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Generation 7, Chapter 21 : More children? Are you serious!?

Life somewhat became normal once Gemma went back to her normal state. Once she got professional help and got over her postnatal depression, she finally explained to me why she done what she did. She finally came all out to me and told me why she done this.

She said getting pregnant so suddenly after Stella was hard enough after the complications she had with her and then it made things even worse when she found out we were having twins. So, I asked her why did she seem so happy on the inside when in truth she wasn't; she told me mainly because she was scared, scared that she may loose the twins just like she almost lost Stella. She then told me that after we had the twins, she was truthfully happy that they were born happy and healthy, but something just wasn't right for her, she said herself. She added on that something just didn't click or set it, which made her feel anxious or scared to look after our small little infants. Then I said, our arguing didn't help neither of us, and it was true because all it led to was Gemma hitting breaking point and I falling into some form of depression, as well.

As months passed, Gemma got better, and so did I. She wasn't as anxious to help with the twins as much has she was before and I was able to work around the clock and get everything done in order for us to live a normal life.

Unlike Ceallach as an infant, and surprisingly Stella, the twins were very demanding. Trust me, when I mean very demanding, I mean past Stella's demanding which is on a whole level. She almost needed attention at all different hours of the morning, not stopping their high pitch, ear shattering, synced cries for love.

However what was great was that once they were satisfied  they simply laughed, giggled at each other and silently fell asleep.

When Gemma and I actually had time (when the twins were sleeping) Gemma spent her time tending greatly to her garden while I resumed teaching our first daughter the precious life skills she needed in life.

As a toddler, Stella was keen to learn life skills, most probably she was sick and tired of crawling around the house or being stuck in a playpen. Her face lit up whenever I or her mum or even Ceallach came over to teach her skills.

Thankfully, she inherited her mother's looks and my personality  getting the gift of creativity from me. She loved to spend her toddler days occupied in her walker pressing buttons and drawing on the small pad provided  Gemma and I knew exactly what we would get for her birthday: An Art Easel.

Ceallach was a lot like his grandmother, somehow inheriting her love for children and great knowledge in Sciene and Maths. The one subject he struggled a lot in was English, he wasn't one to write long and descriptive essays!

Somehow, I felt happy that my children all had very complex personalities to venture the world with!


Years passed on and the children grew even more throughout the years. Stella demanded to have a big birthday party with all the family and of course, we gave in. I swear one of these days we're going to regret spoiling her!

Mango suddenly strolled into his elder years. He isn't as active with the kids anymore and all he really does is sit in the back of the garden and play with his own tail. Ceallach's sort of sad because he know's he's going to pass away soon and he grew up with Mango and has had a lot of fun with him over the past years. Stella suggested getting another pet, but instead a dog, for a change.

Stella grew to seriously look exactly like her mother, with hints of her ancestors looks and the signature female Cronwell nose, from my biological great grandmother.

The twins also grew much older and it was almost like they were doubles! It was obvious that they are identical twins but what struck us was how much they looked like identical twins! They only way I could honestly tear them apart by was the the different hairstyles Gemma done them with.

They forever seemed to come up with schemes to either get themselves in trouble or get one of them into trouble. Weather it was Cade giving Raegan a boast to get out of their cribs or Raegan forever trying to run up and jump with her twins over the stair-gate, they both always seemed to get into trouble or hurt themselves.

Stella suggested getting Chickens as she done a class project on baby chicks and she just adored them. After running it by Gemma she was perfectly fine and even wanted it to be settled in front of her Greenhouse, so we brought one. Shortly after, surprisingly, the chickens layed some eggs but we never harvested them in time and baby chicks hatched! About six hatched and the children were just obsessed with them!

Raegan and Cade became less demanded as they grew older, they enjoyed staying in their small room a lot, exploring every corner, every toy and every adventure within it. I noticed Cade loved looking out the long window behind them because she could see Grandmas house from it and sometimes would wave to her as she passed the windows.

Like Ceallach, Stella did actually love school, mostly her Art and English lessons as she loves to paint and write. On many days after school Stella would come home, do her homework and then ask me to com out and play with her. She never had many friends at school so she loved to spend lots of times having fun with her family.

