, get her another bottle out of the fridge and warm it up. Remember to test it on your skin just in case it is too hot.'' Gemma said, scratching her untidy hair and screwing at Raegan loud crying.

''Sorry? I just fed, changed and put her down ten minuets ago. I think it's your turn.'' I said to her, giving her a rude look while she was was sitting down like a slob.

''Robin! I carried these two babies for nine months and gave birth, naturally to them. This is the least I can do!''  She said, smirking at me as if she hadn't a car in the world.

''The least I can do? Gemma I've been non - stop caring for these babies for the past two weeks! I haven't been to work or designed anything in the last five months! Remember that we have another little girl upstairs? You hardly even interact with her, dad after day all you do is eat, boss me around the flipping house and sleep!'' I said back with a stern tone. Suddenly she stepped back a bit and her eyes lit up with complete and utter shock... and then she went all out.

''Erm, are you serious Robin? Do you freaking know what it feels like to give birth, to handle four children while your in your damn office all day drawing crap? I wanted a job too you know! I wanted to be a fashion designer, not some damn gardener who constantly looks after children. Okay I may have let myself go a bit but that is because I've been popping out YOUR babies for the past ten years!'' She replied.

''My babies? OUR babies Gemma, our babies.....!'' I replied, tilting my head back in disgust at how she designated our babies to be mine only.

''...God you know sometimes you just make me regret marrying you!'' I added on. Suddenly her eyes turned a greenish colors and her face sunk. She sighed and tears began forming in her tear ducts.

''G-Gemma I didn't mean t-that, you know I never meant-'' Just as I was saying sorry she lifted up her hands and softly pushed mine away from her face. She began to cry and her makeup started to run down her rosy red cheeks.

''Just don't Robin' Just don't.'' She rubbed the sweat off of her forehead, look at the twins and ran out of the Nursery.

''Gemma! Wait!'' I shouted out, bolting out of the door behind her. Just as I got her hand slightly she pulled it straight away.

''Don't touch me! Ever again!'' She replied back, stuttering her words out as she cried even more.

She took a right turn and I realised she was heading for the master bedroom. Ceallach heard all the comotion and came running out of his bedroom to see his mum in a mess.

''Mama! What's wrong!?'' He said.

In her hast to run away from me and get to the bedroom she replied to him, ''I'm sorry little man.''

There was a loud bang and a twist of a key in a lock. She locked herself in our bedroom. I went round to the other door where you could to our bedroom through the balcony but I was too late, she locked that door too.


Before I say anything else I'd just like to thank my little cousin who helped me put the big argument together. (:

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I'm starting to regret wirting this chapter because I know you guys just love Robin and Gemma so I have one word for you.


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  1. WHY WHY WHY. Well, Atleast she didn't die :)

    1. I couldn't kill of Gemma! :D Thank you for commenting!

  2. wow, go discussion, I almost tear out the emotion. I can not wait for the second part.

    1. Thank you. (: The next part should be out either today or tomorrow!

  3. Gah! I was not expecting that. D': Next post... asap!

    1. Aww :L Things went downhill after the babies were born...

      A new post should be out within the next two days! :D Thank you!

  4. Ahhhh!!!! Why did they have to fight?! Hopefully it will be resolved soon ^__^ awesome chapter kurtis! And the fight between robin and Gemma is great!

    1. They had reasons... :( Oh it has to, I can't have them hating each other, it's just too sad to watch.

      Thank you, Annika! :D


    Everything things is gonna be okay, right? I know it will! They love each other, I know they do!

    Gosh, I want mommy... ;________;

    1. Right now, Robin & Gemma are having I-Issues ;____________;

      Well you just have to wait and see, because I can't guarantee everything WILL be okay... But you have one thing right, they do love each other! Maybe that one thing will keep them together.

      Such an emotional chapter ;___; Thanks for commenting. (:

  6. love it and can't wait for more soon


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