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Generation 7, Chapter 20 : Emotions get the best of people. Close people. [PART 2]

Gemma had locked herself up in the bedroom for weeks now, not emitting a sound throughout every single day. Every trace of sound which came from her was either snoring or her nose sniffling up all the tears she let out.

I put job on a major standstill, once again because of this whole situation, having to care for four young children and balance a career, it was impossible without help.

Ceallach, being the helpful boy he is stepped up from being a carefree child to the best big brother ever, attending the needs of all of his sisters. He woke up an hour earlier for school just to be able to feed the twins and Stella for me while I made breakfast and tidied the house. Then, once he got home for Scout practice he done his homework straight away and entertained Stella so she wasn't feeling lonely.

Night after night I would stay up late, putting every one of my children to sleep while I heard the sobs of my wife come from our room. As I put the twins to bed last I leaned against one of their changing tables and continued to wonder why Gemma locked herself up in here... and mostly importantly, when we she was going to come out.

Was she really angry about what I said... or what I sad triggered something...? I have no idea.

''G-Gemma please come out.'' I said, sitting down next to the locked door. I could hear her start to cry once again which made my shed a few tears.

''Ceallach misses you.''

''Stella wants her mummy.''

''The twins are really agitated without that motherly bond.''

''Most of all... I-I miss you. So much.''

''Please G-Gemma, just come out. Whatever happened, we can sort out, we can resolve.'' I added on, chocking on my tears.

''Daddy, are you okay?'' I heard Stella's soft voice say. I looked up slightly see Ceallach cuddling her with one of his hands, they were both in their pyjamas.



''Daddy!'' Stella kept on calling out to me, but I didn't have the emotional strength to answer. She sounded just like her mother, even at such a young age, which just made me even sadder.

''Dad! Stella's hungry and there isn't anymore baby food or milk in the fridge. I have to get to school in an hour and I haven't even done my homework! Plus the twins never stopped crying last night, I had to sleep in Stella's room to get away from their damn screaming!'' Ceallach stated, in an angry tone.

''Dad!? Are you even listening to me!?'' He shouted out, the twins started crying once again and Stella started to whimper.

I let out a great sigh and rubbed the sleep off of my eye. I could feel my thick stubble rub all over my trousers as I crawled out of my ball.

''Ceallach...'' ''... Grandma will be here in ten minuets or so, she'll be looking after you guy for a while, while I try and get your mother out. If you look in the cabinet next to the sink there should be some spare tins of baby food, give Stella that and some water in her sippy cup. I'll write you a note to your teacher about your home life and she should excuse you from Homework for a while.''

''Okay... Dad...'' Was all he replied.

''Come on sissy, let's get you some food!'' She said to Stella, picking her up and giggling along with her.

After Ceallach left me alone I fell asleep on the floor in front of our bedroom. I was obviously asleep but I felt so uncomfortable. I felt to dirty, which really wasn't like me because I'm exactly like my mother, a neurotic clean - freak. My face felt so dry and neglected; My glasses fogged up every time I let out a huge sigh of breath and I just generally felt like absolute crap.

Soon after, Mango brushed passed me with his weak legs and they woke me up.

I yawned loudly since I knew, or at least thought, I was alone in the house. As I stretched out my hand I could smell a extremely unpleasant smell from my body and then I remembered, I hadn't had a bath in a week or so.

''You've really done yourself other this time son...'' I heard a deep... yet oddly familiar voice say. I jumped in fright and looked down first at the person's feet, instead seeing two pairs of them.

Instantly I knew who it was...

...Mum and Dad.

''M-Mum; D-Dad....'' I stuttered out, shocked at the sight of my parents. They still looked so young for fifty - five year old's. It seemed they found Stella in her room before seeing me.

''W-What are you guys doing here?'' I asked, sighing.

''You called us hours ago, remember? You were in complete distress and it was four in the morning honey...'' My mum said, softly, I could see it in her eyes that she was worried about me.

''Oh yes... I-I remember...'' I stuttered out again.

''My baby R-Robin....'' My mum cooed, she came real close to me and swiped her soft hands across my thick scraggy stubble.  ''...What happened to you?'' She asked me quietly.

''That same day you came to meet the twins, weeks ago, Gemma and I had a fight and something slipped out that shouldn't and she just locked herself in our bedroom and hasn't been out since...''