''Dad...?'' She asked me, hesitantly.

''Stell if you're going to ask me to play with you some more I can't, dinner's going to burn soon!'' I expressed to her, laughing a little.

''No I'm tired anyway Dad, it's just... M-mum...'' She stuttered out more. I knew she had something about Gemma which she wanted to tell me, but she seemed to worried or scared to say it.

''Say it Stell, if it's a secret, I'll keep it!'' I whispered to her.

''Okay I'll tell you...'' She took a deep breath and widened her eyes at the rays from the sunset. ''...I heard mum on the phone a few hours ago to Aunt Lindsey and I heard her say 'More babies'! Is mama pregnant again?'' She she first, then questioning me with a puzzled look on her face.

''Oh no no no honey, your mum's not pregnant again, or at least I don't think she is....'' I put dates together in my head and I was sure she wasn't pregnant again ,so that only meant one thing, she wanted more!

''...Erm - Thanks for telling me this Stella, do me a favor and not mention this to anyone else, I'll talk to mama about it, okay?''

''Yeah sure dad, I'll keep it a secret.'' She winked and giggled at me and I gave her a little hug.

After dinner the kids somehow tricked me into playing even more games. I agreed mainly because I love to see their faces when we play with them since they're always caught up in homework and after school activities.

The kids were all fast asleep and it was the perfect time to confront Gemma about what Stella said. I called
her out on the balcony to talk to her.

''Hey Gem, we need to talk...'' I said, holding her hand as she rested on me.

''Sure Robbie, whatcha want to talk about?'' She asked, smiling at the night sky.

''Erm, so Stella and I were outside when she told me about the conversation she overheard you having with Lindsey and...'' I said, I instantly knew she knew what I was talking about as she went all stiff and looked at me.

''Oh... that...''

''So, do you really?'' I asked her.

''You know what, to be honest yes. I know everything just got back to normal and I know my depression could repeat if I got pregnant again and I even know that there could be even more complications but you know what Robin, I actually want more children.''

''Well I do too Gem, remember when we became really serious I told you I always dreamt of having five children...''

''And we can Robin! Or at least try! Listen, we're not getting any younger, you're bordering forty and so am I in a matter of a few years, there's no more waiting around!'' She expressed, jumping in enthusiasm.

''I agree Gem, you know what, let's try for one more baby!'' I agreed and gave her a passionate hug.

That night we actually did try for a baby and we both were excited about being new parents all over again, if it was successfully of course. I couldn't believe my dream was actually coming true.

Five kids; My five kids!


Yes I know what you're thinking, The Cronwell's make babies like rabbits! ^.^ 

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  1. Another great chapter.
    I'm really sad that Robin is getting older now :(
    I will be sad to see him all old :(
    Stella is adorable and I know she will become a great heir
    xoxo Aideybabes <3

    1. Thank you (: I know, I remembered earlier when he was just a little toddler with Declan ;-; Don't worry, he won't be growing old just yet!

      Aw, thank you! & Yeah I think so too, I hav big plans for her :3

      ME TOO THOUGH! ;)

      Thanks for commenting. (:

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  2. Eeep, I cannot wait to see the children! Everything is so happy now and I'm loving it!


    1. Me too! She isn't born in game but I'm so excited for her too! Thank you so much!

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  3. BABIESS!!!!! I hope they have another boy! :3
    Great chapter! :D


    1. I don't think they will for now but maybe some time in the future! Thank you :3

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  4. I know it's probably only me, but I think the way they are talking about having more children is kind of creepy O.o

    1. Well everyone has their opinions, (: I think having a big family on Sims 3 is really fun and is a lot of work, but after all pays off!

      Thanks for commenting. (:

  5. more kids O_O whoop! the kids look adorable! and great chapter kurtis!

    1. Yeah, more kids!! Thank you :3

      Thanks for commenting. (:

  6. great chapter Kurtis and do not see the excitement by saying more kids ... this family gives a lot to be desired.

    1. Thanks Kevin. (: And aww that's a pitty, I think in legacies it's best to have loads of children because it brings joy to the readers and myself, and it also enables a wider range of choice for the heir/heiress... (:


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