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Generation 7, Chapter 22 : Baby Rose.

It seemed every time I was finally able to get back to my actual job, Gemma seemed to get pregnant every time! At first I was actually surprised at the fact that she actually wanted another baby, especially after her depression. However, after a long consultation or weighing out the pros and cons, we decided to try.

So far, her pregnancy seemed to be going quite well. As months went by, she and I felt the baby kick a lot more, and let me tell you, this baby kicked real hard! It was defiantly going to be a strong baby!

As Gemma entered her second trimester, she insisted to know the gender of our fifth child so I just went along with it. The results cam back pretty fast in fact...

''Robin... I have some news!'' Gemma said, with a hell of a lot of enthusiasm in her voice.

''What Gem, is it about the baby?'' I asked.

''Well duh! Honest to god Robin you're quite the one to not stop the obvious...'' She said, sighing, but in a sort of 'Oh he can't help it' way.

''I can't help it!'' I said, grinning at her as I felt the baby kick once more.

''Anyway on to what I was saying... Robin... We're having a baby -.'' I cut her off as she was about to say the gender.

''G-.'' I cut her off once again by putting my finger on her lips.

''No no, shush shush; Let me guess!'' I said, as she pushed my finger away.

''Okay, let me guess, we're having a boy...?'' I said, grinning as I knew it was a girl.

''Oh I see what you done there, Mr. Know-It-All, but you are incorrect Robbie!; We're having a baby girl!!''

To be honest, I wasn't at all surprised that we were having a girl, since we already has three and only one boy.

''Oh my god, that's amazing!'' I say excitingly, pulling Gemma in for a hug.

''Woaah! Steady on Robbie, you might squeeze this baby out of me with that kind of hug!'' She replied back as I pulled away and grinned at her.

''Dear god, you two just get heavier and heavier by the day!'' I said, sweating as I struggled to carry both of the twins.

''GEMMA! Help!'' I called out to Gemma.

''Robin...'' Gemma said, as she rushed in but soon laughed. ''... I'm a pregnant woman now, I can't carry to very active twins while almost heavily pregnant, that's your job!'' She replied, winking at me as she strolled out of the room with her bump in full swing.

What I was actually doing was getting proper frame-able pictures of twins because we could obviously see that they were growing, and at that, a fast rate! even up to this day I'm still surprised of how much they look like each other...

Since Gemma and I both had work off and it wasn't long before the new baby would make an appearance  we took the time to start teaching the twins their basic life skills, you know like walking, talking and learning to use the toilet by themselves.

They were both quick to learn how to talk and before we knew it, they were really chatty mouths around the house!

Similar to talking, they both learned how to talk very quickly and it wasn't long before they were running from corridor to corridor, still knocking over stuff in their path!

Stella and Ceallach continued to get along with each other very well once Stella grew up. They joked around, always played together, done their homework together and every Saturday  they always went to the toy store to the all new gadgets!

Once thing they loved to do was insult me as well as Gemma, and this morning it was about my hairy legs. Of course I have really hairy legs and in the morning I would go downstairs into the kitchen with only my boxers on to make Breakfast, but this morning they seemed to beat me down there first.

''Damn Ceallach, have you seen dad's legs this morning!?'' I heard Stella whisper to him, clearly they knew I could hear them.

''Oh my, they're so hairy! Hey dad, are you by any chance part Gorilla?'' Ceallach asked me. I grinned slightly at him and they both bursted into laughter.

''Yes yes, have your fun, but you won't be laughing when I give your pancakes to your little sisters won't you!'' I replied to them, taking their pankcakes out of the room and acting like I was going to take them upstairs.

''Noooo dad! We're sorry!'' They both said at the same time, staring directly at my lovely pancakes.

''Fine, you can have them this time, only because you're both crazy like your dad.'' I replied, winking at Ceallach.

''You got that right dad, you're old!'' Stella quietly said to Ceallach, as they walked off laughing with their pancakes.

Ceallach & Stella: 1 | Dad: 0

Gemma soon came up to eight months and she was sure showing! She could no longer fit in maternity tops and was forced to wear horrible maternity dressed around the house! She still looked beautiful though, as always.

The last spare room was given to the new baby and after three weeks working on it, it was finally finished.

That same day that Stella and Ceallach made fun of me and my hairy legs, she came back from school and told me she wanted to become a painter, like me. At first I was surprised, but happy that my own daughter is interested in what I do for a living.

I noticed Gemma was happy about being pregnant again, I think we were meant to five children, even if it costed a near death and postnatal depression, I knew it would be fine in the end.

''Guys, come here!'' I called Ceallach in Stella into our room to feel their baby sister kick. Stella strolled in with a grumpy attitude, which you could clearly indicate that she wasn't a morning person.

''What dad, ugh it's only six in the morning, there's no school for another three hours!'' She said, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

''Well if you don't want to feel your sister kicking you can go right back to bed.'' I said to her, indicating to go feel her mum's belly.

She soon rushed over to Gemma and felt her belly.

''Woah, she's kicking so hard!'' Ceallach said as he joined Stella feeling it.

''She sure is kids, she must be active like you guys!'' Gemma replied to them, smiling.

''Hey mum, do you have a name for her yet?'' Ceallach asked.

''Oh yeah, I was going to ask dad the same question!'' Stella added.

''Well we were thinking the name... Rose?'' I said, as they turned around to look at me.

''Aw, that's a great name!'' Ceallach said, grinning and feeling Gemma's belly once more.


Gemma was just weeks away from having the baby and what shocked us was that fact that Mango was still alive and was staying strong!

It wasn't long before Ceallach grew older and started Secondary School. Surprisingly he grew older to look much more like me, with my nose and other similar facial features. Of course he still had his mother's blue eyes and brownish roots.

He was driven towards Academic progress and even told us he wanted to go to University with Stella and study Science & Medicine.

Ceallach also was seen to be a family man just like myself and Gemma. He loved playing Peek-A-Boo with his little twin sisters and helped Stella a lot with her homework and revision towards her SAT's.

Gemma on the other hand, could barely walked around the house without having to either sit on the stairs for a minute or two or leaning against and old bookcase. She just hoped the baby would come soon...

That very next day, I was awoken by a warm liquid spreading across the bedsheet.

''What the hell is -.'' ''Oh crap.'' I jumped out of bed and turned around at Gemma to see her clutching her belly in pain. I looked over to the far side and saw the same warm liquid dripping off the bed.

''Y-You'd think I would be used to this now...'' Gemma spoke while she was in complete pain. She didn't move from the stop of warm liquid. Instead she tried to steady her contractions but it just didn't help, she was in too much pain.

''Robin I don't think I can make it to the hospital without collapsing, call the ambulance, I'm having this baby right here, right now!''

And that she did. After several hours of labor in the spot of our bedroom, Gemma gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Rose Alison Cronwell. From what I could tell from the very few strand of hair she had, she had red hair and bright green eyes, just like me. Our fifth and final baby, the only one to look like me!

The children took the birth of their baby sister really well and done every part to help out, we even got yet another family photo done of ourselves.

Things are just going perfect for us!

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    1. Thank you & I know right! :D

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      Thank you, and don't be! Your Sims are just as beautiful! :3

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