''Wait, what!? So she's left you alone with four young children for weeks now?'' My mum asked again, with a concerned tone to her voice.

''Well... pretty much, yes. I called you because I haven't got any other options...'' I replied.

''Well you called us just in time, Robin your children are going hungry! The place is an absolute mess and Gemma is locked up in there!'' My mum stated, giving me a disappointing look.

''M-Mum I'm sorry...'' I drooped my head and sighed once again. ''... I didn't want all of this to happen, it just sprung upon all of us, in such a horrible way. Mum all I want is my wife back...'' I replied, sighing once more.

While my mum continued to try and convince Gemma to open the door I went to check on the twins. They honestly looked so sad, even for the bubbling babies they were.

''Don't worry girls, mummy will be back soon. She'll get better and be able to love you like she has never loved anyone before. We'll be a happy family again, soon little ones... soon.'' I assured them.

''No lucky Robin, she won't open it.'' My mum said softly, trying not to wake up the twins.

''It's fine mum... I knew it wouldn't work anyway but it was worth a try...'' I gave her a fake smile and was just about to get the twins their bottles of milk when Ceallach walked in.

''Erm... Hi Dad, can I ask you something?'' Ceallach said quietly, glancing in from the edge of the door.

''Of course son, ask away.''

''Can I try get mama to come out...?'' He asked hesitantly.

''Well, of course...'' I smiled at him for his enthusiasm to get Gemma out. ''It's worth a try, Ceallach.''

''Okay dad!'' He replied once again, smiling at me and running across the hall back to the bedroom door.

My parents picked up the twins and fed them for me. Ceallach and Stella positioned themselves in front of the door and then everything went silent.

''Mama...'' Ceallach sighed, a lot like me and looked down at Stella and nodded. ''... Everyone misses you. Stella can't sleep without you giving her the special goodnight kiss. The twins look so sad, even for the bubbly babies they are! Dad is an absolute wreck, and I'm really not exaggerating that. And myself, mama, I miss you so much. I can't bare to know you're in there, all alone, without any of us, crying your life away. Please mama, we just want you to be happy, to be safe, to be with us....''


Suddenly we heard her sniffle and get up. The lock on the door made a weird noise as we heard her unlock the door, she didn't open it though. After a few minuets, we decided to go in.

''Mama!'' Ceallach and Stella said in sync, their faces lit up as they saw the back of their mum. I was speechless seeing her on the floor curled up in a ball.

''G-Gemma...'' I said, taking a few steps in our room as she slowly got up. The room stunk of body odor and  nearly everything was a mess.

''H-How are you...?'' I managed to stutter out, I then slightly looked up at her to see a grim pictures. Her face was covered in old makeup which continued to run every time she cried. Her cheeks were really red and her eyes were swollen up from all the crying.

''I-I'm... I-I'm...'' She didn't finish off her sentence, but instead, broke down into tears.

''I know, Gemma...'' I pulled her in as she slowly collapsed to the ground in tears. Suddenly I blocked everything else happening in the background and just focused on Gemma and I.

''...First of all, I'm sorry. I swear on the great almighty god above us, there is no other girl I would of rather married and has four beautiful children with. I mean seriously, who cannot resist your love?'' I asked her.

She lifted her head up slowly and let out a hint of a smile at me. ''R-Really?'' She asked, wiping the heap of mascara off of her face.

''Really Gemma! You're a strong, independent, and beautiful woman, who I love...!'' ''... Gemma I swear we'll get through this, together.... I love you, so much.''

''I-I love you too Robin.'' She said, pushing her hair back and hugging me tightly. I got my wife back, safe and sound.

Soon after she smiled at Ceallach and Stella, signaling for them to both come over and hug her. In an instance, Gemma seemed to be back to normal, hugging and tickling them.

I looked over at them and smiled in delight.

''Thank you mum, and dad, so much. I really appreciate what you've done for us.''

''No problem son, you deserve to be happy, and now you are.'' My mother said, hugging me.

Everything was finally back to normality.


I'm a sucker for happy endings, okay.

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    1. Yeah, it will take time but it will end well :P

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  3. finally everything's back to normal! awesome chapter kurtis, can't wait for the next one :) and Cel and Stella are so freaking cute DX

